WSLC-AM 1340                              

Original Call Letters: WSLC 

Originally Licensed: Sep 1962 

Original City of License: Clermont 

Original Frequency: 1340

Origin of Call Letters: Location; South Lake County 

Original Power: 250 Watts

Original Location: Highway 50 between Clermont and Groveland

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-Duane McConnell
1965-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.
1971-Lake County Broadcasting Company
1975-WWFL, Inc. (Leisure Time Communications)
1983-K.A.B. Communications Inc.  
1985-K.A.B. Communications Inc. ($237,000) (New Ownership)
1985-Root Company
1986-Talbert Gray
1987-American Broadcast Association  ($255,000)
1989-StarStrip Communications Inc. 
1996-Central Florida Investments, Inc.
2010-Onda Mexicana Radio Group, Inc.  ($10,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WSLC-1962-MOR   "The Voice Of South Lake County"
WWFL-1971-Big Bands
WWFL-1978-Country Western
WWFL-1987-Big Bands
WWFL-1987-50s, '60s and '70s mixed with a few current tunes
WWFL-1988-Rock/Country  "Rock/Country 1320"
WWFL-1996-Traveler Information
WWFL-2010-Regional Mexican

WSLC History
Thanks to Jim Maloy of for this history of WSLC.
"The station was put on the air in September 1962 by owner Duane McConnell, who also owned WONN-AM 1230 in Lakeland. Duane also built WBIL-AM 1410 in Leesburg in the late 1950’s. The station manager’s name was Chuck Grant and the only two full time deejays were Alex Houston and Jim Maloy. Duane sent Jim up there when the station first went on the air but I left after a month due to conflicts with Grant and returned to WONN-AM 1230. Alex stayed on until around 1963 or 1964 when he, too, left for WONN. I don’t know when Duane sold the station. Our first format was MOR. The transmitter, tower and studios were on Highway 50 between Clermont and Groveland on the south side of the road. It was quite small with a control room, live studio, and manager’s office, plus a transmitter room and tower out back. It was located where a mobile home park exists today. I don’t know the status of the building and tower after the station moved out. I remember that during the Cuban missile crisis we got permission from WDBO-AM 580 in Orlando, to pick up their audio of President Kennedy’s news conferences concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis situation in October of 1962".

WSLC Personalities

Bob Crews-1962-Program Director-Duane McConnell Ownership

Charles N. “Chuck” Grant-1962-Station Manager-Duane McConnell Ownership

"Little Bobby Dennis" (Dennis Winslow)-1964-Duane McConnell   Biography

Jerry Phillians-1968-
Duane McConnell   In Memory

Jim Maloy

Alex Houston

Bill Barber  Biography

Stu Bowers

Larry Havill

Mark Fowler  (Mark would go on to serve as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from May 18, 1981 to April 17, 1987.)

Bill Marr

Tom Allan (Talcott) 

Bill "Bud" Blackwood  In Memory

Steve Sullivan

Preston Hicks  

Randy Rogers (Fred Czerner)

Other Names in WSLC History

Duane McConnell-1962-President

Charles N. "Chuck" Grant-1962-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Duane McConnell Ownership

Jim Miller-1962-Chief Engineer-Duane McConnell Ownership
Ben B. Moss-1965-President-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.
Mal Hayes-1965-Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.
Spencer Ivey-1965-Chief Engineer-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.
Paul Tichenal, Jr.-1967-Chief Engineer-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.
Cal Thornton-1970-Chief Engineer-Fidelity Broadcasting Corp.

Ken Peach-1983-K.A.B. Communications Inc  

Michael Hirschman-1985-K.A.B. Communications Inc 

Sharon Hirschman-1985-K.A.B. Communications Inc

James Underwood-1985-President-Root Company 

Talbert Gray-1986-Owner

Mark Manafo-1988-President-American Broadcast Association  

David Siegel-1996-President/CEO-Central Florida Investments, Inc.  

Max Croft-1997-General Manager-Central Florida Investments, Inc.  
Mark Waltrip-1998-General Manager/1999-General Sales Manager/2001-General Manager/General Sales Manager/Operations Vice President-Central Florida Investments, Inc.  
Jack Spangler-1999-General Manager/2001-CEO-Central Florida Investments, Inc.  

Jim Shirah-Operations Manager

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