WOSL-AM 1220  

Original Call Letters: WRWB

Originally Licensed: 1954

Original City of License: Kissimmee 

Original Frequency: 1220

Origin of Call Letters: Location; OSceoLa County

Original Power: 250 Watts Daytime

Original Location: Arcade Theater Building

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):

Keystone Broadcasting


1954-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1956-Frank Taylor
1959-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Corp.
1963-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1964-Beacom Broadcasting Enterprises
1964-B & M Broadcasting Corporation
1968-Opportunity Broadcasters ($72,000)
1976-Magic Box Media
1980-Central Florida Spanish Broadcasting ($335,000)
1986-Cawley Broadcasting Corporation
1991-Kissimmee Broadcasting Corporation, Inc ($500,000)
1994-Winfield Broadcasting
1999-J & V Communications ($450,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WACY-1968-MOR  "1220 On Your Dial"
WACY-1974-Progressive Rock
WMJK-1988-Hits of the 50s and '60s "Your hometown radio station''
WMJK-1991-Adult Contemporary/Full Service  "Magic 1220"
WMJK-1992-Travelers Information
WOTS-1994-Travelers Information  "The Vacation Station"
WOTS-2001-Spanish  "Magica"

History of WOSL
License Of WOSL Threatened
By Roulhac Hamilton
Orlando Sentinel 
Sep 11, 1964
The Federal Communications Commission Thursday put the operators of radio station WOSL at Kissimmee on notice that it has accepted for filing an application for a new Kissimmee station which would take over the frequency now used by WOSL. The commission also indicated a willingness to accept other applications which also might conflict with WOSL's application for renewal of its license. The Commission said it had accepted for filing the application of J. Patrick Beacom for establishment of a standard broadcast station operating with 1,000 watts power, daytime only, on the 1220 kilocycle band used by WOSL. The Beacom application for a new station and the WOSL application for license renewal are "mutually exclusive," FCC said. It said that on October 20 it will consider the Beacom application as "ready and available for processing," along with any other applications on file October 19 which involve "a conflict necessitating a hearing."
Names In WOSL History
Jim La Follette-1963-9AM-3:30PM-Jim fills us in a bit on his time at WOSL. "I was in high school, graduated in  1965 from St Cloud HS and went into the Air Force." "...At  WOSL I did an air shift from 9:00 AM  to 3:30 Pm.  A kid playing MOR and not very good. As a kid I also lived in Vero Beach my parents listened to WRWB and that was one of reasons  we moved to St Cloud".
Edmond Allmon-1964-President/Chief Engineer-Osceola Broadcasting Co.
Dennis Brown-1964-Vice President/General Manager-Osceola Broadcasting Co.
Lee Johnson-1964-Program Director-Osceola Broadcasting Co.
Larry Wood-Host of  "World Of Wood"
Al Troxler
Russ Huges

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