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In an email from Dennis; "...It (WSLC-AM 1340) was my first paid radio job just after graduating from Winter Park High, and before going off to University of Florida.) I seem to remember that it was a 250 watt day timer for a number of years before they got a nighttime authorization. I'm almost positive that it was only 250 watts when I worked there, and, at least on the Sunday shift I worked, I signed the station on in the morning -I believe it was at 8am-and off close to sunset..."

After my first year in college, I worked weekends for the summer at WLOF, Channel 95 (WLOF-AM 950) in Orlando as “Peter Jay.” (I was the 5th Peter Jay. There were 13 before WLOF retired the name.)  I worked fill-in shifts there again in the summer of 1970 as Bill Bear, a name then-PD Jerry “Pat O’Day” Thompson had me use to stroke one of the station’s biggest advertisers, Bill Baer. While I was never a big player at  (I was just a weekender and/or in a fill in), I was very proud of having had the opportunity to work at the legendary Top 40 station I had grown up listening to!  I worked at WDVH(-AM 980) from 1965 thru 1968, eventually doing afternoon drive as "Little" Bobby Dennis while I was going to U of F.  When I started, Stu BowersLarry HavillMark FowlerBill Marr, and Randy Rogers were the daytime staff.  Later, "Tom Allan" TalcottBud Blackwood and  Steve Sullivan came on-board. (I think Preston Hicks worked there for a time also.)   When I was doing afternoon, it was 2PM to 5PM, leading into the 5PM to sign off  Bill Marr Traffic Watch!  I think Randy Rogers (Fred Czerner),  then Mark Fowler was doing mornings, and Steve or Bud was on midday.  (I later went to WUWU(-AM 1390) as PD for a year or so before I graduated and left for grad school in Tallahassee.) Later, I went to Orlando to program WBJW-FM 105.1 "BJ-105" (and worked for another old WDVH-AM 980 alumni, Pierre Bejano).  Then, to Atlanta to work on-air at WQXI-FM ("94Q"), to Milwaukee to program WMGF-FM,  Tampa to program WMGG-FM,  then back to Atlanta to sign on and program WFOX-FM for 10 years, then across town to Classic Rock WZGC-FM ("Z93") for a year.  I was in Houston as PD for KLDE-FM, then Operations Manager for the Cox Radio cluster there (KKBQ, KLDE, KTHT, KHPT) for the past 6 years.  In September, I came to Philadelphia to program WOGL-FM, "Oldies 98.1" (Infinity Broadcasting).

2006-Dennis is currently Program/Operations Manager for WSRT-FM 106.7/WSRJ-FM 105.5 and WFCX-FM 94.3/WFDX-FM 92.5 in Michigan since 2006. 

2011-Dennis has announced his retirement after 5 years with Northern Broadcast Inc in Michigan. Dennis' plans include concentrating on his consulting business, Winslow Programming Strategies as well as other broadcast related business opportunities. Dennis is also a member of the Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame for his 20 years in the Atlanta.

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