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Michael Christian, better known as Harry D. Cup, was the son of Hungarian immigrants, Christian, not his birth name, grew up in Elyria, Ohio, a small town outside Cleveland. He began working in radio while he was in high school. He won a football scholarship to Purdue University, but he quit college to help support his family when his father died. Harry was an established talk show host in Cleveland, when his life was threatened for his conservative views. Cup moved to Winter Haven. Through the years, he worked as a talk show host at radio stations across the country, including WCAU-AM in Philadelphia, WDBO-AM 580 and WKIS-AM 740 in Orlando, Winter Haven and Pinellas Park. He even had a hit country song in 1968 called "Green Grows the Valley" under the name of Mike Adams. In 1974, Christian was hosting a talk show in Winter Haven when he met Barbara, a champion swimmer, at Cypress Gardens. "He was walking around with a stupid duck," she said, "and he kept harassing me, telling me the duck could swim faster." They were married three weeks later. The couple eventually opened a horse ranch for handicapped children in Polk City after they saw how much horseback riding helped their daughter, Reed, who is mentally disabled. Christian adopted his wife's daughter after they married. Physicians had offered no hope for Reed when she was born. But with help from her parents, Reed, became a certified riding instructor and has a license to drive. Harry left WDBO for WCAU in Philadelphia in 1981and then would return to Florida in 1982.  Harry would take over as host of evening show replacing Bud Brewer on WKIS.  In 1983 the Florida Radio Network syndicated his program. FRN was owned by WKIS' parent company. Cup was heard from 7-11Pm on; WKIS-AM 740, Orlando, WIPC-AM 1200, Winter Haven, WEZY-AM 1350, Lakeland,  WNDB-AM 1150, Daytona Beach, and WWFL-AM 1340, Clermont. In 1998, Harry had quadruple bypass surgery. Harry's heart would give him more trouble following the surgery and on the afternoon of Jan. 5, 2000, he opened his eyes for the last time and mouthed the words, "I love you," to his wife. Harry was 63 years old.  In Memory

Harry's 1980 recording of "Sick American"   

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