WGNE-FM 98.3

Original Call Letters: WRMF

Originally Licensed: Sep 1968

Original City of License: Titusville

Original Frequency: 98.1

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 50,000 watts

Original Location: 340 S. Beach St, Daytona Beach

Original Format: Contemporary Country 

Network Affiliation(s):


-WRMF, Inc.
1990-Sage Broadcasting
1991-SBC Technologies Inc.
1992-Southern Starr Limited Partnership  ($3.5 million) 
1993-Robert F.X. Sillerman
1996-SFX Broadcasting, Inc.
1997-Southern Star Limited Partnership
1998-Capstar Broadcasting Company
1998-Clear Channel
2000-Mega Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1968-Soft Adult Contemporary
WRMF-1979-Beautiful Music
WAJX-1979-Adult Contemporary
WSCF-1986-Adult Pop
WGNE-1989-Country  "Great 98" (moved to 98.3)
WNUE-2000-Spanish Top 40  "La Nueva Mega"

WGNE History
1989-WGNE was previously known as adult-pop WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville. The station shifted its frequency, relocated its studios and signed on with a boosted 50,000-watt signal and a contemporary country sound.


WGNE studios 1993  Courtesy of Dave Edwards

WGNE Personalities

Jim ''Kingbird'' King-1989-Afternoons/1991-Co-host of "The Yawn Patrol"/Program Director-WRMF, Inc.

Jim Burns-1989-News Director/Public Service Director-WRMF, Inc.

Ron Jones-1989-Music Director-WRMF, Inc.

Jennifer Jones-1991-News Director-SBC Technologies Inc./1994-Midnight-6AM/Co-host of "The Yawn Patrol"-Robert F.X. Sillerman

Dave Johnson-1993-News Director/Morning Show Producer-Robert F.X. Sillerman

"Super" Dave Terry-1994-Co-host of "The Yawn Patrol"-Robert F.X. Sillerman

Jim "Big Jim" Andrews-1996-Co-host of "The Yawn Patrol". Jim Andrews, joined the show July 31. Kingbird, however, promptly took a vacation. Andrews, 38, replaces ''Super'' Dave Terry, who was King's co-host for two years and left in June to pursue other interests in Alabama-SFX Broadcasting, Inc.

John Rivers (John Owens)-1996-Program Director-SFX Broadcasting, Inc.

John Kehoe-2000-Program Director-Mega Communications
Jim Andrews-2000-Music Director-Mega Communications

Bruce Cherry-Program Director

Robert Michael Green-Mornings                                                                 

John Anthony (John M. Kehoe)-Program Director

John Barrett

Kevin Baldinger-Traffic

Other Names In WGNE History

Sid Frazer-1989-Vice President/General Manager-WRMF, Inc.

Dave Frazer-1989-Sales Manager-WRMF, Inc.

Bruce Fox-1990-Partner/General Manager/Station Manager-Sage Broadcasting

Bob Lima-1992-Station Manager-Southern Starr Limited Partnership    In Memory

Signe Huff-2000-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel
Mark Skinner-2000-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel

Mark Wehner-Sales

George "Harold" Utter
In Memory    

Ryan Julison-Promotions Director


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