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Thanks to Don Barrett at for this info on Guy. Guy started his radio career working over nights at KONO-San Antonio in 1978. He acquired a reputation as a notoriously brash host along the lines of Howard Stern, but Kemp offset his incendiary radio persona by staying involved with community causes. He was the first shock jock in the United States to march for AIDS awareness and research. He also helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help St. Jude Children's Hospital.KWST, 1980-82; KNAC, 1982-84; KLAC, 1985-86; KMPC FM, 1987-88.  He worked all-night for most of his stay in L.A., except for mornings at KMPC FM. At KNAC, Guy was Chuck Roast. When he left the Southland, Guy went to WBPR-Myrtle Beach and eventually became part owner of a station in Oregon , KCNA. Guy says; "Our hybrid format set records with 30 shares in ARB ratings in the early 1990s." In 1993 he returned to Florida and worked at "Real Radio 104.1" WTKS-FM 104.1 in Orlando and he hosted "Guy Live" on the local CBS station.  By 1994 he had a syndicated show. In 1998 Guy did mornings on country formatted  WHKR-FM 102.7 and later hosted “Computerdaze” for the Talk American Radio Network. "I wrote the book, "Model Dad", about my travels into the world of high fashion modeling with my dopey daughter." Guy has a successful voiceover career.  

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