WYND-AM 1310  

Original call Letters: WOOO

Originally Licensed: Dec 7, 1956   

Original City of License: Deland  

Original Frequency: 1310 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts daytime

Translator: 2019-W241CZ  96.1

Original Location: 316 E. Taylor Road

Original Format: Religious

Network Affiliation(s): IRN USA


1956-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
1957-Trio Broadcasting
1961-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
1964-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1973-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
1978-Mid Florida Broadcasting

1981-Deland Broadcasting, Inc  ($300,00)

1986-David R. Hill  

1986-Hollis Broadcasting Co.  ($75,000)

1987-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc ($255,000) 

2018-Proclaim Media Group, LLC   ($235,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


WKKX-1973-Country Western

WDLF-1980-Music of the 40's, 50's & 60's/OTR

WDLF-1981-MOR/Country Standards




WYND-1987-Religious  "Florida's Christian Voice"

WYND-2018-Religious    "The Spirit"

WYND History  
From an article in the Orlando Sentinel dated January 13, 1987.
A Columbus, Ga., firm has bought a defunct radio station in DeLand and plans to start broadcasting interdenominational religious programs in about a month, a spokesman for Hollis Broadcasting Co. said. The rights to the former WYND-1310 AM radio station were acquired for $75,000 by the Georgia company, according to Federal Communications Commission records. The rights to the station formerly were held by David R. Hill of Plano, Texas. Hollis Broadcasting also owns a radio station and a television station with religious formats in Chattanooga, Tenn. The firm acquired the Deland station on Dec. 30, according to the FCC. ''We felt like the Lord sent us there,'' said Jeff Nicholson, broadcasting manager for the company. Hollis Broadcasting plans a program of discussions with national religious leaders, talk shows and music and plans to invite local religious leaders to appear on programs, Nicholson said. The owners plan to hire three to five part-time disc jockeys and sales people, he said. The station broadcast rock 'n' roll when it was founded in 1956 by Brian Tolby, who now works for WXVQ-AM 1490, a radio station operated by Stetson University. Tolby sold the station in 1974 and it has had several owners since. The station broadcasts over a 20-mile radius, Tolby said. "...The station was in receivership when Hollis Broadcasting bought it, said Kenny Hopkins, administrator for Hollis Enterprises Inc., the parent company of both the broadcasting company and the Hollis Eye Institute in Columbus (Ohio). The company will probably keep the WYND call letters, he said. ''It's been through everything from easy listening to country,'' (Former owner Brian) Tolby said. ''It's been around the world.'' Recently, the station has been off the air, he said. ''It had its financial difficulties,'' Tolby said. Hill could not be reached for comment on the financial condition of the station. Daytona Beach already has a non-denominational religious radio station, WMFJ-1450 AM. Station vice president and general manager Jim Palmer said his station's signal reaches into Deland, but the majority of his advertisers are on the east side of the county. ''We do get into Deland,'' he said. ''We're very established with our national programs.'' The station has been on the air since 1979, Palmer said. Nicholson said Hollis Broadcasting Co. plans to continue to expand in the future. ''As the Lord leads and the opportunities open up, we'll be looking at them,'' he said.

1987-Orlando Sentinel
After more than a year of silence, radio station WYND-AM 1310 in Deland has returned to the air with new owners and a religion-oriented format. Station manager Terry Arnold said the station resumed broadcasting in mid- April with Christian programming, including inspirational music, local ministers and national programs from 6AM to 7:30PM daily.

WYND Gets A New Owner       8-23-18
WYND-AM 1310 has been sold to Clarence A. Williams, CEO of
Proclaim Media Group, LLC. Tuckerís wife, Co-owner/Vice President is selling the station. The reported sale price for the station and the translator is $235,000, plus a time brokerage agreement before the sale closes. 

Photos of the studios and tower of WYND Deland
courtesy of Wilma Clark

Names in WYND History 

David R. Hill-1984-Owner

Dr. D. Stephen  Hollis-1987-Owner/President-Hollis Broadcasting Co.

Theodore D. (Buddy) Tucker-1987-2017-Co-owner/President/General Manager-
Buddy Tucker Association, Inc  
In Memory

D. Levaughan Tucker-1987-2018-Co-owner/Vice President-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc

Jim Hoge
-1987-General Manager-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc 

Terry Arnold-1987-Station Manager-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc  

Dean O'Neal-1988-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc  

Alan Stevens-1988-Station Manager-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc 

Clarence Williams-2018-CEO/Station Manager-Proclaim Media Group, LLC

Richard Guess-2018-Program Director-Proclaim Media Group, LLC

Laura Crowe-2018-Board Operator/Office Staff-Proclaim Media Group, LLC.

Richard C. Guess-2019-Program Manager-Proclaim Media Group, LLC

Deborah Ford-2019-Office/Sales Manager
-Proclaim Media Group, LLC

Art Taylor-Program Director/Community Service Director/News Director
-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc/2018-Engineer-Proclaim Media Group, LLC.

Donza Drummond-2019-
Sales-Proclaim Media Group, LLC.

Harold Ford-2019-Consultant/Vice President of Programming-Proclaim Media Group, LLC.

Glennie Goosby

George "Harold" Utter-Engineer    Biography     In Memory

Al Everson
-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc 
Phil Buford
Art Taylor-Board Operator/Engineer-Proclaim Media Group, LLC.

Programs In WYND History

Your Story Hour-2004-8AM Sundays-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc 

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