WJRR-FM 101.1
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WXBR

Originally Licensed: Aug 19, 1962

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach

Original Frequency: 101.1 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Rock


W246BT 97.1, Clermont
W246BO 97.1, Deltona

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press


1962-Stereo Broadcasting, Corp.
1968-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
1971-Southland Broadcasting
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc
1993-Paxson Broadcasting   ($6.7 Million)
1997-Clear Channel Communications, Inc
2008-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc.
2018-Capstar TX. LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WXBR-1963-Light Classical
WCKS-1968-Top 40  "CK-101"
WCKS-1972-Beautiful Music
WCKS-1978-Top 40
WDOQ-1984-Rock  "Q-102''
WDOQ-1984-Adult Contemporary
WCFI-1984-Adult Contemporary (Transtar Satellite Service) "I-4"  
WSTF-1985-Adult  Contemporary  "Sunny 101"  "Star 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WJRR-2002-Alternative   "Real Rock 101"

WJRR History
WJRR has very humble beginnings in 1962 as a light classical station WXBR.

WJRR Personalities

Dave Riley-1993-News Director-Paxson Broadcasting/-Clear Channel Communications

Justin Taylor-1993-10AM-2PM-Paxson Broadcasting

Kevin Cruise-1993-2PM-6PM-Paxson Broadcasting

Steve Robertson-1993-Music Director/6PM-10PM-Paxson Broadcasting

Dave Hagen-1993-10PM-2AM-Paxson Broadcasting

''Shark''-1993-Nights-Paxson Broadcasting

"Diamond" Dick Sheetz-1993-2000-Program Director/Afternoons-Paxson Communications/Clear Channel   In Memory

Just Plain Mark-1996-4PM-8PM-Paxson Communications  

Zippy The Happy Prize Guy (Gary Wallace)-1996-Paxson Communications

Mick Dolan-1996-Promotion Manager-Paxson Broadcasting
Kato-1996-Paxson Communications
Pat Lynch-1996-2007-10am-3pm/Music Director/ Program Director/11am-1pm -"Lunchtime Fiasco with Pat Lynch"/Co-host of the morning show "The Fiasco"/2008-National Sales Manager/Program Director 
In 1998, Pat was as "Music Director of the Year'' by Radio & Records
-Paxson Communications/Clear Channel  
The Fiasco
5-23-10 Pat Lynch has returned to WJRR-FM 101.1. He is hosting (his creation) "Hard On Saturday Night" Sat from 9PM-Midnight.
12-3-12 Pat Lynch and Taco Bob are returning to mornings at WJRR-FM 101.1 on Monday morning at 5AM.

4 boobs.jpg (18768 bytes)  
WJRR Billboard-2006

Eric Denison-1998-Music Director-Clear Channel Communications Communications
Allen Baxter-2000-Mornings-Clear Channel

Mark Samansky-2000-Mornings-Clear Channel   Biography     In Memory

Larry The Cable Guy

Buckethead (Jason Bailey)-2000-2006-Clear Channel Communications, Inc       Biography                                                                         

Taco Bob-2001-2007-7pm-Midnight/11AM-1PM-"Lunchtime Fiasco with Pat Lynch"/Co-host of the morning show "The Fiasco"/-Clear Channel   Biography
12-3-12 Taco Bob and Pat Lynch are returning to mornings at WJRR-FM 101.1 on Monday morning at 5AM.

Launa (Phillips)-2005-2007-Co-host of the morning show "The Fiasco"/2006-Launa picks up nights at Clear Channel alternative WXSR-FM 101.5, Tallahassee. She'll voice track the shift out of her home base, CC sister WJRR in Orlando/ 2008-Afternoons
2009 -Launa is let go by Clear Channel 

Launa interviews Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Universal Studios Florida 1988

"Slats" (Tim Guinane)-2006-2010-3PM-7PM Sundays-Clear Channel  Biography

"Crash on the Radio" (Russell Smith)-10AM-3PM/2008-2012-Mornings with LT-Clear Channel 

Dickerman (Brian Dickerman)-7PM-Midnight
2008-Dickerman returns with Tommy as co-host of "The Last Resort"-Clear Channel 

Rick Everett-2003-Promotions Manager/2004-Marketing Director/2005-National Sales Manager/Program Director-Clear Channel Communications /2008-Marketing Director-Aloha Station Trust, LLC

Sloar-2008-Clear Channel 

LT-2004-Promotions Coordinator/Mornings with Crash/2011-Mornings (solo)/2012-Nights
-Clear Channel

Chad Chumley-2008-2015-Clear Channel 

Mel Taylor-2008-Evenings/Mid-days
-Clear Channel 

Tommy-2008-Co-host of "The Last Resort" with Dickerman-Clear Channel 

Scuba Steve-2009-Fill-ins/Live remotes-Clear Channel

Jesse Kage-2013-"The Kage Kult Show" -7PM-Midnight-Clear Channel


Shroom-Midnight-5AM-Clear Channel






Alter Boy

Carrie N. Crabs (Kathryn Adkins)   Biography

William "Billy The Janitor" Alverson   In Memory

Steve ''Stevo'' Robertson-Music Director/10AM-Noon

Kathy Aparo

Gregg Parker

Drew Townsend

Sideshow Dan-7pm-Midnight






Kevin Baldinger
"Psycho Traffic" with Crash and Dickerman also with Mark Samansky and Larry the Cable Guy, Baldinger with Taco Bob and Pat Lynch  Biography

The Shot Doctor
Surfer Dave (David Marcello Jr.)-Weekends  In Memory

Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic

Other Names In WJRR History

Lowell "Bud" Paxson-1993-1997-President-Paxson Broadcasting   
In Memory
Jenny Sue Rhoades-1993-General Manager-Paxson Broadcasting/
John Frost-1993-Operations Manager/Program Director/1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Broadcasting
Deonne Darden-1993-General Sales Manager-Paxson Broadcasting
Deborah Magnuson-1993-National Sales Manager-Paxson Broadcasting

Judi Pearl-1993-Promotions Director-Paxson Broadcasting 

Dave Murray-1993-Chief Engineer-Paxson Broadcasting/2003-Engineering Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Nickerson-1995-Promtions Manager-Paxson Broadcasting 

Chris Kampmeier-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications/2004-Operations Vice President/Programming Vice President-Clear Channel Communications, Inc/2008-Operations Vice President /Program Director-Aloha Station Trust/2009-Operations Vice President/Program Director-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc.
Alan Mason-1996-Senior Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications

Linda Byrd-1997-General Manager/2005-President-Clear Channel Communications/2008-President/General Manager-Aloha Station Trust/2009-President/General Manager-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc./Division Manager-iHeart Media
Mark Kanak-2003-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Joe Russo-2003-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Shane Reeve-2003-Regional Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Sam Nein-2004-Sales Director-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Spry-2003-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications
Rhoda Bohrer-2004-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Rick Rectanus-2004-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Josh Egolf-2005-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Aaron Miller-2006-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Tom Owens-General Manager

Other Programs In WJRR History

The Ron & Ron Show-1992-1997-6AM-10AM weekdays (moved from WDIZ-FM 100.3)

Bubba The Love Sponge-(syndicated)-2003-2004-Mornings

Lex and Terry-(syndicated)-2008-2010-Mornings






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