WQXQ-AM 1380  
Ormond Beach

Original Call Letters: WQXQ 

Originally Licensed: Aug. 1, 1957  

Original City of License: Ormond Beach

Original Frequency: 1380

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power:  1,000 watts

Original Location: Riviera Country Club

Original Format: Classical

Network Affiliation(s):



1957-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
1963-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp. (New Ownership)
1969-Morris Broadcasting Co.

1972-WELE Radio, Inc.
1977-Hunter Industries
1980-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
1981-Barnett Bank of Ormond Beach, N.A. (repossession from Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.)
1983-Hale Communications
1990-Wings Communications, Inc ($175,000)  
2009-Goliath Radio, LLC. (LMA)
2011-F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)
2011-Lori Patton, Trustee
2014-Bethune Cookman University

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WQXQ-1957-Classical   "The Boss of the Beach"  "Number One Music"
WDAT-1969-Top 40  
WDAT-1981-Big Bands/Swing
WDAT-1982-Adult Contemporary/Country Crossover Mix
WDAT-1983-Country  "1380 WDAT" 
WELE-2010-Talk  "Goliath Radio"   "Big 1380"
WELE-2015-Talk  "The Cat, Community Action Talk Radio"

WQXQ History
From Brian Douglas; "...For some reason, although the station was a day timer, they signed on at 4AM.  Original power was 1,000 watts (they were not directional, but went directional with the move to 5kW). The station flipped to Top 40 just before "Bad Moon Rising" hit (1968?).  They had a progressive rock show on in late afternoons by late 1968 and were still a day timer.  The 24 hour thing happened in 1969/70(?)"

WQXQ 1380 Ormond Beach remote 1966.jpg (131339 bytes)Chuck Johnson (standing), Becky McAfee (also standing), Bob Cessna and Jeanmarie Fagan 
This photo depicts a "remote" of the Morning Show with Bob Cessna and Jeanmarie Fagan. It was live Monday through Friday from the Holiday Inn across from the speedway in Daytona. This broadcast included Chuck Johnson and Becky McAfee from Daytona Beach Junior College Student Government Association in 1967. WQXQ was a good solid day-time operation under Cessna's management. It had morphed from Classical to easy listening with a great adult blend of music and was the first and only Daytona area station to broadcast daily editorials. Cessna later became Communications Director for Embry Riddle University in Daytona.

photo courtesy of Chuck Johnson

WQXQ Personalities 

Joe Gerard-1957-Music Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Cal Rains-1957-Sports Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.

Don Ritter-1958-General Manager/Program Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.

Frank Vaught-1958-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.  In Memory
Harry Griffiths-1962-News Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Bryant Simms-1963-Music Director/1965-Program Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Ken Wallace-1963-Program Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
John Stevens-1964-Program Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Jack Hayward-1966-Program Director/News Director/Program Manager
Robert Loughran-1967-News Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp./1969-News Director-Morris Broadcasting Co.

Bob Cessna-1963-President/
General Manager/1967-Morning co-host with Jeanmarie Fagan-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.

Jeanmarie Fagan-1967-Morning co-host with Bob Cessna/Promotions Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.

Lynn Younger-1969-1979-Program Director/Production Director-Morris Broadcasting Co.
Rick Felisko (Rick Stephen)
Other Names In WQXQ History

Lyman (Lee) Menard-1957-President/Chief Engineer-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.   In Memory
Ben Taylor-1957-Vice President/Program Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.

Ann Hicks-1957-Promotions Manager/1958-Commercial Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
James Dryden-1957-Promotions Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
James Haupt-1957-News Director-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Jerry Norman-1957-Commercial Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Hal Walton-1962-Sales Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Sari Phillips-1962-Program Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Joe O'Donnell-1963-Chief Engineer-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Travis Wallace-1963-Commercial Manager-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
Steven Searle-1968-Chief Engineer-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
William Morris-1969-President-Morris Broadcasting Co.
William Hunter-1969-Vice President-Morris Broadcasting Co.
John Hackman-1969-Chief Engineer-Morris Broadcasting Co.

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