WFLF-AM 540   

Original Call Letters: WGTO 

Originally Licensed: Sep 10, 1955  

Original City of License: Cypress Gardens

Original Frequency: 540 

Origin of Call Letters: FLorida Five-forty 

Original Power: 50,000 watts

Translator: W226BT 93.1 (2018), W231CT 94.1 (2019), 107.7 WMGF-HD3 (2019)

Original Location:

Original Format: News/Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

Florida Radio Network
FOX News
The Weather Channel
Wall Street Journal


1955-Hubbard Broadcasting
1986-Cypress Broadcast, Ltd ($1.5 Million)
1990-Florida Media Inc
1994-Paxson Broadcasting
1997-Clear Channel Communications
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Communications
2018-Clear Channel Communications Broadcasting Licenses, Inc

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WGTO-1955-Top 40  “Gulf To Ocean”
WGTO-1958-Top 40  "Covering Florida Like The Sun"
WGTO-1977-Country "Great Country Music 54"
WGTO-1990-Oldies ''Cruisin' Oldies 54'' (Studios moved to Ocoee)
WQTM-1996-Sports "540 the Team" 
WFLF-1997-News/Talk "Where Orlando Talks"  "Orlando's Home For Talk"  

WFLF History
WFLF began as WGTO-AM 540. 

WFLF Personalities

Jeff Slater-2001-Host of "AM Orlando"-Clear Channel Communications Biography

Alicia Rivas-2001-Co-host/news reader-"AM Orlando"-Clear Channel Communications

Laura Schlessinger-2001-Co-host/news reader-"AM Orlando"-Clear Channel Communications

Shannon Burke-2001-2004-3PM-7PM/Mornings-Clear Channel Communications  Biography
2004-Shannon moves to WTKS-FM 104.1 in May as the new mid-day host

Bethann Shaffer-2001-2006-Morning News Anchor for the "The Shannon Burke Show"/"Pat Campbell Show"/Mid-day duties included hourly newscasts on Florida's Radio Network/2003-Winner-Best Newscast Florida-Florida Associated Press/2004-Best Newscast Florida (2nd place)-Florida Associated Press-Clear Channel Communications

Bud Hedinger (John Harris Brady "Bud" Hedinger III)-2003-"Bud Hedinger Live!"- 3-6 PM weekdays/2009-Mornings-"Good Morning Orlando with Bud Hedinger"-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia  
2009-Bud moves to mornings replacing Dan Sileo who moved over to

Pat Campbell
-2004-2007-Morning show host replacing Shannon Burke-Clear Channel Communications 
In Memory
Pat was let go on Dec 3, 2007

Bob Nyles-2004-2010-Producer-"Bud Hedinger Live!"-Clear Channel Communications Biography

Lynne Breidenbach-2005-Guest Host
-Clear Channel Communications  In Memory

Nikki Pierce-2006-2008-News-Clear Channel Communications
2008-Nikki returns to WDBO-AM 580

Dan Sileo-2007-2009-Mornings-Clear Channel Communications
On June 11, 2009-Sileo would move to WYGM-AM 740

Glenn Beck-2007-9AM-Noon-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia  

Rush Limbaugh-2007-Noon-3PM-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia

Mike Tuck-2008-Co-host of
"The Finish Line"-6PM-9PM-Clear Channel Communications

Rozzie Franco-2008-News anchor during the Dan Sileo, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh programs-Clear Channel Communications   Biography 

  May 25, 2009     

Alan Spector
Fill-in news anchor/Florida News Network/2018-Full-time co-host and News Anchor-
"Good Morning Orlando with Bud Hedinger" -iHeart Radio  Biography

Greg Rollett-2014-
The Rollett Report

Elizabeth Dougherty-2015-"The Dougherty Report"-
iHeartMedia    Biography


Al Spry-2018-"Money Talks"-weekly-6PM-7PM-iHeartMedia    Biography

Moira (Lynn Dictor)-2018-"Mixed Company"-Fri-3PM-

Melissa Foxx-2018-Call Screener/contributor-"Good Morning Orlando" with Bud Hedinger"
/ Host of "Connections"-Thu-9PM-10PM-iHeartMedia   

David Gornoski-2019-“A Neighbor’s Choice"-Mon 7PM-9PM/Tue-Thurs 8PM

Michael Yaffee-Executive Producer of "Good Morning Orlando" with Bud Hedinger"-iHeartMedia 

Reagan Smith

Alex Decker-Producer of the Pat Campbell Show-Clear Channel Communications
Mark Daniels-Program Director-Clear Channel Communications

Rob Craver-Producer of the Pat Campbell Show-Clear Channel Communications

Jerry O'Neill-"The Finish Line"-3PM-7PM-Clear Channel Communications  Biography
Jerry leaves the show in 2008 and joins Brady Ackerman at WHOO-AM 1080   

"Shot Doctor"-"The Finish Line"-6PM-9PM-Clear Channel Communications
2009-Shot was let go by Clear Channel

Tom Morgan-Sports-Clear Channel Communications

Larry Spilman-News Director-Clear Channel Communications   Biography

Kevin Baldinger-Traffic
-Clear Channel Communications   Biography

Michelle Murillo-News-Clear Channel Communications

Al Spry-Host-"Your Health Matters"-Sat 4PM-Clear Channel Communications    Biography

Mark Logas-Fill-in host for Bud Hedinger-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia    Biography

Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic-Clear Channel Communications

Deborah Roberts-News-Florida News Network-Clear Channel Communications

Simon Conway-Fill-in host from WHO-AM 1040, Des Moines, Iowa-iHeartMedia

Colin Brady-Producer-"Shannon Burke Show"-Clear Channel Communications   In Memory

Other Names In WFLF History

Jeff Allen (Cassell)-1986-Cypress Broadcast, Ltd  Biography

Katherine Brown
-1996-2012-Program Director-Clear Channel Communications

Tom Benson-1998-Operations Manager/Program Director
/Senior Radio Producer-Clear Channel Communications/iHeartMedia

Kay Stelling-2001-2007-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Shawn Wasson-2003-2008-Web Director-Clear Channel Communications

Jim Poling
-2012-Program Director/Director of Operations of the Florida News Network-Clear Channel Communications/
iHeartMedia  Biography
Jenny Sue Rhoades-President-Clear Channel Communications

Linda Byrd-General Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Chris Kampmeier-Operations Vice President/Programming Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Frank Celebre-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Shane Reeve-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Brian Siemienas-Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications
Mark Kanak-Sales Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Joe Russo-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Rick Everett-Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications
Bobbi King-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Spry-Engineering Director/Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications
Dave Chambers-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications
David Murray-Engineering Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Glory Adona-Langston-Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications
Mark McCauley-Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

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