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Mike is from the small Georgia town of Quitman, about 15 miles outside of Valdosta. As a high school football player and champion debater, and hanging out at the local radio station, he began broadcasting local football games after being sidelined with an injury. He bolstered that salary of $10 a game by doing an afternoon music show for an additional $20 a week. His other duties included sweeping up the studio and feeding the owner's horses.  His radio job initially was a way to pay for college. Harvey, who learned to fly by age 14, after hanging around at a local airstrip, wanted to study astrophysics and become an astronaut. In the year 1964, at the age of 18, Mike was about to make his Orlando radio debut at WLOF-AM 950. But, WROD-AM 1340 in Daytona Beach also made Mike an offer and broadcasting from Daytona seemed more appealing.  At WROD he was Mike Addams, the only time in his career he didn't use his real name.It was at while at WROD that he helped break The Nightcrawlers, which featured his friend and former roommate Chuck Conlon. Mike would take over as Program Director at WAKA-AM 1390 in Gainesville in 1971and then in 1973 he became the General Manager. Mike had a meteoric rise in the radio business. At the age of 21 he was promoted to Program Director at  WFUN under the air name of Mike E. Harvey, in Miami, and by the time he was 24 it was off to New York City. Mike's accomplishments include programming stations in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. He has won Billboard Magazine Program Director of the Year award 3 times and his stations have twice won the Billboard Magazine Radio Station of the Year award. Mike was a pioneer of  the "disco" dance format. He put the first CHR/Urban format on the air and originated the "morning magazine" format now heard on many stations. Mike moved into management and eventually ran several large radio/TV group operations. While he was President and General Manager of 3WS in Pittsburgh (a station he designed and put on the air) he met Bill Moyes of The Research Group who had just laid the groundwork for what would become the Transtar Radio Networks. In 1982, he launched the Trans-Star Radio Networks, a company that pioneered satellite distribution of radio programming. Mike became Vice President of Transtar and developed and programmed the Networks' 41 channels. In 1987, United Stations entered into an advertising sales and marketing alliance with Transtar Radio Networks.  This alliance worked so well that in 1989 the two companies merged. The new entity became known as Unistar Communications.
Mike was heard weekday mornings on WEBG-FM 100.3 and Saturday nights coast to coast as host of "SuperGold".
Mike now has two syndicated programs. The nightly Mike Harvey Show and SuperGold.

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