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I asked Brenda to supply  a bio for us. Here's her story.
"I’m from Riverview, Michigan – a “downriver” suburb of Detroit.  Grew up listening to Motown and later Bob Seger and Ted Nugent…what a great environment to grow up in!  And great Detroit/Windsor radio, too.  Hence the career.  I’m a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, and started my career at WQON in Grayling, Michigan in December of 1979.  From then it was on to WHNN, a 100k powerhouse HAC in Saginaw, Michigan from 1981-86 , then to WLHT – a Lite Rock station where I eventually hosted a “Lights Out” – Pillow talk kind of show for two years.  After leaving there in 1988, I traveled across the state and back into the Detroit area to work at W4Country for 8 ½ years. In 1996 I was brought to Orlando by Paxson Broadcasting to do mid-days on start up WSHE"She 100.3".  We lasted 3 years, before the company flipped to "Cool 100.3", and I was there in the transition until changes could be made to bring me to mid days on (WMGF-FM 107.7) "Magic107.7" where I’ve been since then – August of ’99.  In other words, I worked 3 vastly different formats – Modern AC/Oldies/Soft AC in 4 months and somehow lived to tell!  Somewhere in the midst of my 11 years here, Paxson was sold to Clear Channel Communications.  I’m also voice tracking Mid-days at WLRQ"Lite Rock 99.3" in Melbourne, "Magic107.1" in Tallahassee and "Sunny 99.9" in El Paso TX.

More changes at Clear Channel   
Afternoon host at WMGF-FM 107.7, Brenda Matthews explains what happened to her in the latest moves at CC Orlando.
"After 11 years working for this company, 3 radio stations - WSHE/Cool 100/Magic 107, and 8 years at Magic alone, and great numbers - not to toot my own horn, but what the heck - I've more often than not, been the #1 Mid-day personality in Orlando, and often with the largest share in Orlando no matter the day part, Clear Channel is doing some serious downsizing, and yes...I'm one of the cuts.  Across the country the company is 'reducing the body count', I was told. I'm clearly a poster girl for working hard and doing more than what's been asked.  I've done the above, well represented my 'family' station, did what was asked of me and more.  I voice-track 3 other Clear Channel stations too. (Melbourne and Tallahassee, FL, and El Paso, TX) and my situation clearly shows you that nothing is sacred now job is safe, not only in radio, but in the current business climate in this country.  Great numbers, great track record, etc., really doesn't mean a thing anymore - it doesn't make your job 'secure.'  You used to get a gold watch for good service. I had the choice of being severanced, or staying on to voice track my mid day shift Magic at a greatly reduced rate.  I also was under a time limit pressure to make my decision. I've decided, for now, to stay.  The company is now going to set me up in my home studio, so I won't have to be in the office daily, and I'll be able to pursue other 'avenues' now, since I'll have more time on my hands. Change is the only consistency in life...and maybe this will be a good thing in the long run...I'll be working for myself...sorta. Disappointing?  Extremely.  Devastating?  No - I have my 'big girl panties' on. If anyone would like to be in touch, I'm at

Brenda resigned from "Magic 107.7" and "Lite Rock 99.3" on Friday, 2/29/08                          

Brenda at WMGF

A Familiar Voice Is Back On The Air   7-1-08
Brenda Matthews can be heard in Orlando once again. She will be filling in on WOMX-FM 105.1 for the next three weeks.

Congratulations To Brenda Matthews    5-11-10
Brenda Matthews drops us a note to update us on what she's up to. Brenda's former "hunky builder boyfriend" Kenny Gardner is now her "Hunky Husband". They married on May 2. They "...survived a 3 1/2 year commuter relationship (Orlando to MD), and a motorcycle accident (that left Kenny in the hospital for nearly a month) at the same time that CC held me to that pesky non-compete.  We made it through - and there could be more adventures on the way!  Never a dull moment!..." Brenda also lets me know she's working at NAVTEQ Traffic Orlando, doing morning and afternoon traffic at WCFB-FM 94.5 and WMMO-FM 98.9, as well as 4 other Orlando/Lakeland area stations. She is also working part-time at WOMX-FM 105.

Bye, Bye Brenda    8-3-10
14 year Orlando radio veteran and newly married Brenda (Gardener) Matthews is "about ready to join my husband in Charlotte, NC for a new adventure!" Brenda is presently a traffic reporter for numerous area stations through NAVTEQ. She was also the midday personality and Assistant Program Director at WMGF-FM 107.7 as well as middayer for WLRQ-FM 99.3.  Brenda has also worked part time for CBS Radio heard on WOMX-FM 105.1 and WOCL-FM 105.9.

Brenda Is Back      12-21-10
The Magic is back for WMGF-FM 107.7. Brenda Matthews is back doing mid-days at the station. Brenda spent 14 years in Orlando radio. Brenda was the mid-day personality and Assistant Program Director at WMGF-FM 107.7 as well as mid-dayer for WLRQ-FM 99.3. She resigned back in 2008. Brenda has also worked part time for CBS Radio and was heard on WOMX-FM 105.1 and WOCL-FM 105.9. Welcome back Brenda!

Congratulations Brenda Matthews!     11-23-11
Long time Central Florida Radio voice, Brenda Matthews (Gardener) is now the mid-day host at Charlotte, North Carolina's  "K104.7", WKQC-FM 104.7.

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