WKBX-AM 1220

Original Call Letters: WOSL (Construction Permit)

Originally Licensed: 1954

Original City of License: Kissimmee

Original Frequency: 1220

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 250 watts daytime

Original Location: Lago Vista Radio Park

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):


1954-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1956-Frank Taylor
1959-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Corp.
1963-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1964-Beacom Broadcasting Enterprises
1964-B & M Broadcasting Corporation
1968-Opportunity Broadcasters ($72,000)
1976-Magic Box Media
1980-Central Florida Spanish Broadcasting ($335,000)
1986-Cawley Broadcasting Corporation
1991-Kissimmee Broadcasting Corporation, Inc ($500,000)
1994-Winfield Broadcasting
1999-J & V Communications ($450,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WACY-1968-MOR  "1220 On Your Dial"
WACY-1974-Progressive Rock
WMJK-1988-Hits of the 50s and '60s "Your hometown radio station''
WMJK-1991-Adult Contemporary/Full Service  "Magic 1220"
WMJK-1992-Travelers Information
WOTS-1994-Travelers Information  "The Vacation Station"
WOTS-2001-Spanish  "Magica"

WKBX History
Govt Okays Station Sale
The Orlando Sentinel
Dec 31, 1959

Jack Marshall, president of the Mid-Florida Broadcasting Corp., announced yesterday that the Federal Communications Commission has approved the change of ownership of local radio station WKBX to Mid Florida. Marshall said no management change is planned, but there will be a programming change. WKBX currently features country and western music exclusively. Mid-Florida Broadcasting also owns station WAVP at Avon Park.

Jim La Follette
adds some history of WKBX. "...WKBX was planning to go 24 hours for Hurricane Donna (in) 1960. (The) storm took the tower down and that was the end". Owner Frank Taylor left town owing money to a lot of people. WKBX had a tough time overcoming the bad reputation because of the association with Taylor.

WKBX Asks For License Renewal
The Orlando Sentinel
Dec 22, 1961
An application has been made to the Federal Communications Commission for a renewal station has been off the air since hurricane Donna swept through here in 1960. Those owning at least 10 pet. of the stock in Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc., the station owner, include John C. Marshall, president; Frank A. Taylor, vice president; Will Potash secretary-treasurer; Arthur Ray Thompson and Werner W. Schoeberlein, directors. The FCC will consider the application about Jan. 21. Any person desiring to ex press any facts in connection with the application are instructed by the FCC to do so by that date.

On September 12, 1963 an application was filed with the Federal Communication Commission, Washington, D. C, for the consent to the assignment of the license of radio station WKBX, Kissimmee, Florida. from William A. Jacob, Trustee in bankruptcy for Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc., to Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc. The officers, directors, and stockholders of Osceola Broadcasting Company Inc., are: Howard R. King, stockholder, president, treasurer, and director; Rodney B. Walker, stock holder, vice president, secretary, and director; Vincent A Catozella, a director. Radio station WKBX is authorized to operate on a frequency of 1220 kilocycles, with 250 watts during daytime hours, and holds a construction permit to increase its power to 1000 watts.

Names In WKBX History
Frank Taylor-1956-Owner/Chief Engineer/1961-Vice President-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc.
E.F. Huntley-1956-Station Manager-Frank Taylor Ownership
Mike Treat-1956-Program Director-Frank Taylor Ownership
Eugene Rowland-1956-Sales Manager-Frank Taylor Ownership
Armand Hilburger-1957-Program Director/Commercial Manager/Sales Manager-Frank Taylor Ownership
Mattie Van Laughlin-1957-Women's Director-Frank Taylor Ownership
Hugh Canell-1957-Chief Engineer-Frank Taylor Ownership
Jack Marshall-1959-Prrsident-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Corp.
Buzz Sawyer-1960-General Manager-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc.
John C. Marshall-1961-President-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc.
Will Potash-1961-Secretary-Treasurer-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc. 
Arthur Ray Thompson-Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc. 
Werner W. Schoeberlein-Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Inc. 
Allen Shaw-Frank Taylor Ownership
Lee Moss "The Country Hoss"
Howard R. King-1963-President/Treasurer/Director-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Rodney B. Walker-1963-Vice President/Secretary/Director-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Vincent A Catozella-1963-Director-Osceola Broadcasting Company, Inc.


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