WOOO-AM 1310

Original Call Letters: WOOO

Originally Licensed: Dec 7, 1956  

Original City of License: Deland 

Original Frequency: 1310 

Origin of Call Letters:                                                                                                                                                                           Original location of WOOO-AM 112 1/2 West New York Ave

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime

                    Better known as the Conrad Building

Original Location: 112 1/2 West New York Ave. 

Original Format: Rock/Pop

Network Affiliation(s):

Keystone Broadcasting System 
Bernard Country- Western Group
Country Music Network
United Press International


1956-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
1957-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
1961-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
1964-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1973-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
1978-Mid Florida Broadcasting
1986-David R. Hill   ($75,000)
1986-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc ($255,000) 

History Of Call Letters and Formats:



WKKX-1973-Country Western

WDLF-1980-Music of the 40's, 50's & 60's/OTR

WDLF-1981-MOR/Country Standards




WYND-1987-Religious  "Florida's Christian Voice"

History of WOOO
The holder of the original construction permit was W.H. "Bill" Martin in 1956. Martin was the President of Deland Broadcasters, Inc. and based out of Douglas, Georgia.

Orlando Sentinel
Nov. 13, 1956
New Radio Station To Start
A new local radio station, is aiming to start on the air Thanksgiving Day. The station also aims to be more than local, according to Milton Scarboro, general manager. He said the station will have a power rating of 5,000 watts which is to reach from 100 to 150 miles. The dial number will be 1310. Broadcasting hours are to be from 6 a.m. to sunset, with emphasis on the local scene, weather, news and music are to supplement news of area activities.  "The studio is in the Conrad Bldg. on E. New York Ave. The 200-foot tower is three miles south of Deland and about a quarter mile east of U. S. 17-92. The location is in a low spot because moisture is an assist, Scarboro said. He explained that broadcast radio does not work, on line of sight as does TV.  The tower can scarcely be seen for the trees surrounding it.  Scarboro has operated stations in Union and Lancaster, S. C.  The owners of WOOO include Dr. Frank Stoudenmire, Deland Veterinarian
W.H. "Bill" Martin, Lakeland, president and operator of stations there and at Douglas, Ga. and Tallahassee, and Brody Timmons, Douglas and Tallahassee radio station operator with Martin.

The Orlando Sentinel 
December 4, 1956
DeLand Radio Station Will Start Soon
Deland Radio Station WOOO, which had planned to open Thanksgiving, is to go on the air within 48 hours after expected FCC approval is received. Milton Scarboro, general manager, also said the day light operation will be 1,000 watts at the start and this will cover a 50 mile radius. The power will be stepped up to 5,000 watts after the first of the year and this will give WOOO the most powerful non-directional radio in Central Florida, Scarboro added. A few other stations in Central Florida have the higher power rating now.

Orlando Sentinel
Jul 14, 1957

Company Purchases Radio Station
A Connecticut group comprising Trio Broadcasting Co., Inc. has officially taken over radio station WOOO after completing purchase arrangements. Wally King, Waterbury, Conn., vice president, said there will be no change in personnel. He added that power will be increased in the near future to 5.000 watts. The station will continue its local news staff and will concentrate on music and news. WOOO has United Press wire service. King and his family are to make their home in DeLand. Station personnel, who will continue at their same jobs, include Milton Scarboro, manager; Allen Hill, program director; Jerry Florence, local news editor; Jim Gandy, women's editor and Vanie Stavrulakis, office manager and assistant editor.

The original location of WOOO-AM 1310 was 112 1/2  West New York Ave.
Mr. Brian Tolby, the former owner of WSBB-AM 1230 in New Smyrna Beach, solved a "radio mystery" for me about some of the stations in Deland. Here is some of that email. "...I worked there (WOOO) through (my) graduation from Stetson (University in Deland) and bought it (the station) in 1964 under the corporate name Shom Broadcasting, Inc.  When it went on the air it was 500 watts. Went to 1,000 (watts) in 1961 and to 5,000 watts in '62. It remained as WOOO  until I sold it to Tom Joyner from Texas, in l975 when the call letters changed to WKKX. In that same building...where WYND is today was WDLF-FM 105.9..."

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 Studios and tower of (WOOO) WYND, Deland    
Photos courtesy of Wilma Clark

WYND Tower2.JPG (12371 bytes)

Names In WOOO History
W.H. "Bill" Martin-1956-President-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
C.A. Martin-1956-Vice President-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
B. F. J. Timm-1956-Secretary/Treasurer-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
Herbert Saxe-1957-1961-President-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Wally King-1957-1961-Vice President/General Manager/News-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Dr. Frank Stoudenmire-1957-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Brody Timmons-1957-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Milton Scarboro-1961-Station Manager-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Alan Hill-1957-Program Director-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.

Arthur Beckwith, Jr.-1957-1961-Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
In Memory
Dick Smith-1957-Promtions Manager-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Jerry Florence-1957-1961-News Director/Farm News Director/Promotions Director/1958-Host of "Take It From The Top"-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Jim Gandy-1957-Engineer/Women's Editor-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Brian Tolby-1957-1961-Program Director/"The Brian Tolby Show"-9AM-Noon-Mon-Sat-Trio Broadcasting, Inc./1964-1973- President/General Manager-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
Vanie Stavrulakis-1957-Office Manager/Assistant Editor-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Edwin Carson-1957-1962-Chief Engineer-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Mary Lou Edwards-1957-1961-Women's Director-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Wally Rifkin-1959-1961-General Manager-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.
Gary Moore-1959-1961-News Director-Trio Broadcasting/1961-Sales Manager/Promotions Manager/Program Director-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Denver Lee Duff-1961-Publicity Director-Trio Broadcasting
Don Potter-1961-President-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Otto Allen-1961-Station Manager-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Judith Bohren Moore-1961-Commercial Manager/Publicity Director-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Don Ammon-1962-Publicity Director-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc/1964-Station Manager/Program Director/1971-Program Director -Shom Broadcasters, Inc.  In Memory
Edgar Backus-1962-General Manager-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Moses Berman-1962-Commercial Manager-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
Garry Moore-1962-Sales Director/Promotions Manager/Program Director-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc
Richard Pierce-1962-Chief Engineer-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
John Miller-1964-1973-Commercial Manager-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
Ed Lotspeich-1964-1973-News Director-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
Bruce Ruckert-1964-1966/1970-Chief Engineer-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
Ron Mani (Ron Maniscalco)-1965-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.

Martin B. Stebbins (Marty Stebbins)-1966-Program Director-Shom Broadcasters, Inc. Biography    In Memory
Robert Groome-1966-1970-Chief Engineer-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
Kelly Fitzpatrick-"The Kelly Fitzpatrick Show"-11AM-M-F-Trio Broadcasting, Inc.

Roger Gilmore-Sports    In Memory

Orlando Sentinel 1957

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