WXJZ-FM 100.9

Original Call Letters: WMFM

Originally Licensed: 1981

Original City of License: Gainesville 

Original Frequency: 100.9

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,200 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Beautiful Music

Network Affiliations:



1984-University City Broadcasting Co.
1990-Sante Fe Wireless, Inc  ($800,000)
1993-Asterisk Communications, Inc  ($1.4 Million)
2013-JVC Broadcasting   (LMA)
2014-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC   ($3,500,000)
2017-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC

History of Call Letters and Formats:

WMFM-1981-Beautiful Music
WYGC-1984-Country (Simulcast of WTRS-FM 102.3)
WXJZ-2003-Smooth Jazz
WXJZ-2010-Smooth AC (Broadcast Architecture)
WXJZ-2014-Top 40
WXJZ-2015-Soft Adult Contemporary "Smooth FM 100.9"
WXJZ-2016-Simulcast of WYGC-FM 104.9 Classic Hits of the '60s, '70s and  '80s
WXJZ-2024-Beach Music

WXJZ History
After about 12 years as a traditional Smooth Jazz station Asterisk Communications' signed on with Broadcast Architecture's vocal-focused Smooth AC format. 

Gainesville/Ocala Stations Sales Finalized      1-20-14
JVC Media, which took over WTRS-FM 102.3WYGC-FM 104.9, WMFQ-FM 92.9 and WXJZ-FM 100.9 from Asterisk Communications, Inc. through an LMA back in May, has finalized the deal. The total is  $3.5 million.  The other property in the cluster, WBXY-FM 99.5 has been sold by JVC to RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC for $350,000. WBXY will become WGMW after that sale is final and RDA takes over and they will simulcast WGMA-FM 99.7.

The Party Is Over At Midnight     9-11-15   
JVC MEDIA, has announced that at midnight it will debut Smooth Jazz WXJZ-FM 100.9. The station has been stunting with patriotic-themed music. Victor Canales,  JVC Media Vice President/Chief Operating Officer said, "This radio station was designed to be a partner to the community and a complement to our sister station in the market WOW-FM 104.9 (WYGC-FM 104.9). This will be the station that you don’t shut off, morning, noon and night. We are planning a ton of concerts, events and promotions that will really make an impact on the community and bring excitement the streets of Gainesville, this is a really smooth sounding station."  

Smooth 100.9 Drops Soft AC Format
JVC Media owned WXJZ-FM 100.9 has dropped the Soft Adult Contemporary format and is now simulcasting
the Classic Hits of the '60s, '70s and  '80s on WYGC-FM 104.9.

Names In WXJZ History

Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch-2010-Weekdays-6AM-9AM -"Bob and Sheri"-syndicated-Asterisk Communications, Inc

John Tesh-2013
-“Intelligence For Your Life” -Afternoon Drive/2015-6AM-11AM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Qquincy-Weekdays-5PM-8PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc/2013-Program Director/2015-3PM-7PM-JVC Broadcasting/JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Ben Jammin'-2014-10AM-4PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Jason Hines-2014-4PM-10PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Dyann (Lesnever)-2014-Weekends-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC


Elise Rossi-2015-11AM-3PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Vinny Foo (Vinny Nguyen-Phu)-2021-Program Director-Marc Radio Group

Chris Kellogg-2024-
(via Westwood One)-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC


Jay Coffey-2024-(via Westwood One)-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC

Larry (Wilson)-2024-3PM-8PM-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC

John Summers-2024-(via Westwood One)-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC

Joyce Jefferson-2024-(via Westwood One)-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC

Keith Stephens-2024-(via Westwood One)-MARC Radio Gainesville, LLC


Steve Dina-Weekdays 9AM-Noon-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Lynn Hughes-Weekdays Noon-3PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Keith Riker-Weekdays 3PM-5PM
-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Loni Taylor-Weekdays 7PM-10PM
-Asterisk Communications, Inc
David Washington-Weekdays-10PM-3AM-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Steve Michaels-Weekdays 3AM-6AM-Asterisk Communications, Inc
Rafe Gomez-Saturdays 9PM-Midnight-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Nick Francis-Sundays 7AM-10AM-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Ramsey Lewis-Sundays 10AM-Noon-Syndicated-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Mindi Abair-Sundays 8PM-12AM-Syndicated-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Allen James
-Asterisk Communications, Inc

Alan Olmstead
-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

Joe Cuffari
-8PM-MidnightAsterisk Communications, Inc.

Allen Kepler
-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

Other Names In WXJZ History
Beth Kenney-1990-President/General Manager-Sante Fe Wireless, Inc 

John Carraciolo-2013-President/CEO-JVC Media

Victor Canales-2013-Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
-JVC Media

Shane Reeve-2013-VP/Market Manager-JVC Broadcasting

Sarita Negron-2013-General Sales Manager-JVC Broadcasting
Tom Kenney-General Sales Manager
Keith Conway-Program Director
Kyle Magrill-Chief Engineer

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