WPRD-AM 1440                                                                                       
Winter Park  

Original Call Letters: WABR 

Originally Licensed: Sep 1954 

Original City of License: Winter Park 

Original Frequency: 1440 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: Orlando's PRiDe   

Original Power: 5,000 watts-Daytime

Original Location: 222 Hazard St., Orlando 

Original Format: Spanish Variety

Network Affiliation(s):


Mutual Broadcasting System 
Transtar Satellite Network


1954-Orange County Broadcasting
1959-Contemporary Broadcasting Co.
1966-Norfolk Broadcasting Corp.

1971-Rounsaville Broadcasting, Atlanta (Co-owned with WBJW-FM 105.1)

1977-WSEC, Inc.
1982-Nationwide Communications  ($6.5 million with WBJW-FM 105.1 & WLOF-AM 950

1986-Alleluia Broadcasting Corp  

1987-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc.  ($1.1 million)

1993-Paxson Communications ($5.6 million with WMGF-FM 107.7)

1994-J & V Communications, Inc. ($300,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WABR-1954-Top 40 
WBJW-1975-Easy Listening
WNBE-1976-NBC 24 Hour News
WAJL-1977-Easy Listening
WAJL-1987-Christian Ministry (Station sold. WAJL moves to 1190)  "We Acclaim Jesus Lord"
WPRD-1987-Classics of the '40s, '50s and '60s  "Pride-1440"
WPRD-1990-Children "The Imagination Station"  
WPRD-1991-CNN Headline News
WWZN-1993-Talk  "Power Talk"
WPRD-1995-Spanish   "La Fantastica 1440"
WPRD-2014-Spanish    "La Voz 1440"   
History Of La Voz 1440
From Leo Vargas: The station was originally called "La Fantastica 1440" from its launch in 1995 until it was renamed "La Voz 1440" in 2014. The Hatian/Creole format is not a format that replaced it, but rather a format that has already been existent for years coming from WUNA 1480 AM, which broadcasts on WPRD 1440 AM, WSDO 1400 AM, WOTS 1220 AM, & WTJV 1490 AM during the evening/overnight hours.

WPRD Personalities

Lucymar Rivera-"Las Maņanitas con Lucymar"-7AM-8AM-J &V Communications Communications
Manuel Mulet-"Una Hora Para la Derecha"-J &V Communications Communications
Gustavo Marquez-"De 40 Para Arriba"-J &V Communications Communications

Homan Machuca-News Director-J &V Communications Communications
Tony Acevedo - "Una Cancion Para Ti"-J &V Communications Communications
Juan Diaz - "Domingo Internacional"-J &V Communications Communications
Millie Diaz - Co-host- "Domingo Internacional"-J &V Communications Communications
Ismael Gonzalez - Co-host-"Domingo Internacional"-J &V Communications Communications
Victor Colon-Co-host-"Domingo Internacional"-J &V Communications Communications

Leo Vargas-Co-host-"Domingo Internacional"-J &V Communications Communications
Luis Angel Figueroa (aka "Angel Johnny") - Production Director/Host- "Mercado al Aire"-J &V Communications Communications
Sandra Carrasquillo - "Mujer y Hombre de Hoy"-J &V Communications Communications
Luis Alberto Bohorquez - News Director/ "Mercado al Aire"-J &V Communications Communications
Magda Ivette Torres - "En Agenda"-J &V Communications Communications
Elliot Uriel Hernandez - "En Agenda"-J &V Communications Communications
Mario Piņa - "La Parada Deportiva"-J &V Communications Communications
Maritza Beltran - "Ellas y su Punto de Vista"-J &V Communications Communications
Oscar Chacon- "Mundo Latino"
Juanito Rodriguez-"De Mi Tierra para Ti"-J &V Communications Communications
Juan Pedro Rivera-"Buscando Estrellas"-J &V Communications Communications
Radames Lamenza-"Pentagrama del Recuerdo"-J &V Communications Communications
Julio Zayas-"Con Sabor Boricua"-J &V Communications Communications
Mariela Chopite-"Mi Show de la Maņana"-J &V Communications Communications
Luis Hernandez-"El Show de Luis Hernandez"-J &V Communications Communications
Pedro Juan Figueroa-News/Host of "Dando Cantazos"-J &V Communications Communications
Fernando Miguel Negron-"Quedate Con Miguel"-J &V Communications Communications
Julio Guerra-Co-host-"Quedate Con Miguel"-J &V Communications Communications

Other Names In WPRD History

Jesus "John" Torrado
-1994-President/CEO/Marketing Director/Program Director-J &V Communications Communications In Memory
Jocelyn Torrado-1994- Vice President/Program director-J&V Communications
Malaquias Bosques-General Manager-J&V Communications

Frank Vaught-Operations Manager-J&V Communications     In Memory
Julio Mario Morales-Program Director/Promotions Manager-J&V Communications
Lou Mueller-Chief Engineer-J&V Communications

Lucas Soto-General Manager-J&V Communications

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