WEUS-AM 1240 

Original Call Letters: WLCO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Courtesy of Mike Konstan

Originally Licensed: Jun 1955                                             

Original City of License: Eustis 

Original Frequency: 1240

Origin of Call Letters: Location; EUStis 

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime/250 nighttime 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Country/News Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Direction

Florida Radio Network


1955-Lake County Broadcasting Company
1956-Floyd W. Hess
1964-Barringer Broadcasting Corp.

1978-C-S Broadcasting Corp.
1982-Lake Media 
1988-WKLE, Inc.
1989-Starship Communications  ($2000,000)
1992-J & V Communications  ($75,000)
1996-Christianson Broadcasting Inc.
1998-McKenzie Broadcast Associates, Inc. ($210,000)
2003-Gateway Broadcasting and Internet, Inc
2004-Rama Communications ($180,000) with WQBQ-AM 1410
2005-Mary Banks Ministries Inc. (LMA)
2006-Glover Radio Network LLC (LMA)
2009-WE Properties/Central Florida Sports Marketing (LMA)
2010-Rama Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLCO-1965-Variety  "Radio Wilco!"
WLCO-1966-Country Western
WLCO-1973-Variety   "The Good Life"   "Good Life Radio"
WLCO-1977-Rock and Roll
WLCO-1979-Country Western
WEUS-1982-All American (Easy Listening)
WLCF-1987-All American  (Easy Listening)
WWLB-1989-All American  (Easy Listening)
WKIQ-1989-All American  (Easy Listening)
WKIQ-1989-Country   "Classic Hit Country"

WKIQ-1998-Classic Country
WKIQ-2004-Classic Country
WKIQ-2006-Religious "Where Tradition Meets Truth"
WKIQ-2008-News/Sports/Music  "Your Hometown Station"
WKIQ-2009-Urban Contemporary   "The New Q 1240"
WKIQ-2009-Silent    (9-2-09)
WKIQ-2009-Sports/Sporting News Radio (9-25-09) 
WKIQ-2010-Silent  (5-10)
WKIQ-2010-Regional Mexican Simulcast of WLAA-AM 1600
WKIQ-2010-Regional Mexican   "La Gigante"

History of WEUS 

1985-Just minutes after a tornado spawned by Hurricane Elena touched down in Leesburg, the station received its first call from a resident who saw some of the damage caused by the twister. The regular news format was dropped, and station manager Bill Rooney and chief engineer Don Connelly spent the next 38 hours broadcasting live reports from more than 1,000 residents who called the station. A live report of tornado damage in Leesburg also  was the lead story on the ABC's national broadcasts. Rooney is kept the country format, but adding more news, in hopes that WEUS would garner a larger share of the radio advertising market. WEUS extended their broadcast hours to 24 hours a day. 

Names in WEUS History

Floyd William ''Bill'' Hess-1955-Owner   In Memory

Caroll Barringer-1965-Owner

Dalton Wright-1982-Owner/President-Lake Media Inc.

Don Connelly-1982-General Manager/Chief Engineer-Lake Media Inc. 

Jim Davis-1982-Lake Media Inc. 
Carolyn Jones-1982-General Sales Manager-Lake Media Inc.
Jenny Lake-1982-Music Director-Lake Media Inc.

Rob Newton-1983-Station Manager-Lake Media Inc   In Memory

Bill Rooney-1984-Vice President/General Manager-Lake Media Inc.

Warren Hoover-1985-"Psychic Frontier"-Lake Media Inc. 

Joyce Phillips-1985-Tavares Chamber of Commerce Executive Director-Lake Media Inc.

Terry Cox-1985-Eustis Chamber of Commerce Executive Director-Lake Media Inc.

-66Paul Spurlock-General Manager-WKLE, Inc.
Johnny Escrimano-General Manager
Chad Taylor-Fishing forecast daily at 7:10AM

Other Programs in WEUS History

Florida Agrinet-Ocala-based Independent farm radio network. Agrinet vice president Chuck Zimmerman.

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