WNFY-FM  99.9

Original Call Letters: WIYD

Originally Licensed: Dec 13, 1973

Original City of License: Palatka

Original Frequency: 99.9

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):


Hall Communications Company
1982-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels
1986-Norman S. Drubner 
1986-Heritage Broadcast Group ($8.5 million)
1993-Ronette Communications Corp.
1994-Daytona Beach Broadcasting 
1996-Randa broadcasting ($6.5 million with WWRR-FM, Brunswick, GA)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WIYD-1973-Beautiful Music
WNFY-1982-Top 40
WNFI-1983-Top 40  "I-100"   "The New 99.9"  "Kiss 99.9" 
WFKS-1994-Soft Rock
WFKS-1994-Top 40
WGNE-2000-Country "99 Frog"  (moved from 98.1)
WGNE-2005-Country "Froggy 99.9" (moved to Jacksonville)

WNFY History
From Brian Douglas: 
"...In 1982, a group led by Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels bought the station with the idea of competing with Top 40
WDOQ-FM 101.1 "Q-102" in Daytona.  I think the debut was probably August, 1982. The calls were WNFY "Y-100".  Miami's "Y-100" sued, as they had a service mark.  In the settlement, WNFY became WNFI "I-100"Jerry Clifton consulted.  The format was Churban (Definition: A hybrid radio format which mixes CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) with Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, etc.)  Original PD/Mornings was Bill Bailey (WLS/WKLO)." "Staff included Bob Mitchell and Bryan Logan.  After three months, Mark Shands became PD, then Bob Stevens.  In May, 1983, Brian Douglas became PD (for a little less than a year).  The format transitioned to Top 40. Randy Van Halen was PD next. A girl named Tracy (Young) (good jock, formerly at BJ-105) did mid-days through 1983-1985. There was a morning guy named Dr. Johnny Fever (believe it or not).  A really good PD followed RVH, but I don't remember his name. Later jocks included PD Rich Stevens (during the AC years)."
Norman S. Drubner acquired the station (6/20/86).  Heritage Broadcasting acquired (it) in 5/88. "...the WGNE thing was nothing but a good business decision... to grab the calls and hire some of the talent when WGNE flipped to Spanish (in other words, this was not an ownership change)."

WNFY Personalities

Bill Bailey-1973-Program Director/Mornings-Hall Communications Company

Mark Shands-1982-Program Director/Mornings-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Bob Stevens -1982-Program Director/Mornings-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Brian Douglas-1983-Program Director-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels 

Randy Van Halen -1983-Program Director-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels 

Tracy Young-1983-1985-Mid-days-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels  Biography

Rich Stevens-1983
-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

''Bulldog'' Hesters (Terry Wayne)-Air Personality/Chief Engineer. Killed in a car accident in 1983 at the age of 25.

Bob Mitchell 

Bryan Logan

Mark Shands-Program Director

Bob Stevens

Brian Douglas-1983-Program Director

Randy Van Halen  

Dr. Johnny Fever 

Other Names In WNFY History

Carl Como Tutera-1982-Co-owner
Ron Samuels-1982-Co-owner
Jerry Clifton-1982-Consultant-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Norman S. Drubner-1986-Owner

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