WEZY-AM 1350

Original Call Letters: WEZY

Originally Licensed: Oct. 4, 1957

Original City of License: Cocoa

Original Frequency: 1480

Origin of Call Letters: Format; "Ezy" Listening

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: 803 Forrest Ave.

Original Format: Easy Listening

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Contemporary
United Press International


1957-WEZY, Inc.
1966-Gannett Florida Corp.
1970-WEZY, Inc.
1978-Sound Stage Communications, Inc.
1982-EZY Communications ($1.05 million with co-located WLRQ-FM 99.3)
1983-Root Communications
1995-Paxson Broadcasting
1997-Commodore Media
2000-Clear Channel

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WEZY-1957-Easy Listening   on 1480
WEZY-1960-Easy Listening  "Y-135"   (Moved From 1480)
WEZY-1970-Contemporary MOR   "Fun Radio"
WCWR-1978-Country Western
WEZY-1986-Big Bands (Drake-Chenault "Hit Parade") 
WWHL-1991-Soft Adult Contemporary
WMMV-1997-Adult Standards/News/Talk
WMMV-2003-News/Talk (simulcast of WMMB-AM 1240)
History Of WEZY
"It was Oct. 1, (1957) I think," said Jinny Braun, whose late husband Irv applied for WEZY original license. Jinny, longtime owner of Jinny's Fashionably Yours In Cocoa, gave the station its name. Older rival WKKO was rock and roll "and I wanted a much easier sound." A check of call letters showed "EZY" available "It was the only network affiliated, 24 hour station In the county. 

WEZY Personalities
Richard Olson-1957-Program Director-WEZY, Inc.

Jay Barbree-1958-News Director/Space Reporter/Drove the 1957 BMW Isetta  as one of the "Mobile Mikes" as traffic reporter-WEZY, Inc. In Memory
George Allen-1962-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Al Seeschaaf-1958-Publicity Director/1964-News Director-WEZY, Inc./1962-1967-News Director-Gannett Florida Corp.
Rand Schoolfield-1966-Program Director-Gannett Florida Corp.
Jimmy Dale Wright-1968-Program Director-Gannett Florida Corp./1973-Operations Manager-WEZY, Inc. In Memory
Bill Larson-1968-News Director-Gannett Florida Corp.
Duane Nigh-1969-News Director/1970-Chief Engineer-Gannett Florida Corp./1972-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Gloria Lee-1970-1973-Teamed with husband Dick Lee-Mornings-WEZY, Inc.
Dick Lee-1970-1973-Teamed with wife Gloria Lee-Mornings/Sales Manager-WEZY, Inc.

Bill Cummins-1971-News Director-Gannett Florida Corp./1972-News Director/1973-Operations Manager -WEZY, Inc.

Don Gould
-1972-WEZY, Inc. 
Harry Hart-1973-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Tom Hutchinson-1973-News Director-WEZY, Inc.
Bill Diamantas-1976-Sports Director-WEZY, Inc.

Dave Edwards
-1976-1978--WEZY, Inc./Sound Stage Communications, Inc. 

Michael W. Lowe
Bill Harris-News
Dean Hanna
Dick Wilson-Mid-day talk show host 

Lynn Younger
Dave Shannon
Linda Sherwood
Dale Wright

Dave_Edwards_2_WEZY_1977-1.jpg (30640 bytes) 
 Dave Edwards in the WEZY Studios 1977   

courtesy of Dave Edwards

Don Gould
at WEZY circa 1972

Other Names In WEZY History

Irving Braun-1957-President/1960-President/General Manager-WEZY, Inc./1966-General Manager-Gannett Florida Corp. (Irv used the name Ray Scott when he was on the air)
Jay Schoof-1957-General Manager-WEZY, Inc. (Jay also drove the Isetta with an Atlas missile mounted on top)
Kelly Smith-1957-Commercial Manager-WEZY, Inc.
John Shelton-1957-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Ralph Grover-1962-Commercial Manager/Sales Manager/Promotions Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Milt Roth-1962-Promotions Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Mark Manucy-1962-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Terry Stockdale-1964-Promotions Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Al Neuharth-1966-President-Gannett Florida Corp.
Ben Louden-1966-Chief Engineer-Gannett Florida Corp.
Mike Patterson-1966-Commercial Manager-Gannett Florida Corp.
C. Thomas "Tom" Morley-1966-Commercial Manager/1969-Sales Manager/1971-General Manager /Sales Manager-Gannett Florida Corp.
Ben Loudon-1966-Chief Engineer-Gannett Florida Corp.
Bob Yeager-1968-General Manager-Gannett Florida Corp.
Les Frost-1968-Chief Engineer-Gannett Florida Corp.
Ted H. Taylor-1970-President/General Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Bob Davenport-1972-Specialty Program Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Bob Hart-1973-Special Program Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Duane Hartung-1974-Commercial Manager-WEZY, Inc.
Chuck Cole-1973-Chief Engineer-WEZY, Inc.
Jerry Webb-1986-Sales Manager 

Marji Bedgood-Copywriter

Glenn Przyborski


       WEZY Mobile Mike Auto

In 1998, Jinny Braun Reed told Florida Today newspaper that she and her late husband Irv
built radio station WEZY in Cocoa in 1957. "At the time we had a program called "Mobile Mike," whose purpose was to give drivers going to and from the Cape on-the-road reports on traffic conditions. This was accomplished by a person driving a little Isetta with an Atlas missile mounted on top."

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