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Don Smith-(Bobby Church) (Glen Meadows) Don emailed us with his part in Central Florida Radio history. "...I worked both part time and full time in Orlando radio. I was at both WLOF(-AM 950) and WKIS(-AM 740) part time. At WLOF, I was told by the PD (whose name escapes me at the moment, but he was famous for a doctored EBS announcement where the tone would hold steady... and then finish in a melody) to use the name Bobby Church. After a while, he had me use Glen Meadows (get it?). Yechhh!!!  This was somewhere in the summer of 1970, I think. Bill Barber was the afternoon guy and I sometimes subbed for him.  "The Janitor" was our overnight guy. Later, at WKIS, I used my own name. Worked there part time. Bill Bauman was the news director at both stations I think.  Right now, I'm a network television cameraman working for NBC News in New York out of their Southwest Bureau in Dallas, but I keep a foot in radio. I still keep a toe in radio by sitting in as the back-up host on the Open Road Cafe on Sirius 138, The Trucking Channel, weekday mornings 6am 'til noon Eastern. It's talk radio for the truckers. I can always be found at my main website,"

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