July 30, 2004. A day of remembering the days of WLOF-AM 950 "Channel 95" in Orlando. We had the thrill of meeting some of the folks that worked at the legendary WLOF. I want to thank Steve Rutledge and June Myers for setting things  up with the current owners, the Moffitt family, and the chief engineer Lou Mueller for allowing us to join the fun. 

Wilma_outside_studio.jpg (20315 bytes) 
outside the studio  

__hr_Preparing+for+the+tour.jpg (42453 bytes)
Steve Rutledge signs in as Dave Edwards  
passes out "goodies"  

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Steve Rutledge, Paul Cornwell, Bill Barber,
 Dennis Snyder  and June Myers 

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Dave, Paul, Bill Barber, June and Dennis

MVC-551S.JPG (38248 bytes)
Paul, Bill, June and Dennis   

MVC-568S.JPG (51179 bytes)
  Bob Padilla, Bill, Paul, Dick and Dave

               MVC-667S.JPG (24905 bytes)         
Studio entrance

MVC-556S.JPG (31047 bytes)
Bob Padilla and Steve Rutledge

__hr_An+Original.jpg (44888 bytes)

An Original  

__hr_A+newer+original.jpg (24619 bytes)
A newer Original

  __hr_2+Orlando+Legends.jpg (30249 bytes)  
Two Orlando Legends
Dick (Shane) Camnitz and 
Bill Barber

__hr_Another+view+of+the+studio.jpg (47156 bytes)

The studio with an Ampro board 
MVC-612S.JPG (33868 bytes)
Dave Edwards
at the mic


  __hr_Bill+Barber.jpg (36287 bytes)
Bill Barber  

__hr_Dick+Camnitz.jpg (40001 bytes)
Dick Camnitz

__hr_June+Myers.jpg (33758 bytes)

June Myers

__hr_Steve+Rutledge.jpg (27763 bytes)
Steve Rutledge

MVC-607S.JPG (22605 bytes)
June Myers
Dennis Snyder 

MVC-587S.JPG (34922 bytes)

MVC-605S.JPG (28117 bytes) 
Dick and Bill

MVC-585S.JPG (29570 bytes)
Steve and Dick reminisce as Dave shoots some video  

MVC-618S.JPG (38930 bytes)

 MVC-589S.JPG (30823 bytes)  
  Paul gets a closer look
__hr_Bill+the+photographer.jpg (29114 bytes)
Bill behind the camera
MVC-657S.JPG (21578 bytes)
Music was played and memories made
__hr_Dave+with+camera+in+hand.jpg (35505 bytes)
Dave the videographer
__hr_Production+room+door.jpg (22826 bytes)
MVC-630S.JPG (31643 bytes)

__hr_old+equipment.jpg (41088 bytes)

  __hr_Paul+Cornwell.jpg (67530 bytes)  
Paul Cornwell     

MVC-592S.JPG (35453 bytes)
Dave and Dennis

MVC-620S.JPG (26932 bytes)

MVC-609S.JPG (28597 bytes)
Steve Rutledge on a  treasure hunt

  MVC-605S.JPG (28117 bytes) 
Dick and Bill     

Outside_looking_in.jpg (44061 bytes)
On the outside looking in...

MVC-656S.JPG (25442 bytes)

MVC-604S.JPG (28129 bytes) 

MVC-658S.JPG (35279 bytes)
June, Bill and Dick

MVC-600S.JPG (29273 bytes)

MVC-642S.JPG (31022 bytes) MVC-580S.JPG (32939 bytes)

MVC-655S.JPG (29251 bytes)

MVC-554S.JPG (32138 bytes)

  More of the Gang-WLOF 2004.jpg (39028 bytes)
__hr_wlof+tour+7-30-04++16.jpg (295848 bytes)

Bill Barber, June Myers, Dave Edwards, Bob Padilla, Dennis Snyder
(front row) Steve Rutledge, Dick Camnitz, Paul Cornwell
Photo by Wilma Clark 

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