WKKX-AM 1310  

Original Call Letters: WOOO

Originally Licensed: Dec 7, 1956  

Original City of License: Deland 

Original Frequency: 1310 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime

Original Location: 316 E. Taylor Road

Original Format: Country Western  

Network Affiliation(s):


1956-Deland Broadcasters, Inc.
1957-Trio Broadcasting
1961-Polaris Broadcasting, Inc.
1964-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1973-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

1978-Mid Florida Broadcasting

1980-David R. Hill (Receiver)   ($75,000)

1981-Deland Broadcasting, Inc. ($250,000)

1987-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc ($255,000) 

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


WKKX-1974-Country Western

WDLF-1980-Music of the 40's, 50's & 60's/OTR

WDLF-1981-MOR/Country Standards




WYND-1987-Religious  "Florida's Christian Voice"

History of WKKX
Mr. Brian Tolby, the former owner of WSBB-AM 1230 in New Smyrna Beach, solved a "radio mystery" for me about some of the stations in Deland. Here is some of that email. "...I worked there (WOOO) through (my) graduation at Stetson (University in Deland) and bought it (the station) in l960 from Shom Broadcasting, Inc.  When it went on the air it was 500 watts. Went to 1,000 (watts) in 1961 and to 5,000 watts in '62. It remained as WOOO  until I sold it to Tom Joyner from Texas, in l975 when the call letters changed to WKKX. In that same building...where WYND is today was WDLF-FM 105.9..."

WYND 1.JPG (31862 bytes)

WYND 2.JPG (55643 bytes)

WYND 7.JPG (40755 bytes)

WYND Tower2.JPG (12371 bytes)

WYND tower1.JPG (14357 bytes)

photos of the studios and tower of WYND, Deland    Photos courtesy of Wilma Clark

Names In WKKX History
Ashley "Tom" Joyner-1973-Co-owner/General Manager/1974-President-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
Gussie Lehman-1973-Co-owner-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
Gordon Monroe-1973-Co-owner-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

Brian Tolby-1973-Commercial Manager/1975-Station Manager-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
David R. Hill-1973-Co-owner-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

Gene Stuart-1973-Co-owner-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

Fred West-1969-1974-Program Director/Music Director/Mornings
-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
In an email from Greg Ruckert on the murder of Fred West; "...After Fredís (Fred West) murder and Tom Joyner moved back to TX, Brian Tolby took over the station again and I stayed for about another 6 months before leaving to work for several ABC Lounges DJ-ing around the state (but, mostly in Volusia/Flagler counties, then had a longer stint at the DeLand ABC).  I later did some production work for some local stations..."

Lakeland Ledger Oct 28, 1974

Dave Kennedy-1974-Promotions Manager-Deland Broadcasting, Inc. 

Rick Stone-1974-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

Tammie Williams-1974-News Director-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.
Bruce Ruckert-1974-Chief Engineer-Deland Broadcasting, Inc.

Chris Rogers (Greg Ruckert)-1974/1980-1981-Afternoon Drive/Hosted "Swap Shop"-Deland Broadcasting, Inc. 

Gene McMahon-1978-President/General Manager-Mid Florida Broadcasting

Bill Matthews-1978-Program Director-Mid Florida Broadcasting

Bill Brasswell-1978-Commercial Manager-Mid Florida Broadcasting

Rob Thomas-1978-News Director-Mid Florida Broadcasting

R. Warren Hoover-1978-"Psychic Adventures"-M-F-3PM-Mid Florida Broadcasting
Sandy Sanders-1978-Chief Engineer-Mid Florida Broadcasting
Charles Hamilton-1979-Chief Engineer/Music Director/2PM-7PM-Mid Florida Broadcasting    

1310_WKKX_AM_Orl_Sentinel10-28-79.jpg (35122 bytes)
  Orlando Sentinel Oct. 28, 1979

Terry Arnold-1987-Station Manager-Buddy Tucker Association, Inc.
Louralene Snedeker-Mornings
John Miller-Sales

1310_WKKX_AM_ORL_Sentinel_8_1975.jpg (102364 bytes)

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