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Frank Scott spent the early part of his adult life as a paratrooper in the US Army, then a bread salesman and an Army reserve Drill Sergeant. Although very rewarding experiences, they were unable to keep him from his one true Because he had been busy spawning out enough children to fill the starting roster of a basketball team, it took about six years to amass the “fortune” necessary to make a career change and keep the family fed. Frank looked at every day as a chance to do “show prep” and locked every real life experience in his brain to be used at some point in his radio career. Broadcasting school complete, Frank was offered a job after sending out only his second tape and resume package. Sure it was overnights at a small station in Narragansett, Rhode Island, but it was a job. It took just three weeks to be moved into a Mid-Day position at WBLQ and the only complaint Frank heard from the Program Director was “Your show sounds too much like a morning show, but the listeners seem to like it, so we’ll leave you alone for now”. Because he was commuting 200 miles each day (round trip), Frank decided to go after something a little closer to home and was offered a job at WCCC in Hartford, CT. In less than three years he was handed the morning show reigns and had developed a show that appealed to a wide range of listeners and was full of “personality”. Realizing that he need to be well rounded in the broadcasting industry, Frank made the move to Daytona Beach, FL, where he has acted as Music Director, Assistant Program Director, Program Director, Operations Manager, Internet Director and NASCAR reporter. He also maintains a position as half of the highly successful "Frank and Tracy Morning Show" on WHOG-FM 95.7. Frank and Tracy are moved to afternoons on April 21 when the Go Fish Radio Network moves in to mornings. 

WROD Flips To Classic Rock 
It’s Official! As of 12:00 A.M. Jan 1, 2015 WROD-AM 1340/FM 104.7 flipped from Oldies to Classic Rock. Frank Scott joins Tracy Dillon in the morning, Gary Meade “The Mad Swede” and Just Plain John (John Barrett), rounding out the on-air line-up. WROD will be known as “The Rock Of Daytona.”

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