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In an email Stan fills in some history of station activities at WCKS-FM 101.1 "CK101". "I worked in the Cocoa Beach area for 25 years (1961-1986) and I am familiar (as memory permits) with most of the people and stations between Melbourne and Titusville. I did air work, but was primarily involved in promotions and engineering. "During my tenure at (WCKS-FM 101.1) "CK-101" (1974-1985) I was consecutively and sometimes (simultaneously) Newsman; Engineer; Chief Engineer; On-Air Personality and Promotions Director. When "CK-101" was sold and moved to Orlando as "Star 101", (WSTF-FM 101.9) I stayed on for about a year and then left because the 'magic' was gone. I worked at WRKT AM 1300 (and) WRKT-FM 104.1 and then built WWBC-AM 1510 in Cocoa (1964-1976) and then worked at WCKS-FM 101.1.  I also built the transmitter site and 2,000 foot towers in Bithlo and studios in Maitland Center for WTKS-FM 104.1 just before it was sold to Capitol. Much of "CK-101's" success was due to strong ongoing contest and promotional  efforts as well as intense community involvement (before that became a catch-phrase.)  It was such a fun place to work and everyone's imagination and creativity was acknowledged and nurtured. Some of the better known "CK-101" promotions included: "GET XEROX OFF" -contestants were urged to send in pictures created on XEROX machines. This contest was inspired when the John Deere Company in Ohio fired a female employee for Xeroxing her bottom.  In addition to the 'X-Rated' stuff, we actually got a lot of excellent art work using various (non-animate) objects. The "FROST YOUR BALLS" weekend - Our Hit Van cruised the local beaches giving away six packs of FROSTY Root Beer and Pizza Hut Beach BALLS (Hence the contest name). The "COVER YOUR 'S' " contest - in which we gave away assorted items of wearing apparel, sunglasses, swim suits, tee shirts and  sandals (all beginning with the letter 's'). We invited listeners to send us a picture convincing us they needed their 'S's covered. To balance these edgy contests we also were heavily involved locally with the March of Dimes, Brevard Handicapped Children and the Merritt Island Jaycees, plus the Easter and Labor Day surf festivals. Our contest structure provided for a new and different contest each weekend, with longer term contests running concurrently. There were so many that I am hard pressed to recall all of them. I was privileged to work with what I believe are some of the greatest Radio people of all time."

Stan Anderson Passes
It's with sadness we report the death of Stan Anderson.
Stan passed on Monday, May 2, at the age of 80 in Bradenton. Stan was an early and major contributor to this site, and for that we are thankful.   In Memory


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