WJPB-AM 1220  

Original Call Letters: WOSL (Construction Permit)

Originally Licensed: 1964 

Original City of License: Kissimmee 

Original Frequency: 1220 

Origin of Call Letters: Owner's Name; J. Patrick Beacom

Original Power: 1,000 watts day time

Original Location: Altman Street (off Neptune Road) 

Original Format: MOR 

Network Affiliation(s):


1954-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1956-Frank Taylor
1964-Beacom Broadcasting Enterprises
1964-B & M Broadcasting Corporation
1968-Opportunity Broadcasters, Inc. ($72,000)
1976-Magic Box Media
1980-Central Florida Spanish Broadcasting ($335,000)
1986-Cawley Broadcasting Corporation
1991-Kissimmee Broadcasting Corporation, Inc ($500,000)
1994-Winfield Broadcasting
1999-J & V Communications ($450,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WACY-1968-MOR  "1220 On Your Dial"
WACY-1974-Progressive Rock
WMJK-1988-Hits of the 50s and '60s "Your hometown radio station''
WMJK-1991-Adult Contemporary/Full Service  "Magic 1220"
WMJK-1992-Travelers Information
WOTS-1994-Travelers Information  "The Vacation Station"
WOTS-2001-Spanish  "Magica"

WJPB History
In 1964 the FCC began accepting applications for a silent Kissimmee station, WOSL. In 1966 the FCC granted a construction permit for a 1,000 watt, daytime only operation to J. Patrick Beacom. In March, Mr. Beacom took on a partner, Hoyt C. Murphy and the corporate name became B & M Broadcasting Corporation. The call letters  WJPB were issued. WJPB began broadcasting in 1966, from a 230 foot tower on Hilda Street not far from the proposed theme park planned by the Walt Disney Company. 
In September WJPB was sold. New owners Robert W. Marlowe, Sam Gilkey and Thad M. Lowrey changed the call letters to WACY. From Paul; "At that time the station was located on Altman Street (off Neptune Road) near Lake Tohopekaliga, east of the Kissimmee city limits...actually on the edge of a swamp, but great for the tower ground array!  We were broadcasting with 1,000 Watts daytime only at that time. By 1971, Sam Gilkey became President and General Manager of WACY. Lowery was part owner of WGUL in New Port Richey. After a couple of years, Marlowe moved back to N.C. and was killed in a traffic accident. Before leaving he sold his shares to Pat Yaturo of Indialantic. In June of 1972,  WACY moved the studios and transmitter from Hilda Street to Highway 441 and Donegan Avenue in Kissimmee. WACY was granted 65 watt pre-sunrise authority in May of 1972. WACY operated from 6AM until 6PM daily. Sam Gilkey tells me "...we realized the station did not have enough money to hang on and we started looking for a buyer. The station was sold...(in 1974) to a group out of West Tennessee who ran it absentee for a year or so and then sold to an Orlando group...". 
Founder, John Patrick Beacom died at the age of 72 on January 3, 1976. Beacom also served as Member of West Virginia state house of delegates from Cabell County, in 1933, was also a member of West Virginia state senate 5th District from 1935-38 and then as Mayor of Port St. Lucie County.

WJPB Personalities

Rick Chamberlin-1967-Born in Kissimmee, Rick got his start in the radio business at the age of 17 by sweeping the floors and taking out the trash at WFIV-AM 1080. One day the Program Director said "Hey kid, how would you like to do Saturday afternoons?" and Rick was thrilled.
 In Memory

Mike Burger-1970-News-Opportunity Broadcasters   Biography

Bill Barber   

Other Names in WJPB History 
J. Patrick Beacom-1964-President-Beacom Broadcasting Enterprises/1966-Co-owner-B & M Broadcasting Corporation 
Jim La Follette-1964-Beacom Broadcasting Enterprises
Hoyt C. Murphy-1966-Co-owner/1967-Vice President/Treasurer-B & M Broadcasting Corporation 
Phil Braken-1967-Commercial Manager/Promotion Manager-B & M Broadcasting Corporation 
David Aubert-1967-Chief Engineer-B & M Broadcasting Corporation 
Steve Keegan-1967-General Manager-B & M Broadcasting Corporation
Bob Marlowe-1968-President/Co-manager-Opportunity Broadcasters, Inc. 

Sam Gilkey-1968-Vice President/Co-manager-Opportunity Broadcasters, Inc. 
Thad Lowery-Secretary Treasurer-Opportunity Broadcasters, Inc. 
Oscar ''Bebo'' Kramer-1980-President-Central Florida Spanish Broadcasting  
Augustine ''Gus'' Cawley-1986-President-Cawley Broadcasting Corporation

Rick Namey-1991
-President-Kissimmee Broadcasting Corporation, Inc  
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