WEBG-FM 100.3

Original Call Letters: WORZ

Originally Licensed: 1951

Original City of  License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 100.3

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts  

Original Location: 

Original Format: Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):


1951-Central Florida Broadcasting Company
1971-Shamrock Development Corp.
1973-KIS, Inc. 
1974-Shamrock Development Corp.
1996-Paxson Broadcasting  ($22,500,000)
1997-Clear Channel Communications
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2008-Clear Channel Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WORZ-1951-Simulcast of WORZ-AM 740
WKIS-1959-Simulcast of WKIS-AM 740
WDIZ-1971-Oldies (Drake/Chenault "Solid Gold") 
WDIZ-1975-Adult Rock   "Rock 100"

WDIZ-1979-Top 40 

WDIZ-1985-Album Oriented Rock ''Orlando's Home of Quality Rock 'n' Roll''
WSHE-1997-Soft Adult Contemporary "She 100.3" 
WSHE-1999-Oldies "Cool 100.3" 
WEBG-2004-Oldies  "Big 100.3 FM" 
WRUM-2005-Spanish "Rumba 100.3"

History Of WEBG

In February of 2004 WSHE "Cool 100" made way for WEBG "Big 100".  Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer even proclaimed Tuesday, February 24, 2004 as "Big 100 Day" in the city of Orlando.

WEBG Personalities

Mike Harvey-Mornings also host of "Super Gold" and the daily Mike Harvey Show-Clear Channel

Dave Kelly-2004-Producer of the Mike Harvey Show-Clear Channel Communications   Biography
Deanne Schulz-2004-News Director-Clear Channel Communications
Deanne came to Central Florida on an internship with Walt Disney World, 10 years ago. Deanne was a Tour Guide at the Disney-MGM Studios. Deanne received her Master's Degree from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Communication. She also worked worked at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

J. J. Duling-2004-Program Director/Afternoons-Clear Channel Communications

Chris Rivers-Mid-days-10AM-Noon and Nights 7PM-11PM-Clear Channel Communications

Bob Berry-3PM-7PM-Clear Channel-Clear Channel Communications

Bill Barber
-Weekends-Clear Channel Communications

Mike Roberts-Clear Channel Communications

Ron Willett-2004-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)-2002-2006-Clear Channel Communications   In Memory

Uncle Johnny-Clear Channel Communications

Other Names In WEBG History

Linda Byrd-1997-General Manager/2005-President-Clear Channel Communications/2008-President/General Manager-Aloha Station Trust/2009-President/General Manager-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc./Division Manager-iHeart Media
Ed Kennedy-2004-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications

Rick Everett-2004-Marketing Manager/Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications

Chris Kampmeier-2004-Operations Director/Programming Vice President Director-Clear Channel Communications
S. Nein-2004-Sales Vice President/Sales Director-Clear Channel Communications
Rich Rectanus-2004-National Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Sprysenski-2004-Engineering Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Melanie Shelton-2004-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications
Suheily Gonzales-2008-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel Communications


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