WWKA-FM 92.3

Original Call Letters: WDBO

Originally Licensed: Apr 24, 1949 

Original City of  License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 92.3 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 34,000 watts

Original Location: 30 S. Ivanhoe Blvd. E. 

Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):


52-Orlando Broadcasting Co., Inc.
1957-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island
1963-The Outlet Company
1982-Katz Broadcasting  (Purchased WDBO AM/FM for $9.5 million)
1986-New City Communications
1997-Cox Radio Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WDBO-1952-Beautiful Music
WWKA-1983-Country   "K92FM"
WWKA History
See WDBO-FM 92.3 

WWKA Personalities

Tom Haley-1977-1993-7PM-Midnight-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting

Tom Blair-1982-News-Katz Broadcasting-Katz Broadcasting  In Memory

Kevin Ray (Kevin Clevenger)-1983-1991-Music Director/Original Mid-days-Katz Broadcasting  

Bill_Barber_K92_12-821.jpg (30788 bytes)

Bill Barber
-1982-1993-Afternoons-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting   Biography

photo courtesy of Dave Edwards

Joe West-1982-1989-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Ron Bisson-1981-2002-Mornings-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

   Ron Bisson, Gina Jordan and Bob Nyles on the Morning show Courtesy of Tim Steward

Gary Anstaett-1983-1994-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Big Red-(Rick Brooks)-1984-1994-9AM-11AM-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

June Myers-1985-1992-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting  Biography

Gary Mandeno-News-1991-Cox Broadcasting

Dave Edwards-1992-1996-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Biography

Shadow (Rod Grant)-1992-2012-Music Director/Assistant Program Director/ Mid-days-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

Bobby Mitchell-1992-2017-Overnights-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

Bob Nyles-1993-2003-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc. Biography

Connie Willis-1994-1999-Mid days-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc. 
Leigh Kash-1994-1995-Joined Ron Bisson on the morning show-Cox Radio Inc. 
Gary Mandino-1994-2003-Weekend News Anchor-Cox Radio Inc.

Cody McCoy-1995-1997
-7pm-Midnight-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Scotty the Intern (Scott F.)-1996-1998-Midnight-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Deb Dockery-1999-Mid days-Cox Radio Inc.   

Ellis B. Feaster-2000-Afternoon Drive/2005-2007-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc.  Biography 

2007-Ellis is let go from WWKA 


Tyler McKenzie
-2000-1PM-3PM-Cox Radio Inc. Biography

Amy Allen-2000-Morning News-Cox Radio Inc.  

Bo Matthews-2002-Mornings/Afternoon Drive-Cox Radio Inc.                                           

Melissa Moore-2002-2007-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc.
 2007-Moore is let go from WWKA

Skid (Mark Hlavin)-2003-2012-Co-Host/Executive Producer Morning Show/2010-Co-Host Mornings with Grace-Cox Radio Inc. 

Doc Holliday
(Jeff Duncan)-2007-2010-Mornings with Grace-Cox Radio Inc.  

 Doc's debut at WWKA
Aug 2010-Doc is taken off the air 

Grace (Vasquez)-
2006-2010-Mornings with Doc/2010-2012-Mornings with Skid/2012-2013-Afternoons-Cox Radio Inc.  

AJ Maguire-2012-Morning co-host with Grace/2012-2019 (Mar 15)-Morning co-host with  Ashley Figueroa "AJ and Ashley"-2016-2019-Afternoon Drive
-Cox Radio Inc.  

Ashley Figueroa-2012-2014-Morning co-host with AJ Maguire "AJ and Ashley"-Cox Radio Inc.  

AJ and Ashley 2012

AJ and Ashley 2013

Steve Shaw-2012-Sat-10AM-3PM/Sun-11AM-3PM-Cox Radio Inc. 

J.R. Schumann-2012-2014-Program Director/Music Director/Afternoons-Cox Media Group

Jason (Gellhause)-2012-Cox Media Group

Ashley aka Dakota (Ashley Morrison)-2012-7PM-Midnight/2013-Mid-days/2014-Mornings (as Ashley) with AJ Maguire/2016-2022-Assistant Program Director/Music Director/Morning co-host with Obie Diaz-Cox Media Group

Drew (Bland) (aka Bo Hunter)-2014-2017-Director of Branding/Program Director/3PM-7PM/10AM-2PM/Music Director-Cox Media Group

J.R. (Jaus)-2014-2016-2PM-7PM-Cox Media Group

John-2014-7PM-Midnight-Cox Media Group

“Slater” (Michael  Wheaton)-2016-2PM-7PM/Co-host/Producer-"Obie & Ashley Morning Show"/2019-Afternoons/"Obie, Chloe, and Slater In The Morning"-Cox Media Group

Obie Diaz (Obed Diaz)-2016-6AM-10AM-Co-host of the morning show with Ashley Morrison-Cox Media Group

Melissa Quinones-
2014-2016-Special Events Intern-2016-Promotions Assistant/2019-Weekdays 2PM-7PM/Weekends- 2PM-8PM/2020-Noon-3PM/2023-Music Director/ afternoon drive-Cox Media Group

Nicole-2017-Weekends-Cox Media Group

Chloe (Chloe Nelson)
-2019-Intern/Morning Show Producer/Weekends/2023-Mornings with Obie/Sat-7PM-12AM/2023-"Obie, Chloe, and Slater In The Morning"-Cox Media Group

Scott (Scotty Tavlin)-2021-
Nights (voice tracking from WPOI-FM 101.5, Tampa)/2022-Sun-10AM - 4PM-Cox Media Group

Jay Edwards-2022-10AM-3PM (2023-also
afternoons on WMMO)-Cox Media Group

Macie Banks-7PM-Midnight (Voice tracking from WNGC-FM 106.1, Athens GA)
-Cox Media Group
Wanda Miles-7pm-Midnight
Dave Lopez-Overnights/Traffic                                                                                      


Billy Luby (Frank the Janitor)-Member of Morning Crew

Gina Jordan
-News Biography   

Scott St. John
Bob Green
Johnny Twinkles-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc. 
Johnny announced that he will leave radio to move to Branson, Missouri and fulfill his life-long dream of singing in front of an audience. His last day will be Friday, 6/24/10. 

Henry  Hays-Mornings                                                                      

Lois Weaver

Billy Combs

Lisa Young

Billy Michaels
Denise Michaels
Steve Warner
Alan Edwards-Clear Channel Total Traffic Network
Officer Mike Tylerand
Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory
Tommy Roberts
Mary Graham-Weekends

The K92 K-Krew






Other Names in WWKA History

Steve Holbrook
-1982-2012-Operations Manager/Program Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Jackie Rinker-1995-1997-Local Sales Manager-Cox Media 

Mike Moore-1995-1999-Program Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Gerry McCracken-2007-2011-Country Format Coordinator-Cox Radio Inc.

Len Shackelford
-2000-2012-Program Director/Operations Manager Orlando Group-Cox Radio Inc.
Rob Babin-2002-2006-General Sales Manager-Cox Radio Inc.
Jeff Uryga-2005-Marketing/Promotions Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Susan Larkin-2006-Vice President/General Manager/2010-2017-Vice President/Market Manager for Cox's 6 station cluster

Stevie DeMann-2012-2018-Operations Manager-Cox Media Group

Jeff Garrison-2013-Country Radio Format Leader-Cox Media Group

Evelyn Pacheco-2016-Director of Sales-Cox Media Group

Laura Peters-2017-Promotions Manager-Cox Media Group

Steve Stewart-2018-Director of Programming Operations/Program Director-Cox Media Group

JC Campese-Sales Manager/2022-Vice President and Market Manager-Cox Media Group

Mike James-Marketing/Promotions Director-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

(Robert) Bob Longwell-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Richard Reis-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Rich Reis-Vice President-Cox Radio Inc.

Bill Hendrich-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Cyndi Landers-Promotions-Cox Radio Inc.

Kim Riggi-Promotions & Marketing Director-Cox Radio Inc.  

Steve Fluker-Director of Engineering-Cox Radio Inc.
Kimberly Hellstrom-Promotion Director-Cox Radio Inc.

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