WXXL-FM 106.7 


Original Call Letters: WLBE 

Originally Licensed: 1969   

Original City of License: Leesburg  

Original Frequency: 106.7

Origin of Call Letters:

Original Power: 100,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):

Premiere Radio Networks


1969-Heard Broadcasting
1975-WLBE Radio Inc.
1976-Magic Box Media
1988-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.
1989-Taylor Communications ($12 million)
1993-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio
1997-Shamrock Radio/Chancellor Media
2000-AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel Communications)
2007-Clear Channel/iHeart

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1969-MOR  "You're tuned to the golden sounds of WLBE-FM 106.7 on your FM dial" 
WHLY-1969-Religious  "Where He Loves You"
WDGM-1975-MOR/Beautiful Music "We're Delightfully Good Music"
WHLY-1984-Top 40  "The Hot-Rockin Y-106"
WCAT-1987-Top 40  "Cool Cat"
WXXL-1990-Top 40  "XL 106.7 Today's Hit Music"       "XL 106.7 All The Hits"

WXXL  History
WXXL-FM began life as WLBE-FM 106.7. Bob Andrews of WLBE-AM 790 fills us in on some of the history of WXXL-FM 106.7. "In the late fifties, WLBE-AM 790, under the ownership of a wealthy road contractor, (father in law of Jim Sharp) applied for and got the 106.7 license and was actually on the air (the space for FM transmitter and wiring for A/C, etc are still in the back of the WLBE-AM studios.) The station was bought by a couple of preachers, who saw no value in the FM, just the value of  the resale of  it to keep going, and Lake County lost its second FM station to Orlando. The first was 107.7, licensed to Mount Dora. I don't recall the ownership, but it went to WORJ-FM (107.7), Orlando. The company kept an office and a man in Mount Dora for some time to satisfy FCC rules. That is why 107.7 and 106.7 still identify with Lake County locations every hour. In 1990 following the brief stint as WHLY-FM, "Y-106" and "The Cat", "XL 106.7" would become a major player in the Top 40 arena in the Orlando Market .The Doc and Johnny Morning Show would become a "household name" celebrating 17 years on the air.

Names in WXXL History

Willie Clark-1983-1984-Evenings-Magic Box Media

JJ Walker-1986-1987 (Also known as The Jammer on Z100 New York, 1987-1988)-Magic Box Media

Ken Rayback-1987-1988-Morning News-Magic Box Media 

Max Montana-1987-1988-Part time (weekends)-Magic Box Media 

Dave Shropshire-1988-Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Roger Carey-1987-1988-Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc. 

The Uglees-Jerry and Annie Lousteau-1988-1989-Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Adam Cook (Gary Wheeler)-1989-2006-PM Drive/Program Director-Taylor Communications Inc.

Larry Dee-1989-Music Director-Taylor Communications Inc.

Deborah Smurawa-1989-News Director-Taylor Communications Inc.

Jay Scott-1990-Mornings-Taylor Communications Inc.

Shadow Stevens (Rod Grant)-1990-1991-Mornings/mid-days-Taylor Communications Inc.

Steve Kelly-1990-1991-Afternoon-drive/Assistant Program Director-Taylor Communications Inc  Biography

Rod Lauderdale-1990-Music Director-Taylor Communications Inc.

Pam Crosby-1990-News-Taylor Communications Inc.

Surfer Dave (Dave Marcello)-1990-1996-Original host of "Alternative Static"-Taylor Communications Inc./Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio   In Memory

Doc Holliday (Jeff Duncan)-1990-2007-"Doc and Johnny Morning Show"-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media /Shamrock Radio/ HM2/Chancellor /AMFM Radio Licenses /Clear Channel 
March 5, 2007-Doc announced his retirement from the "Doc and Johnny Morning Show"

Johnny Magic (John Christopher Hill)-1990-Evenings (as John Magic) then became part of  the "Doc and Johnny Morning  Show"/ 2011- "Johnny's House with Laura and Brian"/"Johnny’s House Morning Show"-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio /HM2 /Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses/Clear Channel 

Grace (Vasquez)-2000-2006-"Doc and Johnny Morning Show"-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/ HM2/ Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses/Clear Channel 
May 4, 2007-Grace (Vasquez) has left the morning show 

Just Plain Mark-1990-1995-Evenings-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio

Bubba The Love Sponge (Todd Clem)-1991-Nights
-Taylor Communications

Uncle Johnny aka Uncle Johnny Walker (Paul Michaud)-1991-Overnights/Weekend fill in
-Taylor Communications

Kid Cruz-1991-2004-6PM-10PM/Afternoons
-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/HM2/Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel)

Pete De Graaff-1991-2005-Assistant Program Director/Music Director/
Producer of the "Doc and Johnny Morning Show"/Mid-days-Taylor Communications / Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/HM2/Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel)

Hildi-1991-1998-Mid days-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/HM2/Chancellor

Deborah Roberts-1992-1998-News-Taylor Communications/Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/HM2/Chancellor

Nikki Knight-1992-
Promotions/1993-2000-10PM-2AM/Mid-days/"Alternative Static" 8PM-Midnight Sundays-Taylor Communications/ Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio/HM2/Chancellor

College Boy-1993-Intern/Producer/Weekend Overnights-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio

Lu Valentino-1994-1995-"Love Phones with Lu Valentino"-10PM-2AM-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio

Buckethead (Jason Bailey)-1995-2000-Intern/Producer for the "Doc & Johnny Morning Show"/Air Personality/Webmaster-Shamrock Radio/Chancellor Media/HM2/Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses

Stan the Monkey Boy-1996-2000-"The Doc & Johnny Morning Show"/Weekends-Chancellor Me
dia/Shamrock Radio/ HM2/ Chancellor /AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel)

Marianne Marosan (Kathryn Adkins)-Traffic/1998-News-HM2/Chancellor 

Hyla (Jonathan Hyla)-1998-2004-Promotions/Producer-"Kid Cruz Show"/Producer "The Doc & Johnny Morning Show"/Producer/Host of "That DAMN Saturday Night Show"-Saturday's 7PM-Midnight)-HM2/Chancellor/AMFM Radio Licenses

Chad Pitt-2000-2006-10PM-2AM/Afternoon drive-AMFM Radio Licenses 

Grimes-2001-Producer of "The Morning Show"/"Johnny's House with Laura and Brian"-AMFM Radio Licenses

Jana (Sutter)-2004-Middays/Assistant Program
Director/Music Director-AMFM Radio Licenses /Clear Channel 

Stick on the Radio (Sam Day)-2005-2009-Afternoon/Nights/Assistant Music Director-AMFM Radio Licenses/Clear Channel Communications Inc

Tommy Chuck-2006-2006-Program Director-AMFM Radio Licenses

Jayde Donovan (Patricia Sweet)-2007-2011-Co-host-"Johnny Magic Morning Show"-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Whitney Laney-2008-20
11-Morning Show/Assistant Producer/Overnights-Clear Channel Communications

Scuba Steve-2008-2009-Producer/Member of the "Johnny and Jayde Morning Show"
-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Kooz-2008-2010-11PM-2AM on week-days and Mixed/Hosted Mix Shows on the week-end-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Emily Berman-2008-2009-
overnights and weekends-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Whitney (Laney)-2009-"Johnny & Jayde Morning Show"/Sunday-Noon-5PM/Overnights/2011-"Johnny's House with Laura and Brian"-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Brody (Nate Halegua)-2010-2011-Afternoons-Clear Channel Communications Inc                                   

Ian McDaniel-2010-2020-Sat10PM-2AM-Mix Show DJ/Producer/Host-Clear Channel Communications Inc/iHeart Radio 

"Lady" Laura Diaz-2011-2018-Morning Show co-host-"Johnny's House with Laura and Brian"-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Sondra Rae-2011-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Jordan (John Desocio)-2012-2013-Program Director/Afternoon Drive-Clear Channel Communications Inc

Marissa Clark-2013-2018-Cast member of
"Johnny's House with Laura and Brian"/Sat-Noon-4PM-Clear Channel Communications Inc/iHeart Media

AJD-Assistant Producer
-Clear Channel 

Andrew Silanskas-Promotions Assistant-Clear Channel 

Fast Bobby

Greg Holt

No Life Lisa

Alex Diaz   Biography

Danny Wright  

Frankie V-7PM-12AM

Brian Christopher-Part time weekends

Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory

Kevin Baldinger

Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic

Darby Collins-9:15AM-1PM

Rick Sanchez-Evenings

Gary Holmes

Erika Jeanine-
weekends-iHeart Media

courtesy of Kevin Coldiron

What a beaut!
Alex Diaz wins the Ugly Betty Contest

Other Names In WXXL History

Joe Taylor-1989-Chairman-Taylor Communications Inc.
John Taylor-1989-President-Taylor Communications Inc.
Hank Desplaines-1989-Chief Financial Officer-Taylor Communications Inc.
Paul Lavesque-1989-Executive Vice President-Taylor Communications Inc.
Randall Rahe-1989-General Manager-Taylor Communications Inc.
Robin Smith-1989-Sales Director-Taylor Communications Inc.
Frank Celebre-1989-National Sales Manager-Taylor Communications Inc.
Rhoda Bohrer-1989-Regional Sales Manager-Taylor Communications Inc.
Larry Kahn-1989-Marketing Vice President-Taylor Communications Inc.
Dave Deemer-1989-Promotions Director-Taylor Communications Inc.
Ken Skok-1989-Chief Engineer-Taylor Communications Inc.

ob Stapleton-1991-1995-Sales/Marketing-Taylor Communications Inc./Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio

Jeff Kimmel-1992-Sales Manager-Taylor Communications

Rhonda Bohrer-1992-Regional Sales Manager-Taylor Communications 

Mike Gonick-1997-General Manager-Chancellor Broadcasting Co. 

Michael Bryan-2007-2012-Program Director/Regional Dir./Interactive Services-Clear Channel 

Dave Donahue-2012-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel 

Brian Mack-2013-Program Director-Clear Channel 

Glory Adona Langston-2004-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel 

Linda Byrd-2008-
Division President/General Manager-Clear Channel/2015-2022-Division President-iHeart Media

Tom Mosher-General Manager 

Shannon Fraser-General Sales Manager

Randy Rahe-General Manager  

Dave Deamer-Promotions Director

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