WFLF-FM 102.5 

Original Call Letters: W273CA

Originally Licensed: 2004  

Original City of License: Groveland

Original Frequency: 102.7 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power:  221 watts

Original Location: Groveland at 102.7 

Original Format: Simulcast of WFLF-AM 540

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox News
The Weather Channel
Wall Street Journal


2013-Central Florida Educational Foundation, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WFLF-1997-News/Talk "How Florida Stays Informed"

History of W273CA
Thanks to Jim Hoge, President of Central Florida Educational Foundation, Inc. for this history of this translator.
"It started its life on 102.7 in Groveland.  It along with two other translators were moved into town in 2009 for our HD channels as their coverage was now duplicated with the purchase of 88.7 WMYZ, Clermont in 2005. At the time my good friend, John Gross from WLOQ(-FM 103.1) was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease and his family gained control of the station and sold WLOQ to Adam Linderman (
TTB Media Corporation) to become Spanish WHKQ. Linda Byrd came to me and said, "Let's rebuild WLOQ in honor of John". I parked the WLOQ calls on a facility we had down in Osceola county so we could use could legally use them. Linda had access to smooth jazz on Clear Channel's premier network.  I have to admit, it didn't quite have the spark of the old WLOQ, but as John lay dying,102.5 was playing on a radio at his bedside in tribute. After John's death,102.5 WLOQ struggled on being handicapped by premier. And as luck would have it, it achieved its highest ratings the month the decision was reached to simulcast WFLF.

WFLF-FM Personalities

Bud Hedinger (John Harris Brady "Bud" Hedinger III)-2003-"Bud Hedinger Live!"- 3-6 PM weekdays/2009-Mornings-Clear Channel Communications /iHeartMedia

Alan Spector
Fill-in news anchor/the Florida News Network-Clear Channel Communications 

Elizabeth Dougherty-2015-"The Dougherty Report"-
iHeartMedia    Biography


Deborah Roberts-News-Florida News Network-Clear Channel Communications/

Mark Logas-Fill-in host for Bud Hedinger-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia  Biography

Glenn Beck-9AM-Noon-Clear Channel Communications/

Rush Limbaugh-Noon-3PM-Clear Channel Communications/

Dave Ramsey-3PM-6PM-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia  
ME Law Firm-Mon-6PM-7PM-Clear Channel Communications
Under Oath-Tue-Thu-6PM-7PM-Clear Channel Communications
Vacation Time Live-Fri-6PM-7PM-Clear Channel Communications
Aging Well-Thu-7PM-8PM
"The Jada Show"-Tue-7PM-8PM 

Todd Schnitt
"Coast to Coast AM"-Midnight-5AM-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia   

Other Names In WFLF History

Linda Byrd-2005-
Division President/General Manager-Clear Channel/2015-2022-Division President-iHeart Media

Chris Kampmeier-Operations Vice President/Programming Vice President-Clear Channel Communications


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