WCKS-AM 860  

Original Call Letters: WKKO

Originally Licensed: Jan. 4, 1951 

Original City of License: Cocoa  

Original Frequency: 860

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 wastes daytime/121 watts nighttime

Original Location: Burnett Road, south of State Road 520

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System


1952-Brevard Broadcasting Company
1959-Marvin Rothschild
1970-Cocoa One Inc.
1975-Emcom Associates
1984-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
1984-Fox Radio Inc.
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co.
1988-Christian Radio Communications, Inc.
1992-Walker Broadcasting
1993-Brevard Broadcasting, Inc. ($90,000)
1993-Walker Info & Ed Institute Inc.
1998-Carl Marcocci
2005-Bible Broadcasting Network ($250,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKKO-1951-Block Programming
WJZX-1984-Urban  "Fox 86"
WJZX-1985-Adult Contemporary 
WCKS-1986-Top 40  ''Brevard's No. 1 Hit Music Station'' 
WCKS-1986-'50s and '60s
WCKS-1987-Top 40
WWKO-1989-Urban Contemporary "KO 860 Knockin' Out The Hits" 
WRFB-1993-News/Talk   "Radio For Brevard"   
WRFB-2000-Silent (4-4-2000)
WRFB-2004-License Cancelled  (2-1-2004)

WCKS-AM History
When Capitol Broadcasting Co. of Raleigh, N.C., took control in 1985, of Cape Canaveral's WJZX-AM 860 it became WCKS-AM 860 and adopted the slogan ''Brevard's No. 1 Hit Music Station.''  WCKS-AM began life as WKKO-AM here is the history of WKKO from Mr. Davis E. Wilson.  "Since I was the original chief engineer and co owner of WKKO-AM 860, I thought I might bring you up to date a bit on the beginning of the station. Carl Collins and I were at WDLP-AM in Panama City in 1951 when we decided to build a station in Cocoa. The station was actually located about three miles west of downtown Cocoa and about 2 miles south of SR 520. Carl and I  found that Emerson Browne (then at WTRR-AM 1400 in Sanford) had also applied to the FCC for a station in Cocoa, so rather than fight, we joined in a partnership as Brevard Broadcasting Company. We finally received our construction permit in the summer  of 1952. We had hoped to be on the air by Christmas, but didn't get our final OK from the FCC until after Christmas. Our first day on the air was Sunday, January 4, 1953. (I still think of that as the most hectic day of my life), Carl (Collins) and I later bought Emerson's interest in the station and became the owners in 1954. Carl was General Manager and I was Chief Engineer. We were Cocoa's first radio station and Brevard County's second, after WMMB-AM 1240. We were a very small-time operation at first, with only five of us as full time personnel. We were daytime only, which was the way we wanted it. We started out at 250 watts, with an old 1935 Gates transmitter that had been used in Toccoa, Georgia. Around 1954 (we) decided to go to 1,000 watts. I designed the new transmitter (a modified version of the Collins kilowatt of the day), obtained FCC approval,  and built it to fit into the existing 250 watt transmitter rack. One night we removed the 250 watt chassis and replaced it with the 1000 watt chassis. For about ten years or so the station must have been one of the few in this country with a "home made" transmitter.

In August of 1987,
WCKS was shut down when the operator, Emcom Associates Ltd., who was operating the station under a local management agreement, for non payment. 

From Brian Douglas; "...This station was WCKS (using CK-101's former call letters) playing Top 40 in 1987.  By 1993, WWKO was an R&B station.  Alan Dickson was the GM through this time.  The Owner Contact was Keith Walker..." "...It became a Nostalgia station soon after, before going dark in a buyout (to enable WGUL, Dunedin [also on 860] to improve its coverage)."

WCKS Personalities

Michael W. Lowe   Biography

Rob Stevens

Mark Lander-1985-Afternoons-Capitol Broadcasting Co.

Mel Burns-1985-(Perry Moore) -Afternoons (Former Morning Man For WDBO-AM 580)-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Biography   In Memory

Terry Dollar-1986-Program/Music Director-Capitol Broadcasting Co.   In Memory

Mark O'Neil

Other Names in WCKS History

H. W. "Bill" Maschmeier-1975-General Manager-Emcom Associates     In Memory

Alan Dickson-1986-Owner/General Manager-Fox Radio Inc.

Les Roberson-General Manager

Jay Waggoner-Engineer 
In Memory

Carl Collins   In Memory

Laura Caradonna-Seitner-Secretary

Other Programming In WCKS History

"The Kid Connection"-8AM-10AM-Saturdays-a kids' music and commentary program hosted  by Owner/General Manager Alan Dickson's 9 and 11 year old daughters

Jim Grossman-"Amazing Praise"-6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Sundays-Contemporary Christian music

The Dick Clark National Music Survey- 4PM-7PM Sundays

Jack Benny Radio Show-1987-weeknights-7PM

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