WEZY-AM 1480


Original Call Letters: WEZY

Originally Licensed: Oct. 4, 1957

Original City of License: Cocoa

Original Frequency: 1480

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: 803 Forrest Ave.

Original Format: Easy Listening

Network Affiliation(s): ABC Contemporary 


1957-WEZY, Inc.
1978-Bob Clarke
1982-EZY Communications ($1.05 million with co-located WLRQ-FM 99.3)
1983-Root Communications
1995-Paxson Broadcasting
1997-Commodore Media
2004-Capstar Broadcasting

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WEZY-1957-Easy Listening   "Y-135" on 1480
WEZY-1960-Easy Listening  Moved To 1350
WEZY-1970-Contemporary MOR
WEZY-1986-Big Bands (Drake-Chenault "Hit Parade") 
WWHL-1991-Soft Adult Contemporary
WMMV-1997-Adult Standards/News/Talk
WMMV-2003-News/Talk (simulcast of WMMB-AM 1240)

WEZY Personalities

Jay Barbree-1958-News Director/Host of "Mobile Mic"-WEZY, Inc.
Richard Olson-1963-Program Director-WEZY, Inc.
George Allen-1963-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Al Seeschaaf-1964-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Don Gould-1972-WEZY, Inc.  Biography
Tom Hutchinson-1974-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Bill Diamantas-1976-Sports Director-WEZY, Inc.

Dave Edwards-1977-1978  Biography

Michael W. Lowe-1978  Biography                                                   
Tom Morley                                                                                                
Dean Hanna
Bill Harris-News
Dick Wilson-Mid-day talk host 

Lynn Younger

Dave Shannon

Tom Hutchinson-News

Bonnie Ezell    

Dave_Edwards_2_WEZY_1977-1.jpg (30640 bytes)

Don Gould at WEZY circa 1972

Dave Edwards in the WEZY Studios 1977    courtesy of Dave Edwards

Other Names In WEZY History

Irving Braun-1957-President/1960-President/General Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Jay Schoof-1957-General Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Kelly Smith-1957-Commercial Manager-WEZY, Inc.
John Shelton-1957-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Ralph Gover-1963-Commercial Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Milt Roth-1963-Commercial Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Mark Manucy-1963-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Terry Stockdale-1964-Promotions Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Ted H. Taylor-1970-President/General Manager-WEZY Inc.
Dick Lee-1970-Sales Manager-WEZY Inc.
Bill Cummins-1970-News Director-WEZY Inc.
Duane Nigh-1970-Chlef Engineer-WEZY Inc.
Chuck Cole-1974-Chief Engineer-WEZY Inc.
Jerry Webb-1986-Sales Manager 

Marji Bedgood-Copywriter

Jimmy Dale Wright-Program Director    In Memory

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