WBJW-FM 105.1  

Original Call Letters: WWQS

Originally Licensed: Aug 15, 1967 

Original City of License: Orlando  

Original Frequency: 105.1 

Origin of Call Letters: Owner Robert Rounsaville's wife Betty Jane 

Power: 100,000 Watts

Original Location: 222 Hazard Street

Original Format: Top 40 

Network Affiliation(s):


1967-American Home Stations, Inc.
1977-Rounsaville Radio
1982-Nationwide Communications
1996-Chancellor Media
1997-Shamrock Broadcasting (Chancellor Media)
1998-Cox Broadcasting 
2000-Infinity Radio (Viacom)
2000-CBS Radio

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WWQS-1970-Religious/Good Music
WBJW-1973-Top 40 "BJ105"
WOMX-1989-Adult Contemporary  "Mix105.1" 
                                                           "Orlando's new mix,105.1-not too hard, not too light"

WOMX-1997-Hot Adult Contemporary "The Best Mix Of The 80's, 90's and Today"

WBJW History

1973-Rounsaville Broadcasting based in Atlanta, signs-on WBJW-AM 1440 and FM from a small studio near the Dubsdread Golf Course in Orlando. The broadcast tower was located off of Turkey Lake Road near (the as yet to be built) Universal Studio's Florida.

1974-WBJW-FM decides to take on Orlando's Top 40 powerhouse WLOF-AM 950 under the guidance of Jerry PetersonTom West and M.F. Kershner. The slogan "BJ105" came from the owner Robert Rounsaville's wife Betty Jane Rounsaville.
1976-"BJ-105" continues to dominate Orlando radio, taking the number one spot in the ratings, and would stay there for many years. 

1980-"BJ-105" buys
WLOF-AM 950 and it's sister station WLOQ-FM 103.1.  WLOF is retained.  WPRD-AM 1440 and WLOQ-FM 103.1 are sold off separately due to government regulations at the time that allow only one AM and one FM station to be owned by the same person, in the same city at one time.

1982-Nationwide Communications purchases "BJ-105" and WLOF-AM 950 from Rounsaville Communications. "BJ-105" relocated it's tower to Christmas, FL. The tower was built by WOFL-TV Channel 35.

From Dave Edwards "...here's a night shot of BJ-105 located at 222 Hazard Street, same location as all (or most I guess) of the stations on 1440...That would be WABR and on through the years..." "... The parking lot was in back of the building.  The new addition to the building is where the "FM Stereo" sign in the picture is located and was completed around 1977?..." "...There was a window to the front of the operator in the control room with an easterly view, if you could call it a view since in looked into the hedges of the neighboring house. In the picture we are looking N.N.E toward the area where Fairbanks goes under I-4.  After the addition to the building the window remained in place and looked into the program directors office  :-)  Back then, management had a great sense of humor or budget."



WBJW Personalities

Steve Craig (Steve Biddle)-1973-Morning Drive-American Home Stations, Inc.

Steve Mitchell-1973-1974
-Overnight News/On air for both WBJW-AM and FM-American Home Stations, Inc.

Fred Bradshaw-1974
-News-American Home Stations, Inc.

Terry Long-1974-1982-Music Director/Noon-3PM-American Home Stations, Inc./Rounsaville Radio  In Memory
Pat Flannagan-1974-News-American Home Stations, Inc.

Bill Barber
-1975-Program Director/7PM-Midnight-American Home Stations, Inc.  Biography
Joe West-1979-1981-Nationwide Communications

Bill Gardner-1980-Program Director/Mornings
-Rounsaville Radio

Brian Thomas- 2PM-4PM/Program Director-1985-1987/1988-1991-Program Director-Nationwide Communications
Brian programmed "BJ105" and was on-air from May ' 85-May ' 87 and came back to program it again. Brian was the last voice heard on "BJ105",  “Thanks for the memories…it’s been a great ride” when they morphed into Mix 105.1 in the Fall of 89. Brian continued to program "Mix 105.1" until June of 1991. Brian went on to program B97 New Orleans, Q105 Tampa and KFRC-San Francisco. Then in 2006 he became the program director  at  Jack-FM, WCBS-FM 101.1,in New York. 
Brian oversaw the return of
"New York's Greatest Hits" to WCBS-FM 101.1

Rooster Rhodes-1985-1986-Mornings-Nationwide Communications

Crystal (McKenzie)-1985
-Middays-Nationwide Communications

Cat Summers-1985-Nights-
Nationwide Communications

John Martin-1985-Overnights
-Nationwide Communications

Tracey Young-1986-Mid-Days/"Community Tapestry"-Nationwide Communications   Biography  

Bill Cross-1986
-"The Breakfast Bunch"-Nationwide Communications     
photo and audio courtesy of Clive Hayward
  Bill Cross talks about the final day of "BJ105"


John Summers
-Nights/1988-Host of ''Affection Connection''-Monday-9PM-Nationwide Communications

Debbie & Dan-1986-Nationwide Communications

Terry Foxx-1986-1988-Overnights-Nationwide Communications

Bethann Shaffer-1989-1990-
News-Nationwide Communications

JJ McKay

Alan Spector
-"The Breakfast Bunch"  

Carren Sheldon-"The Breakfast Bunch"

Dennis Winslow-Program Director  Biography

David Wright
-Music Director/Promotions Manager   
In Memory
Chris Glendon
Terry Allen

Mitchell Stone-6AM-10AM

Dave Edwards-3PM-7PM  Biography
B. J. Harris

Tom West
-Program Director/10AM-Noon

Rick Stone
Ron Courtney-Midnight-6AM
Mike Creiger
Fast Freddy

Kevin Casey-Assistant Program Director/Afternoons
"Broadway Joe" Hirsch
Larry Jackson
Steve Michaels
Roy Adams-Traffic

Ken Dixon-Production Director 
Charlie Steiner-Sports
Scott Walker
Travis McKay
Jonathan Hart-Weekends
Brad Jeffries
Terry Ross
Tom Collins
Steve Fluker
Jerry Peterson
Bill Thompson    In Memory
Jeff Beeching-Junior Achievement Intern

John Martin     Biography
Bob Benjamin (Robert Peterson)

Darrell Hammond

CJ Roquemoore (Curt Creel)-Weekends
Lee Simpson (Al Gardner)-News
Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory
             Bill Cross, Promotions guy, Tom Hoof,& Alan Spector  taken at a "BJ105 Reunion"        
                                                            courtesy of Clive Hayward

Barry Michaels


Breakfast_with_Barry.jpg (25455 bytes)

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Barry_Michaels_at_Epcot.jpg (59132 bytes)

photos courtesy of Barry Michaels

Other Names in WBJW History

Robert Rounsaville-1973-President-Rounsaville Radio

Carol Lewis (Carol Arvo)-1976-1979-Sales-American Home Stations, Inc./Rounsaville Radio
CA_BJ105_Tag.JPG (281765 bytes)The dog tag that BJ105 gave their employees  for two years of great ratings books.
photo courtesy of Carol Arvo
Melody (Layburn) Lang-1977-1980-Billing-Rounsaville Radio
Joseph Lang-1979-1981-Chief Engineer-Rounsaville Radio

Brian White-1987-1987-Program Director-Nationwide Communications

Brian Phillips-1988-Program Director-Nationwide Communications

Dave Robbins- 1988-1995- Nationwide Communications from    In Memory

Rick Weinkauf-1988-2007-General Manager. Rick announced his retirement in 2007  Biography

M.F. Kershner-General Manager
Garry Mitchell

Tom Hoof-Promotions Director
Jim Boyle-Program Director 

WBJW-FM QSL-1972-Larry Flegle.jpg (107887 bytes)
QSL Card courtesy of Larry Flegle

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WBJW coverage map.jpg (131797 bytes)

rounsaville don anglin card.jpg (123794 bytes)

 courtesy Dave Edwards

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