WAOA-FM 107.1

Original Call Letters: WTAI 

Originally Licensed: Nov 1972  

Original City of License: Melbourne  

Original Frequency: 107.1 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Hot Adult Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):


1972-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
1984-Silicon East Communications Partnership ($846,000 with WAOA-FM 107.1)
1996-Gem Broadcasting ($5.4 Million with WAOA-FM 107.1 and Melbourne tower complex)
2001-Cumulus Media
2017-Cumulus Media Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WTAI-1972-Adult Standards (Drake Chenault's Hit Parade)  "Where The Action Is"
WTAI-1978-Beautiful Music
WVTI-1984-Comtempoorary Hits
WAOA-1989-Hot Adult Contemporary
WAOA-1996-Adult Contemporary
WAOA-2002-Contemporary Hits

WAOA Personalities

Brad Abrell-1989-1990-Morning Drive co-host/Production Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership

"Cap'n" Chris Hill-1989-1991-Silicon East Communications Partnership     Biography

Jessie Scott-1990-Mornings/Program Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership

Michael W. Lowe
1990-Operations Manager/Program Director/Co-host with Al Varnson-"Mike and Al Your Morning Pals"/1993-Co-host with Timmy Vee-Silicon East Communications Partnership/1994-Music Director/2001-2002-Operations Manager-Cumulus Media    Biography
Al  Varnson-1990-co-host with Michael W. Lowe-"Mike and Al Your Morning Pals"-Silicon East Communications Partnership

Timmy Vee (David Vickery)-1991-2015-Mornings-Silicon East Communications/1993-Marketing Director/Co-host with Michael W. Lowe / 2013-Mornings with Elaina /2014-2015-Mornings with Cheree-Cumulus Media

Timmy and Lisa

Timmy and Elaina

Timmy & Cheree

Dan Deaton-1992-Program Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership

Jamie Roberts-1993-2PM-7PM-Silicon East Communications Partnership

Eric DeNiro-1994-Silicon East Communications Partnership

Bill Robins-1995-2008-Middays/Imaging Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership/Gem Broadcasting

Cheree (Carter)-
2001-2003/2014-Mornings with Timmy Vee as morning co-host/2015-2019-Mornings with Tony Zazza-Cumulus Media

Lisa Moldovan-2004-2012-Morning Co-host-Cumulus Media

Beau Richards-Program Director/Mornings/2005-Afternoon Drive-Cumulus Media

Tony Banks-2006-2008-Program Director/3PM-7PM-Cumulus Media                             

Jimmy Knight-2006-Music Director-Cumulus Media     
Willie B.-2007-Weekends-Cumulus Media

Larry McKay-1997-2011-Mornings/Nights/Music Director/Program Director-Cumulus Media

Slammin' Sammy Suarez-2012-2012-Program Director-3PM-7PM-Cumulus Media

Terry Simmons-2012-3PM-7PM/Program Director-Cumulus Media

Elaina (Dore Smith)-2013-2013-Mornings with Timmy Vee-Cumulus Media

Tony Zazza-2015-2024-Mornings-co-host with Cheree Carter-Cumulus Media

Joe Kelley (Joe Browning)-2019-2020-Operations Manager/Program Director/Afternoons-Cumulus Media Inc.

Erika Jeanine-2021-
Morning-co-host with Tony Zazza/Promotions Director/Saturday-2PM-7PM-Cumulus Media Inc 
Elliot King-2022-Co-host-"Elliot and Nina"-Syndicated-Nights-Cumulus Media Inc.
Nina Hajian-2022-2023-Co-host-"Elliot and Nina"-Syndicated-Cumulus Media Inc.  Nina leaves the syndicated program in Jan 2023.
Tara Madison
Paulie Cruz

Martie Tucker aka Martie Salt-Now WFTV news anchor

Damon (Free)-8PM-Midnight


JT Daniels-Nights/Music Director/Program Director   Biography

Scott Chase-Program Director

C.J. Harris-News Director

Rob Selkow-Mornings 

Mia Laudato-News Director
Rich O'Brien

Other Names in WAOA History

John William Donahey Jr.-1972-1983-President-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters     In Memory

Pat Yatauro-1980-General Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters

Chet Pike-1997-2000-General Manager-Gem Broadcasting      In Memory

Susan Korgul-2003-2005-Intern
-Cumulus Media

Bill Bokunic-2009-General Sales Manager for all the Cumulus stations in the Melbourne cluster-Cumulus Media

Pete DeSimone-2011-Vice President/Market Manager-Cumulus Media

Jennifer Armstrong-2011-Promotions Director-Cumulus Media

Gary Mertins-2015-Vice President/Market Manager-Cumulus Media

Mike Vincent-2016-2020-Operations Manager/Music Director
-Cumulus Media
Mike is also the Cumulus Melbourne Cluster Operations Manager and Program Director at WHKR-FM 102.7.

Tommy BoDean-2020-2022-Cluster Operations Manager/Program Director-Cumulus Media

George Mills-General Manager

Jeff Kimmel-General Manager

Mark Cooper-General Sales Manager 

Dan Carell-General Manager
Heather Kelchner-Sales

Sue Garrett-Market Manager  

Gary Hess-General Manager

Lisa Moldovan, Beau Richards, singer Skye and Timmy Vee    
co-hosts of the "107.1 A1A" morning show with singer Skye
(photo courtesy of Beau Richards)     

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