WJZX-AM 860      

Original Call Letters: WKKO 

Originally Licensed: Jan. 4, 1952 

Original City of License: Cocoa  

Original Frequency: 860 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime

Original Location: Burnett Road, south of State Road 520 

Original Format: Urban

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Sheridan Broadcasting Network


1952-Brevard Broadcasting Company
1959-Marvin Rothschild
1970-Cocoa One Inc.
1975-Emcom Associates
1984-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
1984-Fox Radio Inc.
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co.
1988-Christian Radio Communications, Inc.
1992-Walker Broadcasting
1993-Brevard Broadcasting, Inc. ($90,000)
1993-Walker Info & Ed Institute Inc.
1998-Carl Marcocci
2005-Bible Broadcasting Network ($250,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKKO-1952-Block Programming
WJZX-1984-Urban Contemporary  "Fox 86"
WJZX-1984-Adult Contemporary 
WCKS-1986-Top 40  ''Brevard's No.1 Hit Music Station'' 
WCKS-1986-'50s and '60s
WCKS-1987-Top 40
WWKO-1989-Urban Contemporary "KO 860 Knockin' Out The Hits" 
WRFB-1993-News/Talk   "Radio For Brevard"   
WRFB-2004-License Cancelled

History of WJZX
WJZX began as WKKO
From Brian Douglas; "...This station was WCKS (using CK-101's former call letters) playing Top 40 in 1987.  By 1993, WWKO was an R&B station. Alan Dickson was the GM through this time.  The Owner Contact was Keith Walker..." "...It became a Nostalgia station soon after, before going dark in a buyout (to enable WGUL, Dunedin [also on 860] to improve its coverage)."

St. Petersburg Independent  Apr 24, 1984

WJZX Personalities

Reggie Henry-1984-Program Director-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
Robert Orlando-1984-News Director-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.

Maurice Jackson-1984-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.  In Memory
Thomas McArdele II-1984-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.

Scott Stover-1985  Biography

Jack Moore-1988-8:30 a.m. Saturdays and 2:30 p.m. Sundays

David Jones-"Dr. Dave's Blues Show"-David was a sociology/anthropology professor at the University of Central Florida

Other Names In WJZX History
Alan Dickson-1984-President-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
Michael Fry-1984-Vice President-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
H. W. "Bill" Maschmeier-1984-President/General Manager-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
Tom Collins-1984-Operations Manager/Chief Engineer-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
Dan Deaton-1984-ProgramDirector/Music Director-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
Jane Maschmeier-1984-Promotions Manager-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.

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