WMGF-FM 107.7
Mount Dora 

Original Call Letters: WFAC (Construction Permit)

Originally Licensed: 1965 

Original City of License: Mount Dora  

Original Frequency: 107.7

Origin of Call Letters: MaGic of Florida 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Soft Adult Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press  


-Frasure Hull, Inc.
1969-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
1978-Sudbrink Broadcasting
1981-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc.
1993-Paxson Communications ($5.6 million with WWZN-AM 1440)
1997-Clear Channel Communications
2018-Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WFAC-1965-Construction Permit

WHIY-1966-Country Western

WORJ-1971-Country Western/MOR

WORJ-1972-Progressive Rock 

WORJ-1978-Rock  "Zeta 7"

WJYO-1981-Soft Adult Contemporary "Joy 108",  "Joy of Orlando"

WMGF-1990-Soft Adult Contemporary  "Magic 107.7"

WMGF-2017-Adult Contemporary   "More Variety"

WMGF Personalities

Dean Miuccio-1989-2002-Mornings/1994-Morning co-host with Tracey Young/1996-Afternoons /Asst. Program Director /Music Director-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc./2000-Morning co-host with Darby Collins/Music Director-Clear Channel Communications

Randi Martin
-1990-1993-Afternoon Drive/Music Director-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc.

Stan Reynolds-1991-1993-"Magic After Dark"-8PM-Midnight-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc
Stan died of a heart attack in 1994 in Washington, D.C. where he went after leaving WMGF.  He was 44.

Bob Kelley-1992-2PM-6PM-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc./1995-1997-Music Director-Paxson Communications

Bill Jordan (Bill Hazard)-1993-"Magic After Dark" -8PM-Midnight-Paxson Communications

Kathy Aparo
-1993-1997-Mid-days-Paxson Communications 

Joe Belsito-1993-Morning Show Producer/Weekends-Paxson Communications

Wanda Roland-1993-News fill in-Paxson Communications

Tracey Young-1994-Mornings with Dean Muccio/1996-1999-Mornings with Shawn Burke-Paxson Communications  

Shawn Burke-1996-Mornings with Tracey Young-Paxson Communications

Laura Dane-Program Director/1997-Mid-days (Replacing Kathy Aparo)-Paxson Communications

Dave Kelly
-1998-Weekends/Fill In/2012-7PM-Midnight-Clear Channel Communications

Rich Kennedy-1998-1999-Clear Channel Communications

Ken Payne-1998-2012-Program Director-Clear Channel Communications

Brenda Matthews-1999-2008-Mid-days-Clear Channel Communications Biograph
Brenda resigned from Magic 107.7 on Friday, 3/3/2008
12-21-10-The Magic is back for WMGF-FM 107.7. Brenda Matthews is back doing mid-days at the station. Brenda spent 14 years in Orlando radio. Brenda was the mid-day personality and Assistant Program Director at WMGF-FM 107.7 as well as mid-dayer for WLRQ-FM 99.3. She resigned back in 2008. Brenda has also worked part time for CBS Radio and was heard on WOMX-FM 105.1 and WOCL-FM 105.9. Welcome back Brenda!

Mike Stevens-1999-Overnights-Clear Channel Communications

Leslye Gale-1999-Morning co-host with Dean Miuccio/Dave Collins/2010
-Morning show co-host with John Forsythe -5AM-10AM-Paxson Communications /Clear Channel Communications

Geoff Winter-1999-2001-Paxson Communications/Clear Channel Communications

Darby Collins-2000-Morning Co-host with Dean Muccio-Clear Channel Communications

Reagan Smith-2000-News Director-Clear Channel Communications

Dave Collins-2000-2010-Morning co-host with Leslye Gale
-Clear Channel Communications

Scott Ashbaugh-2000-2003-Clear Channel Communications

John Tesh-2008-2010-Mid-days-Syndicated-
Clear Channel Communications

Whitney Laney-2008-2009
-Intern/On Air-Clear Channel Communications

John Forsythe-2010-2018-Morning show co-host with Leslye Gale-5AM-10AM-Clear Channel Communications

Lori Bradley-2010-Evenings (Voice tracked)-Clear Channel Communications

Jana Sutter-2011-Assistant Program Director/Voice track nights/2012-10AM-3PM-Clear Channel Communications 

David Allen-2011-Weekends/2012-3PM-7PM-Clear Channel Communications

Kimm Marie Gillem-Clear Channel Communications  

Joey Brooks-2014-Afternoons-iHeart Media

Chad Pitt-2018-Co-host Mornings with Leslye Gayle-iHeart Media

Ron Kocher

Zack Roberson

Mike Roberts

Dean Chapman (O'Neal)-Traffic-Clear Channel Communications

Vic DeVore-P/T-also working for the Clear Channel Traffic Department.  

Kevin Baldinger

Uncle Johnny

Andrew Silanskas-Promotions Assistant-Clear Channel 

Steve Geiger-Weekends

Jim Davis-Host of "The Glory Of Joy"

Doug Burton

Justin Taylor

Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic

Arlene Ross-News Director 

Dave Menard-Weekends-iHeart Media

Erika Jeanine-Programming Coordinator
-iHeart Media


Other Names In WMGF History

Mark Mark Chambers-1983-1991-Assisstant Chief Engineer-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc.

Jeffrey Kimmel-1991-Local Sales Manager

Lowell "Bud" Paxson-1993-1997-President-Paxson Broadcasting In Memory

Chris Kampmeier-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications/1997-Program Director /2000-Vice President of Programming-Clear Channel Communications
Rochelle Rich-1996-General Sales Manager/2000-Regional Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
John Frost-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications
Alan Mason-1996-Senior Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications

Jenny Sue Rhoades-2000-President/General Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Mark Kanak-2000-Vice President of Sales-Clear Channel Communications
Frank Celebre-2000-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Dawn Disanti-2000-Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications
Dave Murray-2000-Vice President of Engineering-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Spry-2000-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications

Linda Byrd-2005-
Division President/General Manager-Clear Channel/2015-2022-Division President-iHeart Media
Sam Nein-2005-Sales Vice President/Sales Director-Clear Channel Communications

Rick Everett-2007-Marketing Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Dave Donahue-2012-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel 

Brian Mack-2017-Program Director-iHeartMedia

Matt Mills-General Manager 

James Dobson-Syndicated-''Focus on the Family"

Steve Streit-Program Director

Shawn Williams-Traffic Manager-Clear Channel Communications


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