WTAI-AM 1560  
Eau Gallie                

Original Call Letters: WTAI

Originally Licensed: Mar 8, 1968

Original City of License: Eau Gallie 

Original Frequency: 1560 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts daytime  

Original Location: North of SR 192, west of I-95 

Original Format: Variety

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Entertainment
ABC Talk Radio
CBS Sports Radio


1968-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
1984-Silicon East Communications Partnership ($846,000 with WAOA-FM 107.1)
1996-Gem Broadcasting ($5.4 Million with WAOA-FM 107.1 and Melbourne tower complex)
2001-Cumulus Media

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WTAI-1968-Variety   "Where The Action Is"
WTAI-1978-Country Western "Great American Country" 
WAOA-2000-Urban Adult Contemporary
WINT-2002-Adult Standards "Music of Your Life" 
WINT-2007-Oldies   "Scott Shannon's True Oldies"
WINT-2008-Sports   "ESPN Radio"
WINT-2011-Licensed/Silent  (Feb 16, 2011)
WINT-2012-Sports   "ESPN Radio"  (Returned to the air Jan 26, 2012)
WLZR-2012-Licensed/ Silent  (May 18, 2012)
WLZR-2013-Sports   "Sportsradio 1560 The Fan"  (Returned to the air Dec 11, 2012)

History Of WTAI
From Sharma Kinsel air name Kim Conners
"...Everyone wore many hats at the station, handling their own sales accounts, writing their own copy, producing their own commercials, doing the news and weather fresh off the UPI/AP teletype machine.  We also ran our on board, as we didn't have an engineer on site most of the time.  We were one of the first AM stations in Florida to play album cuts, although the FM stations were doing so. We helped to introduce rock and roll, the blues, jazz, and alternative music to Central Florida and had a lot of fun doing it.  I was one of the first female d-jays in the State on AM with my own show running my own board.  Each one us explored our favorite types of music and shared it with our audiences.  We expanded our knowledge by learning from one another and I'm grateful to have been apart of it. I retired from radio when new management came in and changed the format to Country and Western.  I' m still a hippie at heart and love rock and roll, jazz, world music, and enjoy sharing great tunes with friends..."

Bill Watson remembers WTAI;
WTAI would be the first "Progressive Rock" station in the South.
  "...I lived down in Melbourne at the time and they were a combination country/progressive station for a while.  They would play country music until noon and then blast into the Chambers Brothers or Jimi Hendrix at noon..."

WTAI Personalities
Kim Conners (Sharma Kinsel)-1968-1969-Mid-mornings-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.

Lee Arnold-1968-1970-Mid-days-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Jim Kennedy aka J the K-1968-Afternoon drive/Program Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.

Barry O'Brian (Brian Norcross)-1968-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Chris Randall-1970-Program Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Randy Lotane-1970-1974-News Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Bernard Stapleton-1972-Program Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Bill Austin-1974-Opearations Manager/Music Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Debbie Conner-1974-News Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Pam Gera-1975-News Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Dale Wright-1978-Music Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.   In Memory
Roger Baskt-1978-News Director-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Wayne West-1994-News Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership
Steve Mack-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Peter David Kaufman-Weekends-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Rob Selkow

Other Names In WTAI History
Thomas Hanssen-1968-President-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters/1974-President/General Manager/Chief Engineer-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Pierre Bejano-1968-General Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Randy Spector-1968-Commercial Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Dean Wilson-1968-General Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Ralph Stoeckel-1968-Commercial Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Ray Birch-1968-Promotions Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Robert Groome-1968-Chief Engineer-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Spencer Danes-1969-General Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters 

Ernie Legge
-1970-Commercial Manager/Chief Engineer-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc. In Memory
Gene Bowen-1970-Promotions Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters, Inc.
Randy Jeffery-1970-General Manager
John Donahey, Jr.-1974-Commercial Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Elaine Stone-1974-1978-Promotions Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Al Richards-1978-Promotions Manager-Cape Canaveral Broadcasters
Jeffrey Kimmel-1994-General Manager-Silicon East Communications Partnership
John Roberts-1994-Operations Manager/Chief Engineer-Silicon East Communications Partnership
Jeffrey Roberts-1994-General Sales Manager-Silicon East Communications Partnership
Dan Deaton-1994-Public Affairs Director-Silicon East Communications Partnership
Joe Farish-1996-President-Gem Broadcasting
George Mills-1996-Vice President/General Manager-Gem Broadcasting
Gary Hess-President and General Manager
John Edwards-News Director
Gary Hess-General Manager

Other Programs In WTAI History
Dr. Joy Browne-Syndicated 
Bob Grant-Syndicated 


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