WWBC-AM 1510 

Original Call Letters: WWBC 

Originally Licensed: Jul 11, 1965

Original City of License: Cocoa 

Original Frequency: 1510

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 50,000 watts, Directional 

Translator(s): 2016-W234BI 94.7 Cocoa (125 watts), W260CL 99.9 Cocoa (250 watts) and W264AS-100.7 FM Melbourne (250 watts) 

Original Location:

Original Format: Country Western

Network Affiliation(s):


Busby, Finch & Woods

1966-Astro Enterprises, Inc. (Ray Kassis)

2016-Estate of Raymond Kassis  

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WWBC-1965-Country Western 
WWBC-1976-Country Western/Religious/Talk
WWBC-1979-Religious "The Christian Voice Of Brevard"
WWBC (WMEL)-2016-Talk/Sports   "The Talk To Me Station"

Names In WWBC History

William Earman-1965-President-Busby, Finch & Woods
Norwood Abbott-1965-General Manager-Busby, Finch & Woods
Peter Carr-1965-Commercial Manager-Busby, Finch & Woods
Ray Hargood-1965-Program Director-Busby, Finch & Woods/1966-Program Director-Astro Enterprises, Inc.
W.J. Diamantas-1965-News Director-Busby, Finch & Woods
Stan Anderson-1965-Chief Engineer-Busby, Finch & Woods/1966-Program Director/Chief Engineer/1976-News Director/Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises    Biography    In Memory
John Fox-1966-President/General Manager/1976-Commercial Manager-Astro Enterprises
Bill Diamond-1966-Commercial Manager- Astro Enterprises 

Mercer Livermore-1966-News Director- Astro Enterprises   Biography    In Memory
Steve Mack-1968-Promotions Manager-Astro Enterprises

Ray Kassis-1976-President/General Manager/2004-2016-President/Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises  
In Memory
Tom Shaw-1976-Music Director/1979-Program Director/Music Director/1993-Operations Manager/Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Norman Blalock-1979- Astro Enterprises
Pat Feller-1980-News Director-Astro Enterprises
Walt Nyren-1980-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Ed Huffman-1993-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Eric Conklin-1996-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Jim Conn-1999-General Manager/Music Director/2003-Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Waylon Duff-2000-General Manager/2001-General Manager/Program Director/Music Director/2003-General Manager-Astro Enterprises
Chris Long-2004-General Manager/Program Director/Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Paul Esposito-2005-General Manager-Astro Enterprises
Mark Vance-2006-Astro Enterprises

Andrea Shea-King-2006-Astro Enterprises

Carole Nelson-2008-2009-Astro Enterprises  Biography

Susie Fennelli-2015-"Super Space Countdown Variety Show"-National Christian Network

"WMEL" Personalities

John Ziegler-2016-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Leah Brandon-2016-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Doug Stephan-2016-"Doug Stephan's Good Day"-Weekdays-4AM-9AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Dave Ramsey-2016-9AM-Noon/2PM-5PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Lillian McDermott-2016-"The Lillian McDermott Radio Show"-Noon-1PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Seeta Begui-2016-Mon-1PM-2PM-"Seeta and Friends"-Broadcast House, LLC

Donna Anselmo-2016-"Bold Talk Business Radio"-Tue-1PM-1:30PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Alan Kvares-2016-"Shelter From The Norm" -Tue-1:30PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Eleanor-2016-"Eleanor's Elite Radio"-Thu-2PM-3PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Ed Dean-2016-5PM-7PM weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

Karen Wooden-2016-"Radio Takeover"-Wed-1PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC 

Chuck Fresh-2016-"Radio Takeover"-Wed-1PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC 

Mad Mike

Joey the Banker

Other Programs In WMEL 1510 History
"Performance Racing Network Fast Talk"-2016-Mon-7PM-7:45PM-Broadcast House, LLC
"Monday Night Football/Westwood One"-2016-7:45PM-Midight-Broadcast House, LLC
"Thursday Night Football/Westwood One"-2016-7:45PM-Midight-Broadcast House, LLC
"NASCAR Live"-2016-Tue-7PM-8PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Jim Bohannon-2016-Tue-Fri-10PM-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC
"Red Eye Radio"-2016-Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri-1AM-4AM-Sat-2AM-4AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Other Names In WMEL History

John Harper-2016-General Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC

Vernon Harper-2016-Sales Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC

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