WHKR-FM 102.7 

Original Call Letters: WHKR

Originally Licensed: July 9, 1990

Original City of License: Rockledge

Original Frequency: 102.7

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: "The Hit KickeR

Original Power: 50,000 Watts

Original Location: 2355 Pluckebaum Road

Original Format: Modern Country

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press
Westwood One


1990-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.
1996-Southern Star Communications ($4 million)
1996-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc ($4 million)
1999-AMFM, Inc.
2000-Cumulus Licensing Corp
2014-Cumulus Media
2017-Cumulus Media Inc., Debtor-In-Possession
2018-Cumulus Media Inc. (as Reorganized) 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHKR-1989-Modern Country  "The Hit Kicker"
WHKR-1998-Country  "Brevard's Country"
WHKR-2013-Country  "Nash 102.7"

Names in WHKR History

Jay Waggoner-1989-Engineer/1994-Chief Engineer-Roper Broadcasting, Inc. 
In Memory

Robert Rowland-1990-Chairman/President/General Manager-Roper Broadcasting, Inc
Mark McKay-1990-Sales-Roper Broadcasting, Inc

Ted Rose-1991-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Bobby Knight-1992-Mornings/Program Director-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Doug Peralta-1993-1998-General Sales Manager-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Bob Thomas-1993-1998-Program Director-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Mark Lander-1993-Music Director-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Valree Peralta-1994-News Director-Roper Broadcasting, Inc.

Mark Skinner-1997-1998-Chief Engineer-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc. 

Tom Haymond-1998-General Manager-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc.

Dan Hudson-1998-1999-Sales Manager-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc.   

Max Tooker-1998-Program Director-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc./1999-General Manager-AMFM, Inc.        

Roger Parker-1998-Chief Engineer-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc.                                 

Guy Kemp-1998-Mornings-Capstar Broadcasting-Florida, Inc.   Biography

Holiday-1999-Program Director-AMFM, Inc. 

Jim Faines-1999-General Sales Manager-AMFM, Inc. 

Jon Roberts (Apfeld)-2000-Chief Engineer-Cumulus Licensing Corp 

Amie Lucci-2003-Mornings with Denny Stone-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Karen Kay-2003-2005-“Hit Kicker in the Morning with Denny Stone and Karen Kay"-Cumulus Licensing Corp   Biography

Jennifer Armstrong-2011-Promotions Director-Cumulus Media

Blair Garner-2014-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Terri Clark-2014-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Chuck Wicks-2014-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp/
2019-Co-host-"The Ty Bentli Show" -Cumulus Media Inc. 

Erika Grace Powell-2014-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Robin Meade-2014-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Gary Mertins-2015-Vice President/Market Manager-Cumulus Media

Jim Callahan-2014-2017-"The Callahan and Michelle Morning Show"-3PM-7PM-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Eric Deniro-3PM-7PM/2014
-10AM-3PM/2017-3PM-7PM-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Kelly Ford-2015-"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp

Ty Bentli-2016-replaces Blair Garner-
"America's Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp/2019-2020-Co-host-"The Ty Bentli Show" (Syndicated)-Cumulus Media Inc.   

Mike Vincent-2016-Operations Manager/Program Director-Cumulus Media
Mike is also the Cumulus Melbourne Cluster Operations Manager and Program Director at WAOA-FM 107.1.

Tricia Jenkins
-2019-2020-"Ty Bentli Show" (Syndicated)-Cumulus Media Inc.

Joe Browning-2019-2020-Operations Manager-Cumulus Media

Paul Koffy-2020-"Morning Koffy" (Syndicated)-6AM-10AM
-Cumulus Media Inc.

Jasmine Sadry-2020-"Morning Koffy" (Syndicated)-6AM-10AM-Cumulus Media Inc.

Tommy BoDean-2020-2022-Cluster Operations Manager/Program Director-Cumulus Media

Michelle McCoy-
"The Callahan and Michelle Morning Show"-Cumulus Licensing Corp     

Doc Holiday

David Allen


Rachel Morgan

Ted Turner

Cody Allen-"CMT Radio Live"-7PM-Midnight-Cumulus Media

Denny Stone-3PM-7PM-Assistant Program Director/Music Director-Cumulus Media

Susie Fennelli


Programs In WHKR History
NASCAR Racing-1994
John Boy and Billy Big Show-2010-Cumulus Media


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