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How Central Florida Radio Handled The PULSE Tragedy

Broadcasters Provide Solace Following Orlando Massacre
At 2 a.m. on June 12, a gunman opened fire inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. The gunman, who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, killed 49 and wounded 53 in what authorities have deemed the worst mass shooting in United States history. Local radio and television broadcasters in Orlando and across the country aired wall-to-wall coverage, with station groups sending news teams from other cities. "Broadcasting's importance is only magnified during moments of national tragedy," said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. "NAB salutes the radio and TV stations in Orlando and elsewhere who provided continuous updates and a source of solace in the wake of this unspeakable massacre."

CMG Orlando Went Wall-to-Wall 
By Radio Ink -June 13, 2016
WDBO is one of the country’s most well known news stations and once it was known the Orlando incident was a major national event, the station was well prepared to cover it and keep the community informed. We spoke to Cox Media Group Operations Manager Drew Anderssen Sunday about the steps his team took to get the story out on WDBO and eventually all CMG stations. What was the first thing you did to activate the coverage when you heard what had happened?
At first word, we immediately started waking members of our news team out of bed and mobilizing our resources. During that process, we coordinated with CMG-TV station WFTV Eyewitness News 9 to simulcast live coverage so that we did not experience any lag in communicating the urgent situation to listeners of our radio stations. By 5am, our entire radio news team was in place, providing reports to all CMG properties in and out of market, in conjunction with WFTV. By 10am, the morning show hosts from our CMG Orlando radio stations (Power 95.3, Star 94.5, 98.9 WMMO, K92.3, and ESPN 580) were all gathered in the WDBO studio and we began simulcasting round-table coverage, allowing listeners to react while our news team focused on gathering and distributing urgent information across our network.
What have you been hearing from the listeners?
Because we are simulcasting our coverage on our CMG-Orlando radio stations (Power 95.3, Star 94.5, 98.9 WMMO, K92.3, and ESPN 580), we’re getting very diverse calls, most from concerned listeners who want to be able to contribute in some way to the needs of the community. Many are sharing their stories from loved ones and their families/friends. We’ve also spoken with the families of loved ones, club goers, and even one of the DJs from inside the nightclub, who left prior to the shooting.
One of your people was on Fox news today. How did that come about?
That was News 96.5 WDBO’s Morning News Host, Joe Kelley. Brian Kilmeade, one of the hosts of Fox & Friends and syndicated radio show Kilmeade and Friends, reached out to me directly to secure a local contact on behalf of The Fox News Channel. Brian is an incredible talent who is always using his connections to give listeners and viewers inside perspective. Brian will be live from Orlando tomorrow morning on Fox & Friends, and WDBO will air all three hours of his syndicated radio show live tomorrow from 9a-12noon, originating from our studios in Orlando.
What are your plans for coverage moving forward?
We are going to evaluate as time progresses. We have been in wall-to-wall coverage for nearly 12 hours now. We know there is a vigil set to take place this evening in Downtown Orlando, and I’m sure we’ll be wall-to-wall through that vigil, if not longer. We are coordinating joint efforts across our CMG family of brands locally and regionally including television, radio, and newspaper, and will work together to distribute information in the fastest and most efficient way. Additionally, we have extended our radio news staffing through the evening and overnight hours to make sure that we can adequately cover new developments. For now, our entire team has been “on the grid” since the early morning hours, with no sign of slowing down. Reach out to Drew to congratulate him and his team on their outstanding coverage: Drew.Anderssen@coxinc.com

Updated Jun 13, 2016

As details emerged about the worst mass shooting on U.S. soil, hosts from each of Cox Media Group’s Orlando radio stations today (June 13) participated in a live roundtable discussion about the unconscionable terror attack. The two-hour panel was simulcast on all five of the company’s Orlando stations starting at noon and video-streamed on their websites. Hosted and moderated by “News 96.5” WDBO-FM morning show host and news director Joe Kelley, Monday’s roundtable featured AJ and Ashley from country “K92.3” WWKA, “The Obie and Lil Shawn Morning Show” from rhythmic CHR “Power 95.3” WPYO, Monica May of urban AC “Star 94.5” WCFB and Denise Ryan from classic rock WMMO (98.9). Sports “ESPN580 Orlando” WDBO also carried the panel, which included Brian Kilmeade, host of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” and Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade & Friends.” Earlier today, WDBO-FM simulcast all three hours of Kilmeade’s syndicated radio show, which broadcast live from the scene of the crime. CMG modified its Orlando station apps to give listeners “an easier way to stay engaged, to donate and to share their thoughts, prayers and raw emotions,” using the app’s Open Mic feature, said Drew Anderssen, operations manager of WDBO-FM, WMMO and WDBO. The stations streamed live video on their websites and on Facebook Live and other social media platforms, asking questions to engage listeners. Across the Orlando dial, radio continued to disseminate the latest information and direct listeners to related services. As they did on the day of the shooting at Pulse, a popular gay nightclub, stations provided an outlet for listeners to grieve and share their feelings. “We are an extension of the community and we are here for our listeners to vent, cry and share their feelings,” Dennis Martinez, PD of CBS Radio CHR “Amp Radio” WQMP and “Mix Radio 105.1” WOMX told Inside Radio. Radio networks also moved quickly to cover the tragedy. Westwood One News went live with special reports after the story broke on Sunday and has continued to do so twice per hour since, with correspondents Alan Scaia and Scott Kimbler in Orlando filing reports from the scene. CNN Newsource correspondents Dianne Gallagher and Scott McLean are also in Orlando supplementing Westwood One News coverage and offering live custom Q&As for affiliates. Westwood One News also provided additional coverage: Steve Kastenbaum was at New York’s Beacon Theatre last night as the Tony Awards turned somber when the Broadway community, known for its gay rights activism, honored the victims; Jim Roope was in Los Angeles covering the LGBT pride festival and the arrest of a man with explosives and ammunition; and Bob Costantini covered President Obama’s remarks and alerts from the nation’s capital. Beyond Orlando, the tragedy dominated news/talk radio, as many segued into full-coverage mode. Some Cumulus Media news/talk stations deployed their local news reporters to pride festivals and parades in their markets, and others, including “NewsRadio 106.7” WYAY/Atlanta, WMAL-FM Washington, and KKOB Albuquerque, offered live local talk programming with updates, guests and the opportunity for listeners to join the conversation.

iHeartMedia/Orlando Rises To The Occasion In Wake Of Pulse Tragedy
June 14, 2016 at 12:01 PM (PT)

iHeartmedia/Orlando stations came together to serve their listening community in the wake of Sunday morning's tragedy at the PULSE nightclub. Every station in the market began wall-to-wall coverage of breaking news from News/Talk station WFLF (102.5 WFLA). Regional SVP Programming Chris Kampmeier called every station PD by 8:30a to coordinate coverage. Classic Rock/TalkRadio WTKS (REAL RADIO 104.1) was on-air first with a collection of marquee talents followed by Top 40 WXXL (XL1067), Active Rock WJRR (101ONE), Spanish WRUM (RUMBA 100.3) and AC WMGF (MAGIC 107.7) with live talent all day broadcasting breaking news commercial-free. 
All iHeartMedia stations in the area banded together and sent out water, food and shade in the form of station tents to lines of people all over Orlando waiting to donate blood or in need of therapy.
Stations and media from all over the world checked in, including iHeartMedia stations in Boston, New York, Minneapolis, L.A., Detroit, San Diego and the BBC in London. On-air talents like Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran, Matty and MOJO were all covering the story. Elvis Duran sent FRGY to broadcast live out of the WXXL building Monday.
Starting yesterday (Tuesday), iHeartMedia/Orlando resumed live broadcasts all day on all stations, while continuing to provide water, food and shade to more locations.
Commented WXXL PD Brian Mack, "We’re still trying to get behind local efforts and vigils and more … There are still things happening, although we’re slowly starting to get back into music and commercials now."

Jun 14, 2016
The ripple effects of the terrible tragedy in Orlando continued to be felt across radio on Monday, spreading through formats. Most news/talk stations in the market understandably continued wall-to-wall coverage of Sunday’s mass shooting. And while music FMs began to work music back into their programming, the aftermath of the vicious attack remained front and center on the air and off. In each case, the onus was on stations to do what radio always seems to do best—provide support, perspective and an opportunity to exchange ideas. CBS Radio CHR “Amp Radio” WQMP brought in a child psychologist to cover how best to explain the unspeakable act of terror to kids, along with grief counselors to discuss post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, outside in the station’s parking lot, a blood drive was in place for victims of the shooting.
Across the market, listener calls and shooting-related content aired between songs. iHeartMedia CHR “XL-106.7” WXXL and the company’s HD Radio side channel Pride Radio focused more on Orlando’s robust LGBTQ community, which by all accounts felt the brunt of the hurt from this shooting at a popular gay nightclub. WXXL morning show, “Johnny’s House,” and WJRR morning man Pat Lynch remained on the air until noon to accommodate listener calls. The awful shooting spree occurred during a Latin-themed night at Pulse, which hit close to home for some listeners of iHeart tropical “Rumba 100.3” WRUM; the station continued to air listener calls throughout the day on Monday. Cox Media Group modified its Orlando station apps to give listeners “an easier way to stay engaged, to donate and to share their thoughts, prayers and raw emotions,” using the app’s Open Mic feature, said Drew Anderssen, operations manager of “News 96.5” WDBO-FM, classic rock WMMO (98.9) and sports “ESPN580 Orlando”. The stations streamed live video on their websites and on Facebook Live and other social media platforms, asking questions to engage listeners. “We have more distribution outlets today than ever before—and the number seems to grow daily—and I’m proud that listeners were able to find us and participate in the conversation in a way that was important and impactful to them,” said Anderssen. While the tunes returned, Orlando music stations are preparing to ramp the talk quotient back up for memorial services, funerals and a candlelight vigil in the coming weeks. “We are an extension of the community and we are here for our listeners to vent, cry and share their feelings,” said Dennis Martinez, PD of WQMP and “Mix Radio 105.1” WOMX. Creating a town hall for the community “is one of the most powerful distinctions for radio,” one that newspapers and TV stations can’t provide, Chris Kampmeier, regional senior VP of programming, iHeartMedia-Orlando, said. For Florida broadcasters, it’s sadly a time-tested role, with the raw emotions from the space shuttle disaster to 9/11 to hurricanes a distant but distinct memory. Some listeners feel the need to call and vent; others participate more passively through listening. “It’s very real, very spontaneous and of-the-moment and it really separates us from all other media,” Kampmeier says. “There’s nothing like the human voice to tell the story and hear the story. This is a terrible tragedy but at the same time, there’s no time as broadcasters that we feel more strongly about our career choice and the service we provide to our community.”

Ten days after switching out its format to provide in-depth coverage of the Orlando mass shooting, Cox Media Group’s “News 96.5” WDBO-FM Orlando returned to its regular lineup of syndicated hosts at 10am Wednesday morning. The station is now blending extended news coverage of
the attack with its regular lineup of Herman Cain, Dana Loesch, Sean Hannity and other syndicated hosts. 
“As our Orlando community takes a step each day towards healing and ‘normal,’ we’ll also take steps towards normalization of our on-air content,” morning show host and news director Joe Kelley said. The station has received deserved acclaim for its wall-to-wall coverage of the massacre and its aftermath.
Wednesday’s schedule began with a special edition of “Orlando’s Morning News” from 5am-9am, followed by the first hour of Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade & Friends” and the second hour of Cain’s syndicated show. Then it was back to a 3-hour block of local news hosted by Kelley, followed by one hour of “The Dana Show” from 2pm-3pm and two hours of Hannity’s show. WDBO newsman Tony Marino hosted a special edition of “Orlando’s Evening News” from 5pm-7pm, followed by regular programming from 7pm-midnight.
Meanwhile, The Washington Post has produced a video story on how WDBO-FM opened up its airwaves to the grieving community after the shooting, featuring interview clips with Kelley and other station talent, and listener calls. “This is what radio is about. This is what broadcasting is here for,” traffic anchor Jackie O’Brien told the Post. “It’s for the community, for people when they need you and when they need information that they can’t get from any other source.”

NASH Partners with JVC Broadcasting  4-10-15
NASHVILLE and ORLANDO, April 9, 2015 – NASH, a multi-platform entertainment brand based on the Country music lifestyle, announces that it has partnered with JVC Broadcasting to bring NASH Country programming to Orlando. Beginning April 13, 2015, NASH’s America's Morning Show with Blair Garner will join 103.1 The Wolf (WOTW-FM 103.1) to anchor  weekday mornings from 6AM-10AM. 103.1 The Wolf will also air Kickin’ it with Kix and American Country Countdown from the NASH suite of Country radio programs originating from Cumulus Media’s NASH campus in Nashville, the nation’s only multimedia facility devoted solely to producing and distributing content based on the Country music lifestyle, including radio programming, TV/videos, magazines and events. America’s Morning Show is now heard in 30 U.S. markets including New York, Dallas, Detroit and Nashville, where the program airs on WKDF/NASH FM 103.3, and is the top-rated Country morning show in the market across all demos. America’s Morning Show with Blair Garner features a daily mix of Country hits, in-studio interviews with Country music’s biggest stars and news about the Country lifestyle. The show originates from the NASH campus in Nashville before a studio audience with frequent broadcasts from NASH studios throughout the country. Host Blair Garner is joined daily by co-hosts Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks, with HLN anchor Robin Meade providing news updates and Erika Grace Powell sharing the latest on Country music news. The NASH campus is also home to popular programs NASH Nights Live, American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks and Kickin' It with Kix. Westwood One is the exclusive syndicator for all NASH content and programming. John Caracciolo, President and CEO of JVC Broadcasting said: “This is going to be Central Florida’s direct connection to Nashville and the only station that will give listeners complete access to the artists that are making Country history.” John Dickey, Executive Vice President, Content and Programming for Cumulus said: “We are excited to partner with JVC to help John and his team build a great brand serving the Country audience in Orlando. Together, we will deliver the very best Country programming to Orlando’s passionate Country fans. It’s a thrill to kick off our partnership with the launch of America’s Morning Show on The Wolf 103.1.” Blair Garner, Host of America’s Morning Show said: "Hands down, this is one of the biggest moments in our show's young life. We're so grateful for this opportunity, and will work hard for our new family, The Wolf, in Orlando. We love our Country!"
The Rock Of Daytona Moving to New Digs   3-24-15
Miracle Media Group, owners of WROD-AM 1340/104.7 FM are planning to open a business office at 106 Ivy Lane.  Along with the business office, they are proposing to redevelop, the former Bennett’s Framing Gallery, with a broadcast studio and a restaurant. The vision for The Classic Rock Café focuses on the idea of an interactive experience for "The Rock Of Daytona" listeners. WROD-AM 1340/104.7 FM is the new home to the “Frank and Tracy Morning Radio Show” which is a well known local morning talk show. Frank Scott and Tracy Dillon have been fixtures in the Daytona Beach business community, the local live music scene, and the biker community with a collective time span of over 20 years in the popular Daytona Beach Bike and Race weeks. The intent is for the Classic Rock Café patrons/listeners to experience the “behind the scenes” workings of the radio station with the ability to watch the On Air Personalities in action as they broadcast their daily radio shows. The radio station studio will be located inside the Classic Rock Café with large windows enabling the patrons of the café the ability to view the radio studio in action. The décor of the Classic Rock Café will include an extensive collection of Daytona Beach memorabilia ranging from autographed guitars to items from events at the Daytona International Speedway as well as signed memorabilia from actors and musicians who have visited Daytona Beach over the past 20 years. The café will be serving a limited menu that will include selective breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The café will offer craft beer and limited wine options. 

At WDBO-AM 580 and WDBO-FM 96.5   11-23-12
Thanks to Patrick Johnson for this closer look at WDBO-AM 580 and WDBO-FM 96.5.  WDBO is exclusively on FM now at 96.5.  580AM switched to ESPN 580 Orlando (the WDBO calls remain). The line-up on WDBO-FM 96.5 is as follows; "Central Florida Morning News with Jim Turner"-5AM-9AM. Neal Boortz-9AM-11AM, Mel Robbins-11AM-1PM, Clark Howard-1PM-3PM, Sean Hannity-3PM-6PM. "Central Florida Evening News with Scott Anezand Andy Dean from 7PM-10PM. Ken Tyndall is the morning anchor, Patrick Johnson is the lead reporter for the mornings.  Valerie "Red" Cooper is a Reporter, Morning Show Producer and Web Reporter. Samantha Jordan is the mid-day Anchor/Reporter.  Angela Jacobs is a morning reporter who came from Tampa. Angela worked on TV for Fox Sports/Sun Sports. She is also the mid-day anchor for ESPN 580's local Sports Center updates. Scott Anez is hosting an afternoon show there from 4PM-6PM daily.  Kyle Cassandra is producing Scott's show. Magic games are still being broadcast on both stations.  Patrick Johnson is the morning drive sports anchor on ESPN 580 for local Sports Center Updates. 

Black Crow Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy  1-13-10     
In a maneuver to save their stations, Black Crow Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. General Electric Capital Corp. had filed suit over the alleged default on a $38,886,250 loan plus attorney fees and other expenses. Black Crow owns stations in Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. The Daytona Beach stations include WNDB-AM 1150, WKRO-FM 93.1, WHOG-FM 95.7 and WVYB-FM 103.3.Black Crow was scheduled to appear in court, in New York City, on Thursday. This will delay court action for the time being.

Black Crow Says It Will Continue  1-14-10
Daytona Beach based Black Crow said in a statement, said it will continue to operate its 22 radio stations during the restructuring. "Unfortunately, over the past year, and despite enormous efforts to reduce expenses," wrote Mike Linn, President of Black Crow, "economic conditions have finally deteriorated to a point where it has become impossible for us to support our existing debt." Black Crow claimed debt of around $45 million when it filed for bankruptcy protection. Under Chapter 11, Black Crow is seeking to voluntarily restructure its debt and will also ask the court to allow them to maintain employee payroll and health benefits, fulfill certain pre-filing obligations and to honor all customer programs. "We want to assure everyone - our customers, suppliers, our people and our communities - that our stations will remain open for business as usual," Linn said. "This is an extremely difficult decision that I believe is necessary to ensure that Black Crow will have access to the resources necessary to serve our communities in a manner they deserve."  According to the lawsuit filed GE Capital, they do not want to close the Black Crow stations, but they are seeking to have a designated receiver appointed, W. Lawrence Patrick, president of Patrick Communications to continue the operation of Black Crow's assets.

Black Crow Files For Chapter 11 Status In Florida
Black Crow CEO Mike Linn is at least buying some time, probably several months in the lawsuit filed by GE Capital. If he’s granted Chapter 11 protection, he’ll have the time to come up with his own plan of reorganization to handle all the debts and creditors. The names and amounts of the 20 largest creditors include Frederic Wells of Huntsville, who’s owed $1,573,616, , James Wolfe of Jackson, TN-$304,980. Some of the other creditors include Arbitron-$547,312, BMI-$300,321, ASCAP- $275,220 and SESAC-$55,451. The Radio Music Licensing Committee is owed $8,622. Premiere Radio Networks is due $6,193. Titans Radio (for Tennessee Titans game rights), $1,750. Black Crow, under various corporate names, owns a total of 26 stations in Valdosta, GA, Huntsville, Jackson and Daytona Beach.

Black Crow’s Chapter 11 Filing Keeps Its Creditors At Bay In New York
Yesterday’s scheduled emergency show-cause hearing was cancelled and there’s a “stay” in the New York courtroom of U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan. So instead of lender GE Capital persuading Sullivan to install receiver Larry Patrick, the court is asking for updates on the bankruptcy proceedings going on down in Jacksonville, starting March 12. 

Black Crow Files For Debtor-in-possession Status   1-23-10  
In a legal maneuver to head off a group creditor takeover led by GE Capital Black Crow has filed for Debtor-in-possession status with the FCC for all of it's 21 full-power stations and a couple of FM translators. Black Crow Radio LLC also has subsidiary companies,  such as BCA Radio LLC, which has three full-power stations and a translator in Huntsville, Alabama, Thomas Radio LLC in Jackson, Tennessee,  Rainbow Media in Jackson, Mississippi and the largest subsidiary, RTG Radio, with stations in Florida and Valdosta, Georgia. 

At Black Crow Bankruptcy  
From Radio-Info.com
Black Crow moves further from GE Capital, closer to new lender Paul Stone
Florida-based Black Crow beat GE Capital to the punch with an emergency Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on January 12, frustrating the lender’s attempts to have a New York court appoint its chosen receiver. The jousting continues in court, but as of Friday, Black Crow has an agreement from the judge to pay GE Capital the “undisputed” amounts and thus clear the way to grant new lender Paul Stone the security interests he wants. This TRI Newsletter told you back on April 12 that Stone is offering post-petition financing to Southeastern radio operator Black Crow of as much as $1.5 million. That plus its cash on hand gives Black Crow the dough to satisfy the immediate requirements of GE Capital. Jacksonville-based Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Paul Glenn does give GE Capital “partial adequate protection” of its interests now that Paul Stone has entered the picture. Black Crow must provide GE Capital with a series of reports by 5pm each Wednesday – reports about pacing on a three-month rolling basis, plus collections and disbursements (if they’re different from the budget). Then every month, GE Capital is entitled to balance sheets, including data on capital expenditures and corporate overhead.

Black Crow Settles With GE Capital
GE Capital Credit Corp. and Daytona Beach based Black Crow Media have settled for $20 million. Georgia based broadcaster and businessman Paul Stone has purchased the loan and becomes Black Crow's majority owner. Black Crow has also settled with other creditors for $200,000. Southern Broadcasting, Inc. was purchased by Cox Radio in 2008 and Paul Stone was one of the founders of the company. 

Black Crow Media Now Suing GE Capital
The Black Crow Media Group which owns WNDB-AM 1150, WKRO-FM 93.1, WHOG-FM 95.7 and WVYB-FM 103.3 in Central Florida, as well as other stations, is now suing their secured lender General Electric Capital Corp to block them from voting on a reorganization plan. The suit also seeks damages for  “filing repeated nonsensical motions, objections and complaints, dumping thousands of pages of unindexed documents on debtors’ counsel, switching expert reports, mischaracterizing material facts”. Black Crow filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in January, owing $38.9 million to GE Capital.

At WELE Premier Travel Show...

WELE Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing 
As being reported in the Daytona Beach News Journal, Ormond Beach Police said there is no evidence that the management at WELE-AM 1380 did anything criminal when it failed to return money to listeners who purchased tickets from The Premier Travel Show. Sgt. Kenny Hayes, Ormond Beach Police Department spokesman told Lyda Longo of the News-Journal; "We saw no criminal intent on the part of the owner of the radio station." "For criminal charges to apply, police would have to prove that agents of the radio station knowingly sold packages that were worthless or knowingly misrepresented the packages which resulted in monetary gain to the business. No such proof was found in any of the cases. On the contrary, police determined that the radio station did in fact have business relationships with companies providing vacation accommodations or travel services and had good faith belief that the vacation packages were redeemable as advertised." Police said listeners who have not received refunds for their tickets could try to pursue the matter in civil court.

On November 30, 2008 Doug Wilhite, Wings Communications President of WELE-AM 1380 announced that problems caused by the "Hometown News" caused him great financial hardship and the station is up for sale. 
Below you will find coverage from the original article from The Hometown News as well as the Daytona Beach News-Journal, as  well as audio from Central Florida News 13, WFTV,  and WESH-TV as well as Doug Wilhite's explanation.

WELE Fights Back
Doug Wilhite President of Wings Communications, owners of  WELE-AM 1380 has filed
a lawsuit against the Hometown News in response to an article published in July. In the three-count complaint filed Dec. 12, Wings Communications charges libel, injurious falsehood and negligence on the part of Hometown News stemming from a July 4 story regarding the WELE "Premier Travel Show". Seeking unspecified damages, the complaint claims Mr. Wilhite experienced injury to his business reputation resulting in a decrease in income and an increase in customer refund requests following the article's publication.

More Trouble For Wilhite
WELE-AM 1380 current owner Doug Wilhite has more legal trouble. On the heels of his being acquitted of sex related charges in November, has new legal problems. Ormond Beach resident Murray Steinberg and five other customers of the "Premiere Travel Show" have filed a complaint in Federal Court this time. Wilhite and two of the thirteen named defendants were served yesterday. Wilhite and the other defendants are accused of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and swindle and violations of the RICO Act. The complaints stem from the sale of travel packages sold without full disclosure of additional fees and/or restrictions. Steinberg and the other plaintiffs are seeking compensation as well as punitive damages, as well as an injunction to prevent others from becoming victims.  









CFNews 13 Audio Report

 WFTV Audio Report 

WESH 2 Audio Report 

                         Doug Wilhite on WELE 11-3-08

Customers Win In Small Claims Court   10-4-09
Wings Communications corporate owners of WELE-AM 1380 have been sued in Volusia County Small Claims Court over sales of travel packages being sold on the The Premier Travel Show. Some customers claimed the trips never happened and refunds were never given. At least one claimant has succeeded in winning a judgment against Wings Communications and owner Doug Wilhite. A lien has been filed against the station in Volusia County.

Judge dismisses one count in lawsuit against Hometown News  3-20-09 
By Jeanne Willard Staff writer
Hometown News
VOLUSIA COUNTY - Did a newspaper article regarding a local radio travel show defame the station's owner or just report the facts?  That question is at the heart of a civil lawsuit filed by the owner and host of the WELE Premier Travel Show against the Hometown News in response to an article published in July.  George C. Gaskell, attorney for Hometown News, recently filed a motion to dismiss the suit filed by Douglas Wilhite and Wings Communications, Inc. against the community newspaper. In a ruling issued Wednesday, Circuit Judge William A. Parsons dismissed one count concerning negligence, but did not dismiss two other libel counts. WELE attorneys have 20 days to refile the dismissed complaint. Mr. Gaskell said it's still early in the litigation process.  "I intend to litigate vigorously," he said. "I remain confident we will be vindicated."  Hector M. De Jesus, attorney for Mr. Wilhite, could not be reached for comment.  Mr. Wilhite, who did not attend last week's hearing regarding the dismissal motion, claims that the article entitled "Travel show draws complaints" constituted libel and defamation, injuring his business reputation.  At the recent hearing before Judge Parsons, Mr. Gaskell argued that there is no cause of action for defamation. "Everything stated in the article is factually accurate," he said.  Mr. De Jesus disagreed. "This article is just sprinkled with words or context that could be taken as defamatory," Mr. De Jesus said. In July, when the article was published, the travel show sold discount travel and vacation certificates that were to be redeemed for travel at a later date. The article profiled a satisfied customer as well as those who have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Office of the Attorney General and Seniors vs. Crime, regarding difficulty redeeming certificates and obtaining refunds. The article does not meet the legal standard of defamatory or libelous, Mr. Gaskell said. Statements that drew Mr. Wilhite's ire were either not defamatory or were made by customers and experts noted by name, he said. Citing the loss of business the station experienced following publication, Mr. De Jesus said he wants the opportunity to review the reporter's notes to determine if malice was involved.
"It's caused damage to a business that's been operating relatively unscathed for 15 years," he said. "One article and this thing is brought down to its knees." Mr. Gaskell argued that telling the truth should not expose the paper to a lawsuit.  "Case law is very clear that newspapers have a constitutional right to print articles just like this - to print the truth," he said.

At the Ratings  11-4-07  
The Summer ratings for Orlando and Ocala are available here. WDBO-AM 580's Central Florida's Morning News with Jim Turner was the most listened to morning show. Tom Joyner (syndicated by ABC) on WCFB- FM 94.5 was the second most listened to morning show in Orlando. Steve Harvey, (syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel) on "102 Jamz",  WJHM-FM 101.9 came in third. The "K92 Morning Crew" on WWKA-FM 92.3, came in at number four.  104.1's (WTKS-FM 104.1) Monsters in the Morning round out the top five.
The afternoons saw WPYO-FM 95.3 in the top spot followed by WMGF-FM 107.7,  (ABC syndicated) Sean Hannity on WDBO-AM 580 Shadow on WWKA-FM 92.3 and rounding out the top five in the afternoon; Jim Philips and crew of the Philips Phile on WTKS-FM 104.1.

At Scott and Erica   8-22-07
WOMX-FM 105.1's Scott McKenzie and Erica Lee have been the morning team for 16 years. Scott was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1956.  He began his career at WNKO-FM 101.7 in Columbus in 1978, using the air name Scott Friedman. Then it was on to WTHZ-FM, Tallahassee in 1986, where Scott met his wife to be, Fran.  In 1989, Scott and Fran headed to WXGT-FM in Columbus, Ohio. Then Scott spent a year at  WZOU in Boston, then on to Orlando and WOMX-FM 105.1. Scott  spent his first month on the morning show with long-time Orlando personality Alan Spector. Then on October 29, 1990, Metro Traffic Services' Erica Lee joined the "MIX 105.1" morning show as the newscaster. Erica grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey and moved to Florida in 1975. She has worked at stations in Jacksonville, Panama City and Tallahassee. Erica is a Florida State University alumni. On January 3, 1991 Scott McKenzie was named the new morning show host, with then newscaster, Erica Lee.  In 1994, 1995 ands 1996 Scott McKenzie and Erica Lee were nominated as "Personalities Of  The Year" by Billboard Magazine. In January of 2007, Scott and Erica signed a new contract that will keep them on the CBS owned station until the year 2011.

At WXXL-FM 106.7's Jayde  8-5-07
Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel wrote in his Taking Names column of August 2, 2007, about  Johnny Magic's new morning partner Jayde. Back in January of  this year she was working, as "Trish", at  Sacramento California's KDND-FM 107.9 as part of the "Morning Rave". Ten employees of (KDND-FM) "The End" were fired and the morning radio show was canceled. This was as a result of a water-drinking contest that left Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old mother of three, ill hours before she died, apparently of water intoxication in a contest called "Hold your wee for a Wii". The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department investigated the contest, the district attorney determined no one was criminally liable for Strange's death. The two hosts, Lukas Cox and Steve Mane, are filing  a wrongful termination lawsuit against Entercom, the parent company of KDND (107.9 The End). Cox, Mane and Trish (as well as 40 other defendants) have all been named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Jennifer Strange. Trish Sweet, (now known as Jayde) the third DJ who hosted the show, is not suing. 

At The New York Connection   7-13-07 
Pete Simonson made an interesting observation recently. "...Did you realize that with Chris Russo handling the morning duties at WFAN (AM 660), it makes two former WKIS employees who have moved to "The Big Apple"?  Frank Reed went to WNBC (later WFAN after Radio 66 went dark back around 1977) and was there in a variety of time slots for 4 years or so..."  That got me to thinking about other folks that passed through Central Florida Radio and made it to the "Big Apple".  

The latest Orlando Alum to head fro New York is Jill Strada, former  WPYO-FM 95.3 Program Director/Music Director. Jill joined "Hot 97"  WQHT-FM New York City as Assistant Program Director/Music Director in 2007.

Herb Oscar Anderson   WDBO-AM 580-1948
H-O-A became best known for his successful show on the legendary WABC-AM 77. HOA was crowned the "Morning Mayor of New York." Anderson has also recorded for Capitol, Verve, MGM and Columbia. 
Here's Herb On WABC-AM 77 with his show opening each morning

Roby Younge   WTMC-AM 1290, WLUS-AM 980
Roby began his career at age 15 at WTMC-AM 1290, and then moved to WLUS-AM 980. Roby was fired from WABC-AM 77 in New York City,  in October of 1969 when he talked about the rumor that Beatle Paul McCartney was dead.  It was an hour and a half before program director Rick Sklar got Les Marshak in to relieve Younge. Thanks to Jonathan Wolfert via Allan Sniffen's  page about
Musicradio 77 WABC for the audio. Roby died on July 18th, 1977 of a heart attack at the age of 54 in Miami. 
Roby Younge on WABC Oct. 1969 

Frank Reed
WFIV-AM 1080, WVGT-AM 1580, WABR-AM 1440, WORJ-FM 107.7, WOCL-FM 105.9 WKIS-AM 740. After a long stint in Central Florida, in 1977 Frank got a call "from out of the blue" from Bob Pittman, (MTV, AOL, etc) to fly up to NY and interview for WNBC-AM 66. Eventually ended up doing afternoons, then moved to middays to make room for a guy who I was told did something really "different"; yep, I got replaced by Howard - Howard Stern. Frank  worked between Don Imus and Howard Stern for about 3 years, then  was replaced by Soupy Sales.
Frank Reed On WNBC May 24, 1985
Don Gould   WEZY-AM 1350WAMT-AM 1060WMMB-AM 1240WKIS-AM 740
Don moved to
WNBC-TV in New York in 1982 as sports anchor where he backed up Marv Albert and Len Berman for 10 years. In addition, from 1983-91, he was also seen on the NBC Network alongside Connie Chung on "NBC News at Sunrise" Don also anchored the "ESPN Sportscenter" in the mid eighties. In 1993, he began the first of two turns at WCBS-AM 880 and the ABC Radio Network.  From 1995-1997, Don was the weekend sports anchor for WPIX-TV, Channel 11 in New York. After a try at retirement he has returned to New York radio as weekend sports anchor on WINS-AM 1010.  

Here's Don on WINS-AM in 2007

Gene Burns  WKIS-AM 740
Gene arrived in Orlando in 1971 for what would become his first stop in at WKIS-AM 740.  Gene headed to Philadelphia in 191 and spent 1 year there before heading back to Orlando. gene spent four more years at WKIS and then on to Boston's WRKO and then on to WOR-AM 710 in New York.  WOR would syndicate the Gene Burns Program to 162 stations across the country, including WDBO-AM 580 on  a delayed basis. Gene was heard on WDBO at 10PM.

Chris Russo  WKIS-AM 740
Chris graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park in 1982. Before WKIS-AM 740 in March, 1984, Chris worked at WEXI-AM 1000 in Jupiter and WOKV-AM 690 in Jacksonville. Chris became well known for his rapid-fire banter and vast sports knowledge.  During his stint at WKIS, when it became clear that the people of central Florida were having trouble understanding his intense New York accent and  the station sent him to see a speech therapist twice a week.  After working at WMCA-AM 570 for a little more than a year, he caught the attention of WFAN Morning Show Host, Don Imus.  Imus brought Russo on-board the "Imus in the Morning" show as the Sports Reporter.  WFAN paired up Russo with Mike Francesa, who was the co-host of the mid-day show.  2008-Chris would leave WFAN and sign with Sirius Satellite Radio.
Here's Chris with Yankee manager Joe Torre on WFAN

Brian Thomas   WBJW-FM 105.1    WOMX-FM 105.1
Brian was the program director at WBJW-FM 105.1 "BJ105" from  1985 to 1987 and WOMX-FM 105.1 "Mix105.1" from 1988 until 1991. In 2006, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York known as "Jack-FM", named radio veteran Brian as its program director. 

Ed Tyll  WTKS-FM 104.1
Ed would leave Orlando and WTKS-FM 104.1 for KABC-AM in Los Angeles. After a few other stops Ed made it to New York and WLIE-AM 540 in Long Island. Edward Tyll is now doing stand up comedy in and around New York.

Mike Harvey     WROD-AM 1340    WSHE-FM 100.3    WEBG-FM 100.3
In the year 1964, at the age of 18,  Mike was about to make his Orlando radio debut at WLOF-AM 950. But, WROD-AM 1340  in Daytona Beach also made Mike an offer and broadcasting from Daytona Beach - hmm let's see -  the beach - girls - radio just seemed more appealing. By the time Mike was 24 it was off to New York City. Mike now has two programs in syndication; The Mike Harvey Show nightly and Super Gold on weekends. 

Bob O'Brien  WOCL-FM 105.9
From August of 1988 until September of 1989 Bob worked in New York with legend Norm N. Nite at the United Stations Radio Network's “Solid Gold Scrapbook”  as writer/producer for the syndicated 5 hour weekly oldies magazine.

Rick Stacy  WHLY-FM 106.7
In 2003, Rick would move to WNEW-FM 102.7 in New York. The station became "Mix 102.7", switching to dance hits, mainly from the 1970s and 1980s. 

Kris Earl Philips  WDAT-AM 1380  WOGO-AM 1550   WMFJ-AM 1450   WRMF-AM 1060 WSBB-AM 1230  WFKS-FM  99.9  Kris worked in New York at "Z100" WHTZ-FM 100.3.

At Ratings   1-25-07
In his Blog dated Jan 25, 2007 Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel posted the ratings of the top 20 shows and stations for both mornings (6-10) and afternoons (3-7). The ranking is for total listeners ranked by Arbitron in the Orlando market. A reader posted the following comment.

Great list of call letters for the top 20 stations. But, who are they? What's the name of the show, where are they on the dial? Your column is great, but you gotta get on the stick on this. Posted by: Kurt | January 25, 2007 at 07:50 PM

Scott replied
I hear ya, Kurt. unfortunately, this blog thing's not my really my day job - and Arbitron doesn't give me a way to cut and paste (and ok, to be honest, once you get past the top 10, even I'm not sure of all the show names.) but I can direct you to one place that has the call letters for every station, the lineup -- as well as pretty much the entire history of each station as well. It's a good site for local radio folks anyway, as it's all Central Florida stuff, run by a true fan who knows the biz. It's here:
Hope that's of some help anyway.

So we thought about doing a follow up. So here is the complete list along with call letters, programs and formats. Thanks to Scott Maxwell for the mention.

Morning (6 AM to 10 AM) 

1. WCFB-FM 94.5-Tom Joyner Morning Show (syndicated)  (Urban Contemporary)
2. WMGF-FM 107.7-"Magic Morning Show"-Dave Collins and Leslye Gale  (Soft AC)
3. WDBO-AM 580-"Central Florida Morning News"-Jim Turner, Officer Jim, Scott Anez, WDBO news staff  (News/Talk) 
4. WXXL-FM 106.7-"Doc and Johnny"-Johnny Magic, Doc Holliday with Grace   (CHR)
5. WJRR-FM 101.9-"The Fiasco"-Pat Lynch, Taco Bob, Launa, CJ and The Shot Doctor  (Alternative Rock)
6. WOMX-FM 105.1-"The Scott and Erica Morning Show"-Scott McKenzie, Erica Lee, Jay Edwards, Zack Skyler (Hot Adult Contemporary)
7. WWKA-FM 92.5-"K92FM Most Music Morning Show!"-Ellis B. Feaster, Melissa Moore and Skid the Producer (Country)
8. WTKS-FM 104.1-Monsters in The Morning  (Hot Talk)
(T). WMMO-FM 98.9-Shawn Burke & Deborah Roberts  (Adult Hits)
10. WPYO-FM 95.3-"The Freshest Morning Show in the O"-Obie and Lil Shawn (Hip Hop)
11. WRUM-FM 100.3-"Los Anormales" (The Abnormal Ones)-John Musa, Jenny, Clandestine and Crazy Sam  (Spanish)
(T). WJHM-FM 101.9-The Steve Harvey Morning Show-syndicated  (Urban Contemporary)
13. WNUE-FM 98.1-"La Buya"- Epi Columbus, Albert King, Super Martinez, Diana Raquel  (Spanish)
14. WLOQ-FM 103.1-"Good Morning Orlando"-Marc Taylor, Robyn Austin   (Smooth Jazz)
15. WHTQ-FM 96.5-Dixon & Willoughby with Alan Spector   (Classic Rock)
16. WEUS-AM 810-Scott Shannon's True Oldies-syndicated   (Oldies)
17. WRLZ-AM 1270-"Despertando" (Waking Up with) John and Damaris  (Spanish)
(T). WOKB-AM 1600-Steve January  (Gospel)
19. WOCL-FM 105.9-"The Morning After Show"-Drew Garabo, Sexy Savannah, Silent Rob  (Alternative Rock) 
20. WQTM-AM 740-Dan Sileo  (Sports Talk)
21. WFLF-AM 540-"Start Your Day The Right Way with Pat Campbell!"-Pat Campbell   (News/Talk) 
Afternoon (3 PM to 7 PM)
1. WMGF-FM 107.7-Ken Payne  (Soft AC)
2. WTKS-FM 104.1-"The Philips Phile"-Jim Philips, Moira, Oddo, Jack and Jana  (Hot Talk)
3. WDBO-AM 580-Sean Hannity  (Syndicated)   (Talk)
4. WPYO-FM 95.3-Priya B   (Hip Hop)
5. WCFB-FM 94.5 - "The Cruise with Eric "Hollywood" Davis"   (Urban Contemporary)
6. WOMX-FM 105.1-Jeff Cushman   (Hot Adult Contemporary)
(T). WJHM-FM 101.9-Jay Love  (Urban Contemporary)
8. WJRR-FM 101.9-"Buckethead" (Jason Bailey)   (Alternative Rock)
9. WXXL-FM 106.7-Jana Sutter  (CHR)
10. WWKA-FM 92.5-Billy Michaels  (Country)
11. WMMO-FM 98.9-Jerry Steffen  (Adult Hits)
12. WLOQ-FM 103.1   (Smooth Jazz)
13. WRUM-FM 100.3-Raymond Torres  (Spanish)
14. WNUE-FM 98.1-DJ Franchy  (Spanish)
15. WHTQ-FM 96.5-Hildi  (Classic Rock)
16. WOCL-FM 105.9-Jody and Scott  (Alternative Rock) 
17. WFLF-AM 540-"Bud Hedinger Live" (News/Talk)
18. WPCV-FM 97.5-Jeni Taylor  (Country)
19. WQTM-AM 740-"The Finish Line"-Jerry O'Neill, The Shot Doctor and producer Mike Tuck  (Sports Talk)
20. WRLZ-AM 1270-"El Tapon" (The Cork), Edwin Roman and Alma Musik  (Spanish Gospel)

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