WDVH-FM 101.7

Original Call Letters: WCWB

Originally Licensed: Oct. 28, 1986

Original City of License: Trenton

Original Frequency: 101.7

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Classic Country

Network Affiliation(s):


-Florida Radio Partners, Inc.
1997-Pinnacle FM Broadcasting, Inc.
2000-Pamal Broadcasting, Ltd.
2004-Jablamo, LLC ($8 million with WYNY-AM 1240, WKZY-FM 106.9, WLUS-AM 980, WTMN-AM 1430
          WRZN-AM 720, WHHZ-FM 100.5, WDJY-FM 101.7 and WTMG-FM 101.3)
2006-Pamal Broadcasting Ltd.
2007-6 Johnson Road Licenses, Inc.
2011-Marc Radio Gainesville, LLC ($2,550,000 seven station cluster sale*)
2017-Radio Training Network  ($230,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1987-Modern Country   “Country and Western Bluegrass"
WDJY-1994-Modern Country  "Your Hometown Station"
WDJY-2000-Classic Country  "Your Hometown Station"
WDVH-2004-Classic Country  "Country Legends"
WDVH-2011-Contemporary Christian "Positive Pulse 101.7"
WDVH-2013-Country   "Country Legends"
WDVH-2016-Conservative Talk/Country   "I Am Country"
WDVH-2017-Christian Adult Contemporary   “The Joy FM”

History of WDVH-FM 
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WDVH.
WDVH-FM began broadcasting in February 1988 as WCWB, which stood for We’re Country and Western Bluegrass, after Florida Radio Partners, Inc. applied for and received a construction permit 101.7mHz, a class “A” FM, bringing local radio service to Levy and Gilchrist counties. The area had only one local radio station before WCWB which was WLQH-AM 940, Chiefland. The frequency – 101.7mHz – was originally assigned to Chiefland although the frequency was licensed to Trenton and never went on the air in Chiefland. The original format on WCWB was a mainly "Modern Country" although the format included one adult contemporary song each hour. On Saturdays WCWB played solid gold oldies from the 50s, 60s and 70s and could be heard from 6PM to Midnight. Former WDVH-AM 980 Gainesville on-air personality Pat Patterson, who had a history with  such legendary stations as WAPE-AM 690 Jacksonville and WSM-AM 650 Nashville, was the general manager who also did an occasional on-air shift during the week. Patterson broadcast numerous local live remote broadcasts from area businesses  and civic groups, reinforcing WCWB as a true local radio station. After five years, Patterson left WCWB to become General Sales Manager with WXCV-FM 95.3 Crystal River. Soon after, the call letters were changed to WDJY and the programming was shifted to total country, eliminating the Saturday evening solid gold oldies show. With the change, WDJY became known as “Your Hometown Station”. Eventually Florida Radio Partners sold the station to Pinnacle FM Broadcasting, Inc. Pinnacle also acquired WLUS-AM 980 Gainesville which was broadcasting an Adult Standards format as "US 98". Pinnacle had planned to move the WDJY tower to Newberry with a studio move to Gainesville creating  an AM-FM combination along with WLUS-AM. However it was later determined the tower move was impossible since it  would short-space a few other FM stations. The plan was abandoned and soon WDJY went off the air. Pinnacle sold WDJY and WLUS to Pamal Broadcasting in 2000. Both stations were silent at the time of the sale, but returned to the air with a classic country format within a few weeks of the Pamal acquisition, remaining “Your Hometown Station”.  Within a few years it was decided to reintroduce WLUS-AM as its original WDVH with a format changed to classic country. With this move, WDJY became WDVH-FM, re-broadcasting WDVH-AM. Gainesville radio legend Jim Brand, who had been the program director for the original WDVH and WLUS, became the program director and morning show host  for both stations. Today WDVH-FM continues to broadcast the classic country favorites to Chiefland, Trenton, Newberry, Cross City and the surrounding area with its 3,000 watt signal. 

* Pamal Sells Gainesville/Ocala Cluster      4-19-11
Pamal Broadcasting Ltd. of Latham, NY has agreed to sell its seven radio stations in the Gainesville-Ocala market. The deal is between Pamal subsidiary 6 Johnson Road Licenses, Inc. and MARC Radio Group of Winter Park, Florida. MARC includes broadcasters Mike Schweitzer, Bob Longwell, and Tom Hauff. Shawn Portmann will serve as President of the Gainesville-Ocala Market Cluster. MARC does not own any other stations. The deal includes; WTMG-FM 101.3, Williston, WHHZ-FM 100.5, Newberry, WKZY-FM 106.9, Cross City, WDVH-FM 101.7, Trenton, WRZN-AM 720 licensed to Hernando, WDVH-AM 980 and WTMN-AM 1430, both licensed to Gainesville. The final sale price was $2,550,000.

On October 31, 2011 WDVH became Contemporary Christian "The Pulse" 

Hank FM Becomes "I Am Country"         9-7-16    
WDVH-FM 101.7 formerly "Hank FM" is now known as "I Am Country". WDVH-AM 980 has also been reborn as part of the "I Am Country" brand dropping the talk format. MARC Radio has also put the AM signal on a translator on 94.1 to cover the city of Gainesville. Conservative Talk host Ward Scott is heard in morning drive from 7AM-9AM, then Classic Country for the ret of the broadcast day.

Marc Radio Sells And Buys     5-26-17
WDVH-FM 101.7 is being sold by Marc Radio to Radio Training Network for $230,000, who will flip the station to Christian Adult Contemporary. Marc Radio will purchase WXJZ-FM 100.9 from JVC Broadcasting for $500,000.

Names in WDVH-FM History

Richard Hinshaw-2010-General Manager-6 Johnson Road Licenses, Inc.

Ward Scott-2013-7AM-9AM-Marc Radio Gainesville, LLC

James Morrell-President

Amber Morrell

Bill Morris

Jim Brand-Program Director 
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Avis Asbell-Operations Manager/Office Manager

Ben Griffin-General Manager 

Kevin Mangan-Program Director-Marc Radio Gainesville, LLC


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