WBIL-AM 1410

Original Call Letters: WBIL 

Originally Licensed: Oct 15, 1957  

Original City of License: Leesburg 

Original Frequency: 1410 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; We're Big In Leesburg 

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: Corley Island Road

Original Format: Pop

Network Affiliation(s): ABC


1957-WBIL, Inc.
1960-Thompson K. Cassell
1964-Alpha B. Martin
1968-WYOU Radio, Inc. ($105,000)
1983-Harold Rueben
1984-Major League Broadcasting
1986-Stoehr Communications Corp.
1988-WQBQ Radio Corp. ($100,000)
1993-Hugh McComas
1999-Gateway Broadcasting and Internet, Inc  ($412,500)
2004-Rama Communications ($180,000 with WKIQ-AM 1240)
2009-Heartbeat Radio (LMA)
2010-Rama Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WBIL-1962-MOR      "We're Big In Leesburg"
WZST-1965-Modern Country  "Zest Radio-The Cleanest Spot on the Dial"
WINF-1986-Adult Contemporary/Oldies
WQBQ-1986-Adult Contemporary/Oldies ''The Voice of Lake County''
WQBQ-1990-News/Talk (Stereo)
WQBQ-1993-Traveler Info   "Welcome Radio''
WQBQ-2000-Sports     "ESPN Radio 1410" 
WQBQ-2004-Licensed/Silent (9/15)
WQBQ-2004-Traveler Information
WQBQ-2012-Licensed/Silent (1/14/12)
WQBQ-2012-Adult Standards (2/1/12)    "Enjoy Music Enjoy Life" 
WQBQ-2012-Urban AC  "Grown Folks Radio"
WQBQ-2012-Gospel   "Inspiration 1410"
WQBQ-2015-Adult Contemporary   "The Q"   "The Voice of Lake County"

Names In WBIL History

Duane McConnell-1957-Co-owner/General Manager/Commercial Manager/Chief Engineer-WBIL, Inc.

Clyde Hodgson-1957-Co-owner/Sales-WBIL, Inc.

Tom Dell-1957-Program Director-WBIL, Inc.

Jay Shepherd-1957-Program Director-WBIL, Inc.

John Dighton-1957-News Director/Farm Director-WBIL, Inc.
Janelle Locke-1957-Women's Director-WBIL, Inc.

T.K. "Tom" Cassel-1960-Owner/
General Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership    In Memory

Robert S. Norris-1960-General Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership
Richard Smith-1960-Operations Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership
Richard Stambaugh-1960-Program Director-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership
Herb Stoer-1960-News Director-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership

Don Hancock-1960-Program Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Lee Williams-1960-News Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Wayne Scott-1960-Chief Engineer-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Dan Huth (Dan Chandler)-1960-Thompson Cassel Ownership 

Charles Stewart-1961-Genral Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership
Stan Grams-1961-Program Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership
Allan White-1961-Commercial Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership

Brian Tolby-1961-1962-Program Director-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership

Allan Sheftall-1961-Station Manager-Thompson K. Cassel Ownership
Jim Sharp-1961-Publicity Director/1964-Commercial Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Richard Lundy-1962-General Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Donald Kellogg-1962-Program Director/1963-Commercial Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Larry Kins-1962-Publicity Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Robert Giannini-1963-Program Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Gale Brooks-1963-Program Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Bob Andrews
-1963-Chief Engineer-Thompson Cassel Ownership  Biography    In Memory

Olga Pina-1963-Traffic Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Norma Hendricks-1963-News Director/Publicity Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Porter Stone-1963-Chief Engineer-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Jack Klinehoffer-1963-Comercial Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership
Blake Tabor-1963-Program Director-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Bruce Hamilton-1964-Commercial Manager-Thompson Cassel Ownership

Alpha B. Martin-1965-Owner

Elmo Kitts-1965-General Manager/Chief Engineer-Alpha B. Martin Ownership

Wayne Robinson-1965-Commercial Manager-Alpha B. Martin Ownership

Red Wright-1965-Program Director-Alpha B. Martin Ownership

Eunice Lorennz-1965-News Director-Alpha B. Martin Ownership

Charles (Charlie) Northrup 

Johnny Dart (Stan Grams)

Ray Baxter-News

Chuck Goulder  In Memory
Michael Jay (Mike Helminski)

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