WWBC-AM 1510 

Original Call Letters: WWBC 

Originally Licensed: Jul 11, 1965

Original City of License: Cocoa 

Original Frequency: 1510

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 50,000 watts, Directional 

Translator(s): 2016-W234BI 94.7 Cocoa (125 watts), W260CL 99.9 Cocoa (250 watts) and W264AS-100.7 FM Melbourne (250 watts) 

Original Location:

Original Format: Country Western

Network Affiliation(s):


Busby, Finch & Woods

1966-Astro Enterprises, Inc. (Ray Kassis)

2016-Estate of Raymond Kassis  

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WWBC-1965-Country Western 
WWBC-1976-Country Western/Religious/Talk
WWBC-1979-Religious "The Christian Voice Of Brevard"
WWBC-2016-(Branded as WMEL)-Talk/Sports   "The Talk To Me Station"

Names In WWBC History

William Earman-1965-President-Busby, Finch & Woods
Norwood Abbott-1965-General Manager-Busby, Finch & Woods
Peter Carr-1965-Commercial Manager-Busby, Finch & Woods
Ray Hargood-1965-Program Director-Busby, Finch & Woods/1966-Program Director-Astro Enterprises, Inc.
W.J. Diamantas-1965-News Director-Busby, Finch & Woods

Stan Anderson
-1965-Chief Engineer-Busby, Finch & Woods/1966-Program Director/Chief Engineer/1976-News Director/Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises   Biography   In Memory
John Fox-1966-President/General Manager/1976-Commercial Manager-Astro Enterprises
Bill Diamond-1966-Commercial Manager- Astro Enterprises 

Mercer Livermore-1966-News Director- Astro Enterprises   Biography    In Memory
Steve Mack-1968-Promotions Manager-Astro Enterprises

Ray Kassis-1976-President/General Manager/2004-2016-President/Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises  
In Memory
Tom Shaw-1976-Music Director/1979-Program Director/Music Director/1993-Operations Manager/Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Norman Blalock-1979- Astro Enterprises
Pat Feller-1980-News Director-Astro Enterprises
Walt Nyren-1980-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Joseph Lusito-1985-Co-host-"Echoes of Italy"-Sun-11AM-Noon-Florida Institute of Technology
Richard Chiarelli-1985-Co-host-"Echoes of Italy"-Sun-11AM-Noon-Florida Institute of Technology
Ed Huffman-1993-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Eric Conklin-1996-Chief Engineer-Astro Enterprises
Jim Conn-1999-General Manager/Music Director/2003-Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Waylon Duff-2000-General Manager/2001-General Manager/Program Director/Music Director/2003-General Manager-Astro Enterprises
Chris Long-2004-General Manager/Program Director/Music Director-Astro Enterprises
Paul Esposito-2005-General Manager-Astro Enterprises
Mark Vance-2006-Astro Enterprises

Andrea Shea-King-2006-Astro Enterprises

Carole Nelson-2008-2009-Astro Enterprises  Biography

Susie Fennelli-2015-"Super Space Countdown Variety Show"-National Christian Network


WMEL moves up the AM dial, adds 3 FM stations
Senior Life News
By Mike Gaffey

The “Talk To Me” Station is now the “Talk To Me” Network. Cocoa-based talk radio station WMEL-AM 1060 has a new address on e dial at AM 1510, owner John Harper announced in an Oct. 31 email, just hours before the station started broadcasting at its new radio home. WMEL also has added three FM stations owned by AM 1510 that will broadcast WMEL’s AM signal: 94.7, 99.9 and 100.7, Harper said. “AM 1510 is a 50,000-watt station with an absolutely awesome signal on the Space Coast,” said Harper, a 52-year broadcasting veteran who has been with WMEL since 1992. “Also since 1510 is a 50,000-watt signal, it can also be heard from Palm Beach to north of Daytona Beach. Also it can easily be heard in the islands as well.” Harper said he’s currently leasing the new stations and is in negotiations to purchase them. Starting in the first quarter of 2017, WMEL also will begin live streaming its programming on television as well as in real time on YouTube and Facebook, Harper said.  “You’ll be able to see our local talk show hosts on television, too,” Harper said. “With our great 50,000-watt signal, our three FM stations and WMEL TV, we will have the opportunity to reach so many more listeners and advertisers.” Harper is moving his talk-show lineup from 1060 to 1510, but some of the shows will have different starting times because of several existing contracts on 1510 that have yet to expire, he said. “These stations had and still have some religious programs airing daily and some of them will still be heard until contracts expire and then we can add more WMEL talk radio programs,” Harper said. WMEL’s syndicated lineup includes “The Dave Ramsey Show” with finance author and speaker Dave Ramsey, and “Doug Stephan’s Good Day” with host Doug Stephan. Local programming includes the “Lillian McDermott Radio Show” with host Lillian McDermott, “Bold Talk Business Radio” with Donna Anselmo, “Helping Seniors” with Joe Steckler and “Seeta and Friends” with Seeta Begui. WMEL plans to add new talk shows and will announce them soon, Harper said. As part of the change, WMEL also has a new website address – 1510wmel.com – where visitors can listen to the station 24/7, Harper said.  In August 2015, WMEL moved from its longtime spot of 1300 on the dial to 1060 and boosted its power from 5,000 watts to 50,000 watts. Before the upgrade, the station’s previous signal barely covered all of Brevard, Harper said. As part of the switch, WMEL will drop Florida State football and basketball and return to carrying University of Florida games. The station will continue to broadcast Tampa Bay Rays baseball games and NASCAR races. Harper said WMEL remains committed to its coverage of the space program, covering nearly every rocket launch live. And the station will continue to drop regular programming and switch to local coverage in the event a hurricane or tropical storm threatens Central Florida, he added. “The Talk To Me Station has been talking with you now for 25 years and we intend on keeping that tradition going for the next 25 years,” Harper said.

"WMEL" Personalities

Carl CJ Herriott-2015-
-Broadcast House, LLC

John Ziegler-2016-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Leah Brandon-2016-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Doug Stephan-2016-"Doug Stephan's Good Day"-Weekdays-4AM-9AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Dave Ramsey-2016-9AM-Noon/2PM-5PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Lillian McDermott-2016-"The Lillian McDermott Radio Show"-Noon-1PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Seeta Begui-2016-Mon-1PM-2PM-"Seeta and Friends"-Broadcast House, LLC

Donna Anselmo-2016-"Bold Talk Business Radio"-Tue-1PM-1:30PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Alan Kvares-2016-"Shelter From The Norm" -Tue-1:30PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Eleanor-2016-"Eleanor's Elite Radio"-Thu-2PM-3PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Ed Dean-2016-5PM-7PM weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

Karen Wooden-2016-"Radio Takeover"-Wed-1PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC 

Chuck Fresh-2016-"Radio Takeover"-Wed-1PM-2PM-Broadcast House, LLC 

Mad Mike

Joey the Banker

Other Programs In WMEL 1510 History
"Performance Racing Network Fast Talk"-2016-Mon-7PM-7:45PM-Broadcast House, LLC
"Monday Night Football/Westwood One"-2016-7:45PM-Midight-Broadcast House, LLC
"Thursday Night Football/Westwood One"-2016-7:45PM-Midight-Broadcast House, LLC
"NASCAR Live"-2016-Tue-7PM-8PM-Broadcast House, LLC

Jim Bohannon-2016-Tue-Fri-10PM-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC
"Red Eye Radio"-2016-Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri-1AM-4AM-Sat-2AM-4AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Other Names In WMEL History

John Harper-2016-General Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC

Vernon Harper-2016-Sales Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC    In Memory

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