WGMW-FM 99.5
La Crosse

Original Call Letters: WBEQ (Construction Permit)

Originally Licensed: Jul 17, 1998

Original City of License: Silver Springs Shores
Origin of Call Letters:
Original Frequency: 99.5
Original Power: 2,200 Watts
Original Location:
Original Format: Adult Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s): Westwood One


1995-Wilks Florida Broadcasting, Inc.
1998-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
2013-JVC Broadcasting (LMA)
2014-RDA Broadcasting Holdings, LLC  ($350,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WBEQ-1998-Construction Permit
WWFX-1998-Construction Permit
WQVR-1999-Classic Rock   “Real Rock 99.5”
WRKG-1999-Classic Rock   “Real Rock 99.5”
WBXY-1999-Adult Contemporary   “Star 99.5”
WBXY-2001-Oldies  “Star 99.5”
WBXY-2004-News/Talk  “Star 99.5”
WBXY-2013-Rhythmic/Dance Hits
WGMW-2014-Adult Standards (America's Best Music format)   "Gold FM 99.7"

Gainesville/Ocala Stations Sales Finalized      1-20-14
JVC Media, which took over WTRS-FM 102.3WYGC-FM 104.9, WMFQ-FM 92.9 and WXJZ-FM 100.9 from Asterisk Communications, Inc. through an LMA back in May, has finalized the deal. The total is  $3.5 million.  The other property in the cluster, WBXY-FM 99.5 has been sold by JVC to RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC for $350,000. WBXY will become WGMW after that sale is final and RDA takes over and they will simulcast WGMA-FM 99.7.

Names In WGMW History
Ricardo D. Arroyo-2014-President-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC
Manny Arroyo-2014-National Sales Manager-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

O.K. Walters-2014-General Manager/Local Sales Manager-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Jeff Rollins-2014-M-F-6AM-Noon-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Carl Hampton-2014-M-F-Noon-6PM-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Ed Brand-2014-M-F-6PM-Midnight-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Bill Jones-2014-Sat/Sun-6AM-Noon-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Joe Daniels-2014-Sat/Sun-Noon-6PM-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Don Reid-2014-Sat/Sun-Midnight-6AM-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

CeCe Taylor-2015-6AM-Noon-Mon-Sat-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Allan Brady-2015-Noon-6PM-Mon-Sat
-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC

Dave Tyler-2016-
Noon-6PM-Mon-Sat-RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC


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