WNFI-FM 99.9

Original Call Letters: WIYD

Originally Licensed: Dec 13, 1973

Original City of License: Daytona Beach

Original Frequency: 99.9

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Beautiful Music


Hall Communications Company
1982-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels
1986-Norman S. Drubner 
1986-Heritage Broadcast Group ($8.5 million)
1993-Ronette Communications Corp.
1994-Daytona Beach Broadcasting 
1996-Renda Broadcasting ($6.5 million with WWRR-FM, Brunswick, GA)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WIYD-1973-Beautiful Music
WNFY-1982-Top 40  "Y100"
WNFI-1983-Churban  "I-100"   "The New 99.9"  "Kiss 99.9" 
WNFI-1983-Top 40  "I-100"   "The New 99.9"  "Kiss FM"
WFKS-1994-Soft Rock  "Kiss 99.9"
WFKS-1994-Top 40   "Kiss FM"
WGNE-2000-Country "99 Frog"  (moved from 98.1)
WGNE-2005-Country "Froggy 99.9" (moved to Jacksonville)

WNFI Personalities

Dave Green-1980-1984-Mornings/Production Director-Hall Communications Company/Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Gary Mandino-1981-1983-Middays-Hall Communications Company/Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Dave Wahl
-1981-1984-News Director/Morning News Anchor-Hall Communications Company/Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels   Biography

"Brother" Bob Stevens-1981-Hall Communications Company

David Schulz
-1981-1983-Evenings-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels/1988-1991-Host of "Countdown Saturday Night" and "The Top 40 In Daytona" -Heritage Broadcasting

Carmine Tutera-1982
-Nights-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Brian Douglas-1983-1984-Program Director-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels  

Mark 'In the Dark' Shands-1983-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels  
Smash Shannon (Bob Brown)-1983-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels  

Randy Van Halen-1985-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Beau Richards-1985-1987
-Program Director/Afternoon Drive-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels

Tony Mann-1986-1987-Middays/ Program and Music Director-Norman S. Drubner   

Rick Jewell-1986-87-Norman S. Drubner 

Jeff Clark-1988-1990-Program Director/Afternoon Drive-Heritage Broadcasting

Marc Ross-Mornings with Rick Jewell-1986-1987/
with Lu Valentino-1989-92/1989-1993-with Mindy-"The Marc and Mindy Show"-Heritage Broadcasting

Marc_&_Mindy.jpg (17478 bytes)

Mindy-1989-1993-Morning Drive-"The Marc and Mindy Show"-Heritage Broadcasting
Photo courtesy of Marc Ross

Lu Valentino-1989-1992-
Heritage Broadcasting           

John Barrett-1989-1997-Heritage Broadcasting/Osborn Communications Corp./Ronette Communications Corp. /Daytona Beach Broadcasting/Renda Broadcasting 

Big John-1991-1992-Host of "Big Talk With Big John"-Heritage Broadcasting             

T.J. Wright-1992-6PM-11PM-Heritage Broadcasting  
Jack Stevens-1992-Overnights-Heritage Broadcasting   

Scott Harris-1992-Morning news anchor  Biography   In Memory

"Crash on the Radio" (Russell Smith)-1992-1994-Music Director-Ronette Communications Corp./Daytona Beach Broadcasting 

Bob Stevens 

Bobby Mitchell 

Tracey Young   Biography

J.J. Duling
-Program Director

Dave Kelly    Biography

Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory
Ed LaComb

Cadillac Jack

"The Bulldog" (Terry Hesters)-Air Talent/Chief Engineer Terry was killed in a car accident in 1983 at the age of 25.

John Scott (John Bross)   In Memory

Bob Mitchell 

Mike Schiano
Kelley Wright 

Other Names In WNFI History

Kyle Magrill-1985-Chief Engineer-Carl Como Tutera and Ron Samuels Ownership

Bob Lee (Bob Lima)-1992-2000-General Manager-Heritage Broadcasting/Ronette Communications Corp./Daytona Beach Broadcasting/Renda Broadcasting

Tom Panucci-General Manager

Steve Humphries


A bumper sticker from "I-100" with a chance to win a 1984 Dodge Daytona

Format change to Kiss FM 99.9
courtesy of Tim Steward      

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