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(Editor's note: Dave was very instrumental in the formation of his website. He supplied many photos and much information you'll find on these pages. I'd like to say THANK YOU to Dave for all of his help.)

Dave was kind enough to send us information on his time in Orlando. 
I came to Orlando and "BJ-105"  (WBJW-FM 105.1) in September of 1975 after being laid off for the yet the second time at WIVY, Jacksonville.  I replaced Chris Glendon in the afternoon drive time slot at "BJ-105".  Chris had also worked at WAPE, Jacksonville and was very talented both on the air and in production.  In the fall of 1975 the line up at "BJ-105" was Mitchell Stone mornings, followed by Tom West, program director, from 10 to noon, Terry Long, music director, from noon to 3pm and yours truly, Dave Edwards from 3 to 7pm. The 7 to midnight slot was hosted by Mike Creiger...and Fast Freddy, formally of WKKO-AM 860, Cocoa did the overnights.  About two months after I arrived, Mike Creiger was replaced by Bill Barber of WLOF-AM 950 fame.  Bill Barber eventually would do mornings and become the program director at "BJ".  WBJW-AM 1440 was WNBE-AM 1440, all news, and located in the same building at  222 Hazard Street near the city owned golf course.  It's not clear in my memory if he was the news director or whether it was Jay Frank, but one of the most gifted and kind men I have ever met, 
Bill Thompson
, who spent many years at WFUN in Miami was at WNBE when I arrived at "BJ-105".  Bill's career would take him to WDBO-AM 580 where he did news for at least 10 years. He actually suffered a heart attack there and literally (although this may not be fact) died on the job at the station. I think it was Jay Frank who replaced Bill when he left WNBE.  My timing was just right with my arrival at "BJ", the Arbitron report for October/November 1975 showed "BJ-105" number one in women 18-34 and 18-49 and number one total persons 12-34 and 12-49.  We also were number one in persons 12+ Monday through Friday 3 to 7pm. Tom West, the program director, had an impressive resume having been on the air at KOMA and WQAM in Miami for Storz Broadcasting and then WFUN in Miami for Rounsaville. Tom's constant companion was the latest edition of Radio & Records magazine from which came many promotional ideas.  He was always thinking up or finding contests and promotions that didn't cost anything like the "BJ-105" largest sign contest.  With signs of every size and description made from every material imaginable it got the station free advertising.  Homemade signs on major highways and intersections, signs dangling from over passes on I-4, it was just unbelievable. Tom would  eventually become national program director for Rounsaville Radio and Bill Barber, who by then was doing mornings, became the program director for the station. Some memorable events while at "BJ-105".  I was one the air August 14, 1977 when Elvis Presley died. Tom West was on the phone with a record promotion person based out of Memphis when the news broke on Memphis radio.  We went right on the air with it.  By the time the wire service, networks and local stations got the story we were already playing Elvis records and producing a tribute.  Tom West would die ten years later, almost to the date on August 18, 1987, tragically, like Elvis,  way before his time. In the summer of 1981 I was transferred to sister station WLOF-AM 950. There had been a bit of a political upheaval at "BJ-105" with the departure of then program director and morning man Bill Gardner.  Bill had been hired to boost the sagging ratings which he did. He then demanded a pay increase for the air staff.  I think they fired him.  And I also think he had planned it that way since he had probably already accepted a position in a major market. I forgot where he went, Bill Barber would know.  Bill Barber and a couple of other staff members quit when Bill Gardner was fired.. I was sent on my way over to WLOF-AM 950 to do  the midday shift and was production director.  Here is the tale of his time at "Y106" (WHLY-FM 106.7). "...In October 1983 "Y-106" changed ownership and the most of the staff was let go. I joined the production crew of WESH-TV 2 for a short while since I had been doing voice over work for them since 1976. (In) August 1984  I was hired to do evenings at  "96-County"  WHOO-FM 96.5.  "...This is where things get interesting and it's difficult to remember  which station, or format, or shift I was doing on any given day.  There were so many changes in format and call letters on both the AM and FM.  When TK Communications of Ft. Lauderdale took over both stations, all employees were asked to sign a very restrictive non compete contract at a substantial cut in wages, both in air talent and sales.  Since I was already under contract with Bluegrass,  the new company saw fit  to honor my current contract after a note from my attorney. I stayed (until) my contract expired on April 1st..."  "On April 7, 1988 I started at WSSP-FM 104.1 doing afternoon  drive, the format was a mix of light jazz and instrumentals and some vocals, elevator music if  you will.  Very good ratings but older demos.  Sales wanted younger demos so some tweaking of  the format took place. They tweaked us right off the dial.  At 3:52PM, May 3, 1991 WSSP became "U-104", WZTU-FM 104.1 I was sent on may way along with most of the staff (on) May 10th.  That was my last full time radio job.
I started at WWKA-FM 92.3 "K-92FM", part time starting on 3/14/92 and at WGTO-AM 540 part time on 3/29/92 and then added WOTS-AM 1220, "the vacation station" to the mix in September of 1994.  (I) worked at all three stations, at the same time, all part time.  My last day on the radio was April 27, 1996 at "K-92 FM".  Do I miss it, friends ask....well, not really...it's nice having weekends and holidays free.  I do miss radio people and the way it was during the early years.  But I have the memories."
Visit Dave's website at Dave Edwards Radio Control Room Tours.

Lunch Comes 37 Years Later For These 3 Amigos    9-16-10
Dave Edwards (C), sent along this photo and told us; "I finally got the chance to have lunch with the guys responsible for me getting into radio in the early 70s. 37 years later we had lunch together in Titusville this past Wednesday (Sep 15, 2010) - Dave Edwards (L),  Dave Edwards (C) and Gabriel Burton (R). It was great seeing these guys again!

DaveDaveGabe9.15.10.jpg (114055 bytes)
photo courtesy of Dave Edwards (center)
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