WDIZ-FM 100.3

Original Call Letters: WORZ

Originally Licensed: 1951

Original City of  License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 100.3

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; Disney "DIZney"  

Original Power: 100,000 Watts  

Original Location: 200 E. Robinson (The Hartford Building)

Original Format: Solid Gold

Network Affiliation(s): ABC Contemporary


1951-Central Florida Broadcasting Company
1971-Shamrock Development Corp.
1973-KIS, Inc. 
1974-Shamrock Development Corp.
1996-Paxson Broadcasting  ($22,500,000)
1997-Clear Channel Communications
  2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2008-Clear Channel

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WORZ-1951-Simulcast of WORZ-AM 740
WKIS-1959-Simulcast of WKIS-AM 740
WDIZ-1971-Oldies (Drake/Chenault "Solid Gold") 
WDIZ-1975-Adult Rock   "Rock 100"

WDIZ-1979-Top 40 

WDIZ-1985-Album Oriented Rock "Orlando's Home of Quality Rock 'n' Roll''
WSHE-1997-Soft Adult Contemporary "She 100.3" 
WSHE-1999-Oldies "Cool 100.3" 
WEBG-2004-Oldies  "Big 100.3 FM" 
WRUM-2005-Spanish "Rumba 100.3"

WDIZ Personalities

Dennis Moore-1971-1975-News-Shamrock Development Corp./KIS, Inc.

Lee Arnold-1972-Shamrock Development Corp.

Allen Moore-1973-News Director-KIS, Inc.
Kenneth Stevens-1974-News Director--Shamrock Development Corp.
Ken Sievers-1975-Program Director/News Director/1979-General Manager/Program Director-Shamrock Development Corp.

Marsha Taylor-1977-1980-News Director/Morning Drive News/Middays-Shamrock Development Corp.
B. Rock-1978-Shamrock Development Corp.
Wayne Osley-1978-1984-7PM-Midnight/Production/Promotions-Shamrock Development Corp.

Neal Mirsky-1979/1990-1992-Program Director-Shamrock Development Corp.
Ken Stevens-1979-News Director/ Anchor-Shamrock Development Corp.
Craig Michaels-1979-Music Director-Shamrock Development Corp.
Randall Scott-1979-News Director-Shamrock Development Corp.
RUSTY_DJ_WDIZ.JPG (44148 bytes)

Rusty McVie-1980-1983-M-F-10AM-3PM/"Electric Lunch" all request show
-Shamrock Development Corp.

Rusty_McVie_in_studio_circa_1982.jpg (248266 bytes)
Rusty McVie in studio

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)-1982-1984-Production Director/Air Talent-Shamrock Development Corp.

Alan Baxter-"Baxter and Mark"-1983-1992-5:30AM-10AM-Shamrock Development Corp.

Mark Samansky
-"Baxter and Mark"-1983 to 1991-5:30AM-10AM-Shamrock Development Corp.   Biography    In Memory

Gary Mandino-1982-1990-10AM-3PM/1986-1990-Account Executive-Shamrock Development Corp.

(Timothy J. Guinane) 1985-1987-7PM-Midnight/1993-1994-3PM-7PM/1994-1995-6AM -10AM-Shamrock Development Corp.      Biography
Suzanne Stewart-1986-1988-"Electric Brunch"-Shamrock Development Corp.

Jimmy Beck (Dave Adams) (Dave Mather)-1990-1993-Shamrock Development Corp.
Biography   In Memory

Amy Newman-1991-1994-Nights-Shamrock Development Corp. 

Ron and Ron
-1992-1997-(Syndicated)--Shamrock Development Corp. 

"Cap'n" Chris Hill
-1992-1994-Orlando producer of the Ron & Ron Show/overnight host of "The Night Desk"-Shamrock Development Corp.

MudMan (Mike Gross)-1993-Shamrock Development Corp.
Heather the Intern (Heather Dutton)-1993-Shamrock Development Corp.

Crash-1994-Shamrock Development Corp.

Larry the Cable Guy-1993-Shamrock Development Corp.

Rocko-1994-1995-Afternoons-Shamrock Development Corp.

Jennifer Armstrong-1995-1996-Intern/Part Time Promotions-Shamrock Development Corp.

J.J. Duling (Chris Kampmeier)-1996-Program Director -Clear Channel Communications

Deanne Shultz-1997-2003-News Director-Clear Channel Communications

Steve Mitchell (Steven M. Schiffman

Steve Craig (Steve Biddle)

Mike Lyons
-Mornings with Carren Sheldon  
In Memory

Carren Sheldon-Mornings with Mike Lyons

Mike O'Keefe-Co-host with Mark Samansky right after Baxter left for about 6 months

Lee Randall-Mid-days now doing mornings in Columbus at a smooth jazz station)

Bob Church
-Program Director  In Memory

Greg Morgan-Afternoons

Suzy Cruse
Jan Williams-Nights
Ron Louis-Overnights

Mick Dolan-Afternoons/Promotions Director
Casey Dameron
Dave Lee
Evan Lee
Jim Steel
Lisa Kendall
Hank Bonecutter (Brian Sykes)
Ron Lewis-Overnights/"Sunday Classics"
Tim Travis-Mid-days
Steve Mack (McMahon) 
Brian Sykes aka "Russell the Love Muscle"

Pat Lynch-Music Director/10AM-3PM  Biography
Brent Carr
Sideshow Dan
Just Plain Mark

C.J.-Morning show producer/interim morning host

Dickerman-Intern/board op for the Ron & Ron show/Morning show producer/weekends



Drew Townsend-Mid-days

Rad Messick-Program Director-Now VP of the Western Region with Broadcast Architecture
2011-Rad has been chosen to program Citadel Media's "Classic Hits" format. Rad was most recently Senior VP at Broadcast Architecture. Messick was a contributor to the former Radio & Records and the Chicago Tribune. He also served on the Affiliate Advisory Board of ABC Rock Radio Networks.

3-10-16 Rad Messick former Program Director at WDIZ-FM 100.9 has been named Regional Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia's West Palm Beach region . 

Kevin Dunn
Bret Wellman-Director of Music Research/Promotions Assistant
Johnny Stone-Midnight-6AM
Greg Wells-7PM-Midnight  In Memory
Mike Young (Max Goldberg)-Nights

Thom Robinson
Mike Cooper 
Richard Allan

courtesy of Kevin Coldiron
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100.3_WDIZ_FM_poster.jpg (57780 bytes)

Other Names in WDIZ History 

William Pope-1971-General Manger/Commercial Manager-Shamrock Development Corp./1973-General Manger/ Commercial Manager-KIS, Inc.

James Haggarty-1973-President-KIS, Inc./1975-President-Shamrock Development Corp.
Kenneth Cameron-1973-Chief Engineer-KIS, Inc.
Bill Lynett-1974-Shamrock Development Corp.
Robert French-1975-General Manager-Shamrock Development Corp.
Thom Sherwood-1975-Commercial Manager-Shamrock Development Corp.
Bob Sweat-1975-Chief Engineer-Shamrock Development Corp.
William Lynette-1979-Vice President-Shamrock Development Corp.
Kathy Dillon-1979-Commercial Manager-Shamrock Development Corp.
Irwin Gerber-1979-Chief Engineer-Shamrock Development Corp.

Sharon Frawley-1981-1984-Account Executive-Shamrock Development Corp.

Steve Fluker-1983-Chief Engineer-Shamrock Development Corp.
Ralph Salierno-1985-Sales Manager-Shamrock Development Corp.

Chris Kampmeier-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications

Dick Sheetz-1996-Program Director  In Memory   

Linda Byrd-2003-President/General Manager-Clear Channel
Mark Karak-2003-Sales Vice President/Advertising Director-Clear Channel Communications
Rhonda Bahrer-2003-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications Communications

Rick Everett-2003-Marketing Director/Promotions Director-Clear Channel Communications

Ron Willett-2003-Promotions Manager-Clear Channel Communications
Mike Spry-2003-Engineering Vice President-Clear Channel Communications
Dave Chambers-2003-Chief Engineer-Clear Channel Communications

Shane Reeve
Michael Beck-Program Director-Shamrock Development Corp.

Bill Pope-General Manager

Bob French-General Manager                                  

Tom Owens-General Manager  

George Duffy-General Manager

Mike Beck-Program Director

Dena Whitebirch-Website Designer

Al Fiala Jr.-Sales

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