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January 2006

Catching Up...     1-2-06
First and foremost thank you to my wife Wilma for getting the site back up after a short hiatus. You see I was indisposed for  a while. Seems I had a blood vessel decide to rupture in my brain and that put me out of commission for some time. Thanks for the kind words, positive thoughts and prayers. On with the news...

Terry Mason Passes
Terry M. England age 52 years of Omaha. Longtime Omaha Radio personality. Terry is survived by daughters, Megan England and Molly England and brother, Charles Wayne England. Terry was program director for Waitt Radio Networks' "Oldies Plus" radio format, originating in Omaha and distributed to stations throughout the United States. Terry also worked many years in Central Florida Radio, including WGTO-AM 540, WWZN-AM 540 and WOTS-AM 1220.

Miguel Negron pioneer in Spanish-language Radio Passes     1-2-06
Miguel Negron appeared on WONQ-AM 1030  in 1991 and was an instant hit among Hispanics who indulged in his give-and-take format with politicians and community activists. Negron, called "The Showman," died Thursday December 28, 2005. He was 78 years old. Negron began his career in Puerto Rico and continued in New York before moving to Orlando.

WXXL PD Arrested     
Gary Wheeler, the program director of top 40 radio station WXXL-FM 106.7 was arrested on Tuesday (January 10, 2006), in Citrus County FL, on charges related to child pornography and child exploitation.  Wheeler is known by the radio name 
"Adam Cook".  Investigators said that Wheeler had sexual conversations on the internet with a 14 year old girl, however the "girl" was in fact an undercover officer.  Clear Channel Communications owns the radio station. Thanks to Carol Alfonso for the info.

Jana Sutter Takes Role Of PD At WXXL-FM     
Clear Channel Radio of Orlando, has made a replacement for the Program Director position at WXXL-FM 106.7.  This according to a report from FMQB Radio Industry News Web Site.  Mid Day hostess Jana Sutter is taking over the Program Director position that Adam Cook held at WXXL-FM 106.7.  This, as a result of the recent arrest by Citrus County police of WXXL's Gary Wheeler, known in the Radio Industry as "Adam Cook." Thanks to Carol Alfonso for this info.

Acquisition of WTLN-AM and WHIM-AM Completed    1-27-06

According to Radio Ink magazine, Salem Communications Corporation has announced that it has completed the acquisition of WTLN-AM 1520 and WHIM-AM 1520, serving the greater Orlando market, from Alton Rainbow Corporation and TM2, Inc. Salem announced that it would acquire the stations in October 2005. Both stations remain in the Christian Teaching and Talk format. Salem previously announced the pending purchase of Orlando station WORL-AM 660, which will be programmed in the News/Talk format. 

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