WCAT-FM 106.7 

Original Call Letters: WLBE 

Originally Licensed: Feb 12, 1969    

Original City of License: Leesburg 

Original Frequency: 106.7

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; "Cool Cat"  

Original Power: 100,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):


1969-Heard Broadcasting
1975-WLBE Radio Inc.
1976-General Communicorps
1976-Magic Box Media
1988-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.  ($7 million)
1989-Taylor Communications ($12 million)
1993-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio
1997-Shamrock Radio/Chancellor Media
2000-AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel Communications)
2007-Clear Channel

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1969-MOR  "You're tuned to the golden sounds of WLBE-FM 106.7 on your FM dial" 
WHLY-1969-Religious  "Where He Loves You"
WDGM-1975-Beautiful Music "We're Delightfully Good Music"
WHLY-1984-Top 40  "The Hot-Rockin Y-106"
WCAT-1987-Top 40  "Cool Cat"
WXXL-1990-Top 40  "XL 106.7 Today's Hit Music"  "XL 106.7 All The Hits"

History Of WCAT Call Letters
Although WHLY had heavily promoted its "Y106" slogan, General Manager Jim Tillery said most listeners don't know its existing call sign. As WCAT, the station would promote a cool ''cat'' image and a logo designed by the Gouchenour Ad Agency ''that we fell in love with,'' said Tillery. The station would also keep the Y106 slogan, he said. The WCAT call letters lasted just over a year.

Names in WCAT History

Shadow Stevens (Rod Grant)-1984-Middays/Mornings-Magic Box Media 

Jerry Uglee (Jerry Lousteau)-1988-1989-Program Director/Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Mrs. Uglee (Ann Lousteau)-1988-1989-Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Jim Tillery-1988-1988-General Manager-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Mark McKay-1988-Operations Director-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Dennis Reese-1988-4PM-7PM/Program Director-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Jaime (Jaime Lerner)-1988-Nights/Mid-days-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Ray ''Boom Boom'' Mariner-1988-Evenings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

''Electric Party Line''-1988-8:30PM weeknights-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Steve Ocean-1988-Music Director/6PM-10PM-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.   In Memory

Peter Starr-1988-President\/General Manager-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Ricki Black-1988-Station Manager-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Gary Isaacs-1988-General Sales Manager-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Mel Clark-1988-Regional Sales Manager-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Darrell Hammond-1988-Comedy Writer-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Margaret Arroyave-1988-Marketing Consultant- Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Roger Carey-Mornings

Dave Shropshire

Steve Hill-General Sales Manager

Dana Frank

Paul Proly-Sales

Tom Mosher-General Manager

CJ Roquemoore (Curt Creel)-Weekends

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WCAT Staff 

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