WHLY-FM 106.7  


Original Call Letters: WLBE 

Originally Licensed: Feb 12, 1969  

Original City of License: Leesburg  

Original Frequency: 106.7

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 50,000 watts

Original Location: 32900 Radio Rd.  

Original Format: Religious

Network Affiliations:


1969-Heard Broadcasting
1975-WLBE Radio Inc.
1976-General Communicorps
1976-Magic Box Media
1988-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.
1989-Taylor Communications ($12 million)
1993-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio
1997-Shamrock Radio/Chancellor Media
2000-AMFM Radio Licenses (Clear Channel Communications)
2007-Clear Channel

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLBE-1969-MOR  "You're tuned to the golden sounds of WLBE-FM 106.7 on your FM dial" 
WHLY-1969-Religious  "Where He Loves You"
WDGM-1975-Beautiful Music "We're Delightfully Good Music"
WHLY-1984-Top 40  "The Hot-Rockin Y-106"
WCAT-1987-Top 40  "Cool Cat"
WXXL-1990-Top 40  "XL 106.7 Today's Hit Music"  "XL 106.7 All The Hits"

WHLY  History
WHLY began life as  WLBE-FM 106.7. Bob Andrews fills us in on some of the history of WLBE-FM 106.7. 
"In the late fifties, WLBE-AM 790, under the ownership of a wealthy road contractor, (father in law of Jim Sharp) applied for and got the 106.7 license and was actually on the air-the space for FM transmitter and wiring for Air conditioning, etc are still in the back of the WLBE-AM 790 studios. The station was bought by a couple of preachers, who saw no value in the FM, just the value of  the resale of  it to keep going, and Lake County lost its second FM station to Orlando. The first was 107.7, licensed to Mount Dora. I don't recall the ownership, but it went to
WORJ-FM 107.7, Orlando. The company kept an office and a man in Mount Dora for some time to satisfy FCC rules. That is why 107.7 and 106.7 still identify with Lake County locations every hour. The first incarnation for the calls WHLY (took place in 1969), which stood for Where He Loves You. The station broadcast religious programming. Then the call letters WHLY would return in 1978 and then again in 1988.

WHLY Personalities

John Shire-1976-1979-"Critic at Large"-Heard Broadcasting

Craig Soldinger
-1970-1974-Heard Broadcasting   In Memory

Dr. Ken Rabac-1976-1979-General Communicorps/1986-1990-Magic Box Media

Bill Michaels-1977-1983-Program Direct
or/Operations Director/Mornings-Magic Box Media

Rick Saylor
-1977-1983-Co-host mornings with Dick Sollom-Magic Box Media
Dick Sollom-1977-1983-Co-host mornings with Rick Saylor/News-Magic Box Media    In Memory

Jim Steel-1977-1983-Evenings/Music Director-Magic Box Media

Kurt Wells-1979-10PM-2AM-Magic Box Media

Bill Barber
-1980-1982-Magic Box Media Bill tells us the "Y106" studios were in a "bunker" in Winter Garden. Biography
Steve Ocean (Steve Wein)-1980-1982-Afternoons-Magic Box Media
Kathy West-1981-1990-Magic Box Media/-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc./Taylor Communications

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)-1982-1984-Production Director/Air Talent-Shamrock Radio/Chancellor Media   

Dave Edwards-1982-1983-Magic Box Media Biography

Mike Schiano-1982-1986-Magic Box Media Biography

Rick Stacy-1983-Program Director/6PM-10PM
-Magic Box Media

Bill Cross-1983-"Y-106 "Breakfast Club" co-host with Jeff Cohen-Magic Box Media

Jeff Cohen-1983-"Y-106 Breakfast Club" co- host with Bill Cross-Magic Box Media
Gale Fine-1983-"Y-106 Breakfast Club"-News Reporter-Magic Box Media

Stevens (Rod Grant)-1985-Magic Box Media
Janet Sawyer-1985-News Director-Magic Box Media 
Jerry Cagle (Jerry Peterson)-1986-Operations Director/Mornings-Magic Box Media
Michael Jay (Mike Helminski)-1986-Magic Box Media
Jerry and Annie Lousteau-(Sep)1988-(Jun)1989-known as ''Mr. and Mrs. Ugly"-Mornings-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.

Chris Hill-1988-Overnights-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc. Biography 
Roxanne-1988-Southern Starr Broadcasting Group Inc.
Greg Wells-1983-Overnights-Magic Box Media    In Memory

Anne Jeffries

Adrian Charles-Mid days
Dirk Thompson
Gregg Parker

T.C. Dooley
(Chris Kampmeier)-Program Director


Todd Demers  Biography
Pat Beall
Fast Bobby-O-Evenings
Richard Allan

studio at Y-106  Jaime Lerner.jpg (64705 bytes)

studio at Y-106  Jaime Lerner 2-1986.jpg (55336 bytes)

Y106 studio pix courtesy of Jaime Lerner   click photo for full sized view

Roger Stallard-Afternoons Biography


Greg Fox-Overnights/Afternoons-Magic Box Media

Bob Church    In Memory
Mark Simpson-Morning Drive
Renee Blake-News

Jaime (Lerner)

  Jaime promo shot
Rob Que (Cat Thomas)
Mark In The Dark
Roger Cary

John Weyrick

CJ Roquemoore (Curt Creel)-Weekends

Raffy Contigo-10PM-2AM

Larry Freeman
In Memory

Other Names In WHLY History

Jim Shipley-1976-1979-Partner/Station Manager-Magic Box Media

Buddy Kaplan (Eric Adams Furniture owner)-1976-1979-Partner-Magic Box Media

Ed Englander (Toyota Dealer)-1976-1979-Partner-Magic Box Media

Sharon Frawley-1980-1981-Promotions Director-Magic Box Media

Alan Rock-1981-1987-General Manager-General Communicorp   Biography

James Tillery-1985-General Manager-General Communicorp

Steve Fluker-1995-Chief Engineer-Chancellor Media/Shamrock Radio

Gerry Cagle-Operations manager

Jim Robinson 

Jake Russell-General Manager

Bernard Kaplan-Part owner

Ricki Black-General Manager

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