WROD-AM 1340  
Daytona Beach

Original Call Letters: WROD 

Originally Licensed: Nov 1947  

Original City of License: Daytona Beach  

Original Frequency: 1340

Origin of Call Letters:  Slogan: "Radio Over Daytona"

Original Power: 250 watts

Original Location: Studio/Transmitter: 103 Wilder Boulevard

Original Format: MOR   

Translator: W284AV-FM 104.7 FM (120 watts)

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press
United Press International
Mutual Broadcasting System
ABC Information
Westwood One
Jones Radio Network
Dial Global


1947-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
1957-Radio of Daytona Corp.
1959-Daytona Beach Broadcasting, Corp.
1967-WROD (Division of Elyria-Lorain Corp)
1967-First Daytona Investment Corporation
1984-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
1988-LaPaz Broadcasting  ($1.2 million)
1999-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting  ($1.1 million)
2008-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC  ($775,000)
2015-Miracle Media Group (LMA)
2015-Miracle Media Group  ($300,000)
2024-Duvall Media Group  ($350,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WROD-1947-MOR   "The Station That Refreshes Without Pause"
WROD-1963-Top 40   "Hot Rod Radio"   
WROD-1967-Beautiful Music
WROD-1979-Top 40 
WROD-1981-Beautiful Music
WROD-1982-Top 40 
WROD-1984-Nostalgia/Big Bands/Oldies 
WROD-1999-Big Bands  "Music of Your Life"
WROD-2003-Adult Standards "America's Best Music" 
WROD-2010-Oldies-50's, 60's, early 70's
WROD-2015-Classic Rock

History of WROD 
WROD, Daytona Beach's third AM radio station, went on the air for the first time at 7:45PM on Nov. 7, 1947 joining WNDB-AM 1150 and WMFJ-AM 1450. On Jan. 1, 1952, President/General Manager, Edgar Sperry, announced that WROD would begin to carry programming from the NBC Radio Network. The NBC schedule will include: The Bob Hope Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, Martin and Lewis, The Telephone Hour, Hollywood Theater and The Firestone Hour.

From Brian Douglas "...In my early youth it was an MOR (Middle of the Road) station... full service.  I remember billboards around 1962 with the slogan "Hot Rod Radio... WROD 1340". I'm thinking WROD flipped to Top 40 in early 1963.  I remember "Denise" and "Rip Van Winkle" playing there.  Timing's everything and WROD went from a second-tier station to #1 after the British Invasion hit.  WMFJ was much slower to react to this music... they added it later and their chart was usually a month behind 'ROD's.  They focused on teens and 18-24 year olds. WROD was called "Rabbit Radio" at first.  Remember the jingles "the station with the happy difference"?  WROD's said "the station with the happy rabbits".  They used a sound effect that said "Sha-bop sha-bop" just the way WLOF used the tones for "WLOF Much More Music Time".  Of course, the inspiration for the sha-bops was the song, "I Only Have Eyes For You", from the Flamingos (which, as I understand, apparently did not say sha-bop, but instead said "so much in love" reaaalllll quickly").  My understanding is that the station was sold in 1967.  Although it was solidly #1, the lady who bought it wanted to flip it... and did.  It went to Beautiful Music in the summer of 67.  Later, in the early/mid 70's, the station reverted to a faux-Top 40 format... sort of Hot AC or "Chicken Rock".  It was much more adult.  I think Doug Montgomery was in charge.  It stayed with that format until the very successful late 70s flip to Big Band/Nostalgia (Music of Your Life)..."

Marc Tyll adds to the history of WROD.
Between 1982 and 1984, WROD was owned by First Daytona Investment Corporation (known as FDIC to parody the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation). The principle owner was Frank D. Ward and his wife Linda Jackson-Ward. It was under Ward's direction that WROD changed format from Adult Contemporary to Al Ham's "The Music of Your Life". 
At that time MOYL programming was broadcast using reel-to-reel tapes from the WROD studio, later switching to satellite operations. Additionally WROD broadcast Paul Harvey News and Comments and the Rest of the Story along with the Wall Street Journal Report. WROD was also an RKO affiliate in addition to being an ABC/Information affiliate.

In 2001 and 2002, the station was selected as a finalist for the radio industry's prestigious Marconi Award for Adult Standards Station of the Year. In 2005 the station moved from the original studios to Sunshine Park, a mall in South Daytona. 

This update from Dave Schulz; "the studio moved from the Sunshine Mall to Downtown Daytona Beach at 100 Marina Point Dr., near the Halifax Marina and Yacht Club in April of 2010.
WROD Crosley - Rich Campbell.jpg (365828 bytes)
click photo for full sized view
Thanks to Rich Campbell for this photo of the 
1948 Crossley Station Wagon used as the WROD Mobile Unit

WROD Returns To Air    9-2-12
After a few weeks off the air due to transmitter problems, WROD-AM 1340/FM 104.7 has returned to the air. Unfortunately, the Internet stream is still down due to changing Internet providers. On Mon, Labor Day, Cadillac Jack will be on the air from 10AM-2PM with an All Request Labor Day Special. 

WROD Flips To Classic Rock 
It’s Official! As of 12:00 A.M. Jan 1, 2015, WROD-AM 1340/104.7FM flipped from Oldies to Classic Rock. Frank Scott joins Tracy Dillon in the morning, Gary Meade “The Mad Swede” and Just Plain John (John Barrett), rounding out the on-air line-up. WROD will be known as “The Rock Of Daytona.”

More On The Rock Of Daytona       1-3-15       
Volusia Broadcasting Company has entered into an LMA with the Miracle Media Group, WROD-AM 1340/104.7FM, which is comprised of Patti "RadioPrincess" Miracle and Frank Scott. They have yet to announce the afternoon drive personality. 

Three Local Stations Request STAs        4-13-17
WROD-AM 1340 requested a STA to operate from an alternate site location. Owner
Miracle Media Group, proposes to use the currently unused WPUL-AM 1590,  tower site and to operate with a reduced power of 0.25 kilowatt. WROD's old transmitter site has been discontinued and the tower is in the process of being demolished. Therefore, in order to maintain service to the community of North Daytona Beach, the station is requesting STA to operate from an alternate site which is located 4 kilometers from its licensed site. 
To read the entire article go here.

WROD To Change Hands      2-20-23
Miracle Media Group, owners of WROD-AM 1340/104.7 FM have agreed to sell the station to Joseph Alex Duvall’s Duvall Media Group for $350,000. DMG will operate the station under a local marketing agreement on March 1 until the deal is closed.

WROD Personalities

Ken Knight (Adrian Kenneth Knight)-1947-Ms. Marsha W. George tells about her uncle, Ken Knight. "...WROD was his first break into radio in 1947 and later after opening WERD in Atlanta in 1949, he came back to Florida and remained in Jacksonville where in 1962 they named a street Ken Knight Drive after him. He was the first black in the south with his own syndicated show on CBS. He played "The Night Train" to open and close every show. He passed away in 1973.   In Memory

Ken Knight with Miss Sarah Vaughn
photo courtesy of Marsha George

Richard C. Fellows-1947-Program Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Lee Manard-1950-Program Director/Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Ted Wilds-1950-News Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Amy Lewis-1950-Farm News Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Dick Fellows-1950-Sports Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Ruth Mosak-1950-Women's Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
Susan Baldwin-1951-Program Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
S.P. Wilds-1951-Sports Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Joseph Stierli-1956-Sports Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Wiljohn (John Schiffermuller)-1956-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Jack Arnold-1957-Farm Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Genie Hodges-1958-Women's Director-Radio of Daytona, Inc.
Roger Lambert-1959-News Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting, Corp.
Robert Kulz-1959-Farm Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting, Corp.
Bill Powell-1960-News Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.

Mike Addams (Mike Harvey)-1964-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.  Biography
Rob Jacobson-1964-Program Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp./1977-Afternoons-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp./1983-Program Director-First Daytona Investment Corporation
Terry Frazier-1964-Music Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting, Corp./1985-Promotions Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd

Dan Hogan
-1968-Afternoons-"Music with a Touch of Velvet"-WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp. Biography


 (32176 bytes)

Chuck Johnson
-1972-Mid-days/Afternoon Drive News/"Open Phone Forum"- WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.  Biography  
Bob Suess-1975-Program Director-- WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.

K.P. Manning-1975-1976- WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.  Biography  In Memory  
Robert W. Bingo (Kent LaTurno)-1977-1978-Nights-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.

Doug Montgomery-1978-Program Director-WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp./1984-News Director-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd

Bob Edwards-1978-News Director-WROD/First Daytona Investment Corporation /2000-News Director-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd/2003-News Director-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Diane Prior-1979-Overenights-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Brian Mitchell-1980-1981-Overnights-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd/1990-Program Director-LaPaz Broadcasting
Rob Jacobson-1980-Music Director-WROD/Mid-days-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Rob Thomas-1981-First Daytona Investment Corporation  
Mike Daniels-1983-Music Director-First Daytona Investment Corporation
Tom Kolson-1983-News Director-First Daytona Investment Corporation
Ron Risch-1985-Program Director-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
John Campbell-1985-Music Director-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Prince Andrew (Andrew Welch)-1988-1993-Music Director-LaPaz Broadcasting  In Memory

Bill Matthews-1989-2008-"Matthews in The Morning"-Weekdays- 6AM-Noon/Program Director-LaPaz Broadcasting/2002-Mornings /Program Director / Music Director-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
Ron Kocher-2000-2002-Music Director-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Rick Martorano-2006-"Art, Entertainment and Lifestyles"-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
Jim Vandergrifft-2007-New Smyrna Beach Mayor -Community Information-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Cadillac Jack Stevens (John Wilcha)-2008-2011-6AM-10AM-M-F/2012-"
Saturday Request Show" Sat-10AM-2PM-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC 

Kris Earl Philips
-2009-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC  
Biography      In Memory

David Shulz-2009-2012-3PM-6PM-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC

Jan Gage-2010-"Halifax Magazine Radio Show"-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC

Kevin Geddings-2011-2012-General Manager/Mornings-7AM-9AM-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC 

Lisa Blythe-2012-2013-Morning Host
-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC  



Tracy Dillon-2013-Mornings-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC/
Miracle Media Group         

Frank Scott-2015-Program Director/Mornings with Tracy Dillon-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC/Partner-Miracle Media Group  

Gary Meade "The Mad Swede"-2015-10AM-2PM-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC/
Miracle Media Group        

Just Plain John (John Barrett)-2015-2016-7PM-Midnight-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC/Miracle Media Group  Biography 

"Wilson" (John Fister Wilson)-2023-3PM-7PM
-Duvall Media Group

Gary Clarkson                                      
Richard Cox

Lynn Younger 
Lee Phil
Sid T. Surf
Bob Voss-"Happy Rabbits" era, also hosted dances at the "Ocean Pier Casino". Thanks to Don Williamson for this info.

Tracey Young  Biography
Ben Taylor
Ron Fraiser-Music Director

Sophie Kay-(Sophie Kay Petros)-"Cooking with Sophie Kay"-Mon-Fri-10:15AM

Bill Wathen-Noon-6PM   In Memory
Sylvia Bailey-"Let's Talk About Pets''
Bob Belz-Mornings/Program Director-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Bob Soos-Afternoons-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Jo Christie-Evenings-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Rick Jewel-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Michael Jay (Mike Helminski)

"Big" John Rogers
Gerald Bell   In Memory
Alex Drier
Gene "Jim" Mitchell    In Memory

                                                          WROD staff at Disney World "Radio Fun Days" on March 2, 1975

 L to R: Bob Belz (Mornings/PD), Bob Edwards (News director), , Mickey, Bob Soos (Afternoons), Rob Jacobson (Mid-days) and Jo Christie (Evenings).

WROD at Disney.jpg (83498 bytes)
      click photo for full sized view

Other Names in WROD History

Edgar J. Sperry-1947-President/Station Manager/Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager-Daytona Beach  Broadcasting Co. 

Josephine Sperry-1947-50 percent stockholder with husband Edgar-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
O.S. Ward-1947-50 percent stockholder-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
Lyman Menard-1947-Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp. 
J. P. Frady-1947-Office Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
S. P. Wilds-1947-Sports Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp. 
R. Y. Huffman-1947-Commercial Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.

F. A. Scott-1947-Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co. 

Earle Young-1947-Program Director/Music Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Lee Menard-1949-Program Director/Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co. 

R.Y. Huffman-1950-Commercial Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co. 
Norman Lemstrom-1953-Commercial Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
Walter Collier-1954-Program Director/Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
Myrna Monaham-1955-Program Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.
Alexander Sims-1956-Commercial Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

Bob Andrews-1956-Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co. Biography  In Memory

John S. Murphy-1957-President/General Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co.

James McDonough-1957-Vice President/Program Director/Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Co./1958-Vice President/Chief Engineer/News Director-Radio of Daytona, Inc./1959-General Manager/Program Director/Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.

Ray Ovington-1957-Publicity Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp. 
In Memory

Ed New-1957-Sales/Promotions Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.

Robert Miller-1957-Production Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Eugene Hill-1958-President/General Manager-Radio of Daytona, Inc.
Al Sims-1958-Commercial Manager-Radio of Daytona, Inc.
Carl Abel-1958-Promotion Manager-Radio of Daytona, Inc.
Frank Russell-1959-President-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
James Crist-1959-Sales Manager-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Robert Voss-1959-Promotion Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting Corp.
Ken Steale-1960-Sales Manager/Promotions Director-Daytona Beach Broadcasting, Corp.
Lee Ruwitch-1962-WROD, Inc.
Richard Fellows-1962-WROD, Inc./1967-General Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd 
Ernest Currie-1962-General Manager-WROD, Inc.

Michael Buckley-1967-Vice President-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd 

Otto B. Schoepfle-1967-President-First Daytona Investment Corporation

William A. Stipsits
neral Manager-WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp./1981-General Manager-First Daytona Investment Corporation
    In Memory

Paul Nakel-1968-Vice President/Group Operations Manager-WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.

Dale Wright-1968-Operations Director- WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.     In Memory

Mickey Puleo-1978-1980-Commercial Manager- WROD, Division Of Elyria-Lorrain Corp.
Jon Apfeld-1978-Chief Engineer-First Daytona Investment Corporation 
Joe Quinn-1980-Commercial Manager-First Daytona Investment Corporation 

Frank D. Ward-1983-President-First Daytona Investment Corporation 

Linda Jackson-Ward-1983-General Manager-First Daytona Investment Corporation

Dan Garvey-1983-General Sales Manager-First Daytona Investment Corporation
Susan Samler-1983-Promotions Manager-First Daytona Investment Corporation
Barry Gerber-1984-President-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Jerry Kieler-1983-Chief Engineer/1984-General Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Samona Robertson-1984-General Sales Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Rick Pittman-1984-Promotions Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
R.F. Burns-1984-Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Barbara O'Grady-1985-General Sales Manager-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd

Welch (Anthony de Haro Welch)
-1988-1989-President/General Manager/General Sales Manager/Treasurer-LaPaz Broadcasting /1999-2007- General Manager-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting/LaPaz Broadcasting    In Memory
Shirley Welch-1989-Vice President/Treasurer/1990-Promotions Manager/1991-Executive Vice President/Promotions Manager-LaPaz Broadcasting
James Eblin-1989-General Sales Manager-LaPaz Broadcasting
Diane Koeppel-1989-Business Manager-LaPaz Broadcasting
George Quiesenberry-1990-1991-Chief Engineer-LaPaz Broadcasting
Michael Cain-1991-2000-Chief Engineer-LaPaz Broadcasting

Harold W. Gore-1999-CEO/Chairman-
Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting 
In Memory
Cordell Overgaard-1999-President-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
George Winslow-1999-General Manager-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
Dave Kasey-1999-Operations Manager-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
Paul Kempff-1999-General Manager/General Sales Manager/2000-General Sales Manager-Gore Overgaard Broadcasting
Mark Skinner-2000-Chief Engineer-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Joseph Weikel-2002-Marketing/Sales-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Chris Harapas-2004-General Sales Manager-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting
George Winslow-2007-General Manager-Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting

Joseph Hopkins-2008-President/General Manager-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC 

Daniel N. Cohen-2008-Volusia Broadcasting Company LLC 

Jeffrey D. Greenhaut-2008-Volusia Broadcasting Company LLC 

Patti "Radio Princess" Miracle
-2015-Partner-Miracle Media Group

Darla Corrales-2015-Sales Manager-Miracle Media Group

Rhonda Harrison-2015-Marketing Director-
Miracle Media Group  

Jacqueline Hayman-2015-Marketing Consultant-Miracle Media Group  

Eric Landy-2015-Marketing Consultant-Miracle Media Group
Joseph Alex Duvall-2023-President-Duvall Media Group
Kathy Perry-Office Administration-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC   
Phil Tingley-Chief Engineer-Daytona Beach Radio Ltd
Winnie Brown-Traffic Director/Copywriter
John Stearns-Chief Engineer

Jim Mitchell-News Director

David Kaesemeyer-Operations Manager 

Eileen Sheldon-Promotions Manager

Julie Silver

Chet Smith-Program Director

John McCollister

Heather Hall-Sales Manager-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC 
Melanie Kelly-Office Administration-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC 
Stuart "Stu" Calgut
Jack Hayward
Don O'Reilly
Lee Ruwith

Other Programs In WROD History

"Bandshell Live!"-2008-A Friday summer concert series-8PM-9PM from the Daytona Beach Band shell
NBC's "Monitor"

Thanks to Phil Beckman for these Survey photos

Thanks to Ron Gitschier


WROD studios 

WROD studios 2011-1.jpg (71003 bytes) 

WROD studios 2011-2.jpg (63045 bytes)
click photos for full sized view 
The WROD studios have seen better days. These photos from 2011
Photos courtesy of Vintage Daytona Beach

WROD Studios at Marina Point Broadcast studio and Cafe 2015



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