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Tom began his radio career during his last two years of high school. In 1960 Tom worked weekends at 
WSFR-AM 1360
in Sanford. Tom would hitch hike up to Sanford from Orlando and sleep on the couch in the station on Friday night and then sign on the station at 6 AM Saturday mornings. Tom's shift would include most of Saturday. It was back to the couch couch again and then he would sign on WSFR again on Sunday morning; work till noon or whenever someone would come in to relieve him.  He was hired by then WSFR PD, Dick Ravenhill, who later went on to work at WDBO-AM 580 when the station was on Lake Ivanhoe. Following his stint at WSFR in 1961, Tom did weekends at WHOO-AM 990 when they were playing "beautiful music". From Tom; "...The only words I was allowed to speak on the air was, "This is WHOO in Orlando, Florida."  During the last two years of High School Tom attended Navy Reserve meetings and went "active" just a week after graduation in 1962. In June of 1964, Tom finished his obligation to the Navy and the next day Tom was on the air at WABR-AM 1440, "Top Gun Radio".  About six months later Tom joined Johnny Sutton, Bill Vermillion, Pat O'Day, (Jerry Thompson) and the rest of the crew at WLOF(AM 950).  In the years that followed Tom "bounced" back and forth from WLOF to WAPE in Jacksonville to WMYR, in Ft. Myers to WIRK, in West Palm Beach, then back to WLOF.  Tom also worked at WKIS-AM 740, doing a mid-day talk show. Between 1977 and 1983 Tom worked at K92FM, WWKA-FM 92.3, from seven to midnight.

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